Is Jillian Rayfield on Don Young’s Payroll?


The analysis by TPM’s Rayfield of Rice History Professor Doug Brinkley standing up to the arrogant, bought-and-paid-for, political elite asshole who occupy’s Alaska’s seat in the House of Representatives was:

Nothing in the headline about the imperial attitude of Young, eh?

Young: I’ll call you anything I want to call you while you sit in that chair. You just be quiet. You be quiet.

Mocking?  No, not per se.

Just Koch-funded conservative assholery.

That, apparently, is not headline-worthy.  Per Crooks and Liars:

I don’t agree with the mockery depiction of Brinkley. If anyone was making a mockery of the hearing, it was Young. You can read more on Don Young’s “Corrupt Bastards Club” here — PBS NOW: Alaskan Oil, Politics & the Corrupt Bastards Club and here — Alaska’s Corrupt Bastards Club.

From Fuelfix:

Brinkley did not respond to an interview request from the Daily News this week. But he’s continued to poke Young in Lower 48 media. He told a television station in Houston, where Rice is located, that his students applauded when he walked into class.

“I have received now hundreds and hundreds of emails from people all over, I’ve not received one negative one,” he said. “I’ve had my entire Rice University and including Texas conservatives cheering me on for standing up to his bullying tactics.”

A Minneapolis online news site quoted Brinkley this week calling Young a “menacing blowhard” and a “low-grade Joseph McCarthy,” referring to the infamous 1950s politician who bullied congressional witnesses and claimed widespread communist subversion of American public life.

Young turned down an interview request from the Daily News this week, but his spokesman said the blowup at last Friday’s hearing was a publicity ploy by Brinkley.

By Brinkley?

“People will want to make this into more than what it really is: an attempt by an author to create a stir and sell books,” said Young spokesman Luke Miller.

You mean as opposed to Young – who would like to see every last square inch of American soil handed over to oil criminals to do with as they please?  Nope, no greed there.

And as for who was making a mockery of the proceedings?

Brinkley wasn’t interested in being told by Young to shut up. “You don’t own me. I pay your salary,” Brinkley said.

The two also sparred over Young coming and going from the hearing. Young had come into the hearing late and said he was “really pissed” that Brinkley mentioned his absence, explaining he had been voting. When Young later left the hearing before it was over, Brinkley told the committee Young “doesn’t stay, blows smoke and then leaves.”


Perhaps Young should have instead gotten a journalism degree from Idaho (or any of the other ten or so schools that Sarah Palin dropped in on back in the 1980s.)

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