The Koch-Sucking, Anti-Union, Anti-Education Bastards of Michigan

C&L is highlihgting some of the anti-teacher shenanigans being ramrodded though the Michigan Legislature (Hi, Paul Scott! How is life in reality treating you?!!? Have you got your gig at Fox ‘News’ yet?), including seemingly bland provisions that have no purpose other than screwing teachers over on healthcare and pensions:

It’s not an accident that this is happening in Michigan. Michigan, after all, is the home of Betsy and Dick DeVos, ardent opponents of all public schools. They aren’t afraid to throw millions at that goal, either. One of her very favorite charities, along with her pals the Kochs, is the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Ostensibly a think tank, Mackinac is a non-profit organization which exists to write, lobby and serve as advocate for right wing dream legislation.

Emails published on Monday by the Michigan Education Association clearly show that Mackinac was coordinating with Republican state legislators in Michigan to not only limit teachers’ collective bargaining rights, but they were also deeply involved in the policy surrounding health care costs. In one email from Jack McHugh, Mackinac senior legislative analyst and editor of to state Representative (and chair of the House Education Committee) Tom McMillin with copies to several other Mackinac policy wonks, McHugh says this:

I personal think 20 percent is OK, because it changes the employee incentives (and we do believe in incentives!)

But a hard cap is OK too.

Do we care who runs the operation? Maybe, for this reason: Our goal is outlaw government collective bargaining in Michigan, which in practical terms means no more MEA.

I’m reminded of our calls to eliminate ISDs [Internal Service Departments] (and Ruth’s work to expose them): The legislature keeps giving them more things to do, making it ever more difficult to abolish them.

Mackinac’s stated purpose and programs on its 990 filing are as follows:



Nowhere in that description do I see anything suggesting that research and analysis also includes one-on-one advocacy, determination of legislative goals, and efforts to attain those goals, nor do I see any stated goals that include “eliminating” state agencies or teachers’ unions. Do you?

I don’t.

This pic wasn’t part of the C&L piece.  I simply saw this billboard when I was driving through Michigan back in August.  It applies here, though.

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