‘Tis the Season for Utter and Complete Insanity

I give you:

Now, make no mistake: The decision yesterday in Vandy Beth Glenn’s case was indeed a very good one.  Of course…

Sewell R. Brumby appeals from an adverse summary judgment in favor of Vandiver Elizabeth Glenn on her complaint seeking declaratory and injunctive relief pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for alleged violations of her rights under the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

…given that scope of the case, I fail to see how it could possibly reach any question of interpretion of the statutory sex discrimination law of Maryland – which is in the Fourth Circuit, not the Eleventh – regarding covering trans people.

And, of course, the decision didn’t.

The decision – which, I will again state, is indeed good but (1) unless affirmed by an actual opinion (as opposed to a cert. denial) by the U.S. Supreme Court is only mandatory authority in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, and (2) is as irrelevant to the operation of Maryland state statutory anti-discrimination law as Schwenk v. Hartford, et. al. are – insofar as its delineation of a federal constitutional sex discrimination standard is as relevant the vast majority of employment situations as the constitution was to the vast majority of employment situations regarding racial discrimination prior to enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (and will be if the Koch-sucking Randian corporatists get their way and repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964): not at all. The constitution does not control private employment and states will still have their own interpretations of “sex” just as they will have their own interpretations of “sexual orientation” even if Congess was to ever enact a St. Barney-HRC definition of it.


Existing gender identity anti-discrimination lawsunconstitutional?

Some people have mainlined enough kool-aid that they will use anything – however imaginary – as an excuse to beatify their oppressors exterminatrixes-in-waiting.

11 Responses to ‘Tis the Season for Utter and Complete Insanity

  1. bugbrennan says:

    I am honestly amused by how angry I make you, and I know it must KILL you when sex stereotyping theories work (including in Maryland). It seems you would rather be RIGHT than actually do something to help trans people.

    Happy holidays!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I love when they work. I praised Schwenk v. Hartford before probably anyone else.

      What disgusts me are civil rights charlatans who dictate to the oppressed – and do so with lies on top of it.

      I’m still waiting for verifiable citations to anything relevant regarding Maryland statutory law.

    • friday jones says:

      Trolls are always amused by how angry they make people, aren’t they? And funny how you always seem to leap straight to the Exterminationist language with such obvious delight (“it must KILL you”), isn’t it?

      I’m pretty sure that the existence of trans women like me and like Katrina makes you a lot “angrier” than even your attempts to politically influence the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women against us made us feel.

      Drinking all that stone-cold hateraid at once seems to have given you a permanent headache, but all you are to us is a small pain in the ass.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Beyond the fact that I don’t expect cis judges to have yet adopted assigned-sex into their parlance, though it’s clear by their treatment of Ms. Glenn that this is what they were referring to, this ruling doesn’t do ANYTHING to allow for discrimination against women on basis of assigned-sex, in public accommodations and employment and if you don’t believe me, you obviously have never read constructive dismissal case law.

      To refuse women access to a women’s washroom on the basis of their nonconformity to the strictures of their assigned sex would be just as injurious. Your little penis-panic hypotheticals simply don’t wash.

  2. Kathleen says:

    “On appeal, Brumby advances only one putative justification for Glenn’s firing: his purported concern that other women might object to Glenn’s restroom use.”

    Well, I guess holding that this is not a reason to deny coverage under sex discrimination law of trans women who haven’t had surgery makes this an even better day.

  3. Kathleen says:

    David should try a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster; perk him right up.

    • Galileo says:

      The Genesis planet is in orbit around Mississippi. Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters and Romulan Ale were all declared via referendum to be ‘life,’ and, therefore, killing them by drinking them is now a felony.

      Perhaps a can of Osmond Cola instead? 87 different varieties – all completely colorless.

      • Kathleen says:

        Damn the law – a PGGB boiler maker with a Glitterstim depth charge. Just like Dad used to make.

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