And HRC’s New Head Will Be…

Current National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre!

Or maybe not.

Or…probably not.

He’s not gay – but then again why should that matter?  Heads of (alleged) non-profits are just like heads of (alleged job-creating) corporations: interchangeable blobs with no real substantive connection to anything that the org/corp does or claims to do and are at the apex of the lifeless entity to do one thing and one thing alone…

[T]he NRA hasn’t lived in the fact-based world for several decades now. Richard Feldman, former NRA lobbyist, is a public affairs lawyer who wrote “Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist”. He points out that the name of the game for NRA leadership is keeping themselves highly compensated:

Harlon B. Carter, who created the modern NRA in the 1970s, earned about $70,000 a year (about $200,000 in today’s dollars) as executive vice president and was driven to meetings in the company Chevrolet. Wayne LaPierre, who currently sits upon the executive vice president throne, pocketed about $950,000 in 2005. The parking lot at the association’s twin-glass-towered headquarters off Interstate 66 in Virginia is filled with shiny new BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes.

What’s unseemly about the stratospheric six-figure salaries flowing into NRA leadership wallets is that the cash comes from hundreds of thousands of members who are hard pressed to write $35 annual membership renewal checks or send an extra $10 or $20 to the NRA Political Victory Fund to protect their guns.



Where have I seen that figure before?

I wonder if the NRA also determines its overall membership totals by counting anyone who has ever given it $1.00?

When the Human Rights Campaign claims to act on behalf of 650,000 members, the nation’s largest gay rights lobby is hoping people take notice. But the Washington, D.C. based group is probably hoping people don’t take notice of just how those “members” are counted.

Under the decade-long leadership of Elizabeth Birch, HRC’s membership numbers always climbed year-to-year.

Membership figures provided by HRC indicate rapid growth. In 1990, there were only 20,000 members; five years later there were 100,000.

By 2000, 20 years after being founded, HRC had 360,000 members. By 2003, the year Birch left, there were 500,000. Today, under new director Joe Solmonese, HRC claims 650,000 members.

In fact, those totals were guaranteed always to escalate impressively, and never to decline. That’s because HRC counts “members” in a way that will strike many as curious.

HRC membership numbers include the name of every person who has ever once given at least the minimum amount — currently $1 — and provided an address, said spokesperson Steven Fisher this week.

“The GLBT movement is unique. When we come out of the closet, we commit for life,” said Fisher, defending the membership count.

Well, when I think HRC, I do think ‘committed’, but likely not in the way that he did.  He likely would put “are” in front of it.

I would think “should be” would be more appropriate – except that we all know that the money-mongerers of Rhode Island Avenue know precisely what they’re doing.

And what have we learned, class? Don’t expect the truth from a man whose paychecks depend on a lie.

Look no further for your proof that gays are truly no different than straights.

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