Funny How Conservative Media Expects America to Give a Pass to Conservative Adulterers

From the conservarag Houston Chronk:

On Monday evening, Atlanta TV station Fox 5 aired an interview with Ginger White, who alleges that she had a 13-year-long affair with Cain. An affair that allegedly ended shortly before Cain announced for Prez. She never worked with him, and said he was a gentleman throughout.

It will be interesting to see how what Newt Gingrich describes as “the party of family values” responds to this latest sexual allegation involving Cain. Cain’s lawyer said “No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official should be questioned about his or her private sexual life.”

[How much of] these allegations, if true, really should matter in evaluating Cain as a candidate[?] Wasn’t “” founded after passing a petition asking Congress to “censure President Clinton and move on” in the wake of his sexual scandal?


Lets see…

If it was a 13-year affair and it endedbout a year ago, that would mean that it got going while the Republicans were hijacking American government to conduct an adultery-centered religious inquisition against Bill Clinton in hopes of leading to his removal from office.

And speaking of Clinton, what of all of the pre-presidency allegations (many of which were true) that were used against him in 1992?  Something tells me that there might be some record out there of Herman Cain doing a ‘rah! rah!’ to Republican efforts to derail candidate Clinton based on “his or her private sexual life.”

Cain is just another corporatist sleazebag who expects special rights not only for his money but for his shlong.  We all know he isn’t really running for president; he’s just following the Wasilla Grifter’s game plan to make money off of the process – but hopefully enough of this shit will dereal even that.


What say you, Mr. Calista Gingrich, about the allegations of adultery against a presidential candidate?

One Response to Funny How Conservative Media Expects America to Give a Pass to Conservative Adulterers

  1. Uncle Ruckus, er Herman Cain is now sleeping on the couch at his ATL home.

    watch out for the hot grits, Herman.

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