He Was Bought and Paid for as a College Football Player and He’ll Be Bought and Paid for as a U.S. Senator

Honestly, I think any of the Kardashians would be more legitimate as officeholders.  Yes, they can help being psyche-sucking reality TV stars but, in all fairness, they can’t help the fact that they were born to a filthy rich lawyer any more than any of the Kennedys or Bushes could help whose birth canal they happened to have emerged from and whose sperm precipitated said emergences. 

Being born to a filthy-rich lawyer or a bootlegger or a Nazi-sympathizer isn’t a crime.

But what of Craig James’s college football career?

ESPN college football analyst Craig James, who starred as a tailback at Southern Methodist University and with the New England Patriots in the 1980s, announced Monday he was running for the U.S. Senateas a Republican from Texas, a GOP fundraiser said.

James, who appears on the cable network’s weekly game broadcasts, has been flirting with entering politics for more than year. Republican fundraiser and close friend Roy Bailey told The Associated Press on Monday that James informed him he was running for the 2012 Senate seat and was in the process of dropping off his official candidate papers in Austin.

 James also has had a close relationship with Dallas real estate developer Sherwood Blount, one of the key boosters involved in the pay-for-play scandal [that led to the death penalty for SMU in 1987]. Blount, who reportedly insisted SMU had a “payroll to meet” even after the school promised the payments would stop, was James’ agent when he played in the NFL.

In his book “Gameday,” James wrote: “I’m not going to sit here and tell you I never received a nickel during my playing days. But I can say with certainty that no benefits were ever extended to me from anyone associated with the SMU administration.”

Translated: He was bought and paid for by people outside the university structure – which, when last I checked, was a no-no then as well as now.

How many of those “nickels” did Craig James report to the IRS as income?

Anyone who is asked to vote for the fairhaired 50-year-old con boy has a right to know.

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