Hilary Rosen: Consumate Substanceless Spinmeister and Corporate Lobbyist

Shillary at HuffPo:

 As long as I have been trekking to Capitol Hill to seek fairness for the LGBT community…

Okay, lets stop right there.  The next time that Hilary ‘Recording Industry Mouthpiece Most Responsible for the File-Sharing Legal Troubles of Anyone Who You May Know Who Had Legal Troubles Over File-Sharing’ Rosen does anything to seek “fairness” for “T” will be the first.  Now, the rest of the sentence:

…Barney [Frank]’s office was always my first, last and middle stop.

Well, that pretty much proves my point.

For the next 25 years, Barney fought for us.

I want to see the definition of “us” in the ex-Mrs. Elizabeth Birch lexicon.  Actually, I don’t need to; history tells me it doesn’t include T-anything – and that it doesn’t include anything LGB that doesn’t also have a $ attached.

When he burst out of the closet door in 1987, the splinters went flying.

Funny, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen “splinters” used as a synonym for “male prostitutes” before. That is what she meant, no?

It was because of Barney that the Americans with Disabilities Act protected people with HIV in the workplace. It is because of Barney that countless amendments taking away civil liberties for LGBT people did not pass the Congress ….

Of course, those clauses in the ADA that affirmatively discriminate against trans people – and which helped to wipe out existing trans-positive precedent under the Rehabilitation Act – did pass Congress.  I wonder if St. Barney even noticed them?  Or was he too busy dealing with the Stephen Gobie scandal at the time to, if by some chance he actually isn’t the transphobe that his career shows him to be, expend any energy on those?

Over the years, some in the LGBT community resented his all-powerful hold over our political agenda. They mistakenly thought that he was too unwilling to push his friends. I never felt that way.

Funny what money allows you to feel, no?

Is support for the LGBT community in good hands in Congress? We have a great Minority Leader Pelosi in the House, many friends and three smart and committed openly gay members of the House (one of whom, Tammy Baldwin we hope will be in the Senate next year). And in the Senate, Leader Reid has proven to be loyal and steadfast in his commitment.

Doesn’t it just give you goosebumps when a totally-out-of-touch-with-the-real-lives-of-non-millionaire-LGBTs shill for HRC uses words like “loyal” and “steadfast”?  It just makes me want to go by a used car from her.

But Barney is in a class by himself.

For that we should be ever so glad.

Time will tell of the impact of his leaving

I stand by my prediction – and I stand by my decade-plus opinion that St. Barney was as much of an impediment to any version of ENDA passing (even the version that transphobes such as himself claim that they wanted) as the corporatist christianist party.

There won’t be another like him.


Maybe Dubya’s opposition to human cloning wasn’t so ludicrous after all.

7 Responses to Hilary Rosen: Consumate Substanceless Spinmeister and Corporate Lobbyist

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    Yeah, my column is getting a lot of pushback over at huffpo…


    And by the way, if they should’ve asked anyone to write for them, it should’ve been you. I’m just lucky because I used five-dollar words to complain about the rampant cissexism that tends to lurk on huffpo and thus their reaction was more or less: “Hey verbose transwhatever: Write for us!” And me, wanting something on my resume that would show I had a working thinker should I try to bust into the middle-class, or something resembling it, agreed.

    • Welcome to my world, Valerie

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Pfft, if that were the case, I’d be calling everyone who had a bone to pick with Mary McAleese a bigot for daring to oppose her position on torture or marginal tax rates. And managing to use racist code words on those who disagreed.

        Your world is All About Eve and I look forward to the day that changes.

    • Victor says:

      You poor dear. You wrote something. People read it and called it bullshit. I would have thought you’d be used to this reaction by now.

      Face it, most gay people don’t want any part of trans activists’ endless war on gender or their use of politics as psychotherapy. Can any of you even sustain a healthy relationship with another human? What do you suppose the odds are that you, Kat, and other trans activists have healthy, stable relationships? I’d put money on zero. Why don’t you work on yourselves before you undertake an overhaul of the “cis” population?

    • Katrina Rose says:



      Did you hear something?

      • Victor says:

        LOL. I’ll take that as a “no” to my question. No surprise there. The only folks who can tolerate you and your rage are felines. You’ll make a fine hoarder in your old age.

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