…Though, to be Fair, Probably Not as Much as HRC Has

But why quibble, eh?

Why bother mentioning that the ad shows a higher number of trans people than have, in the organization’s history, ever been allowed to receive a paycheck as an HRC employee (and five times more trans women than have ever been allowed to do so)?

Transgender Americans – who can be legally fired in 34 states today simply for being who they are…

…and barred from restaurants in 35.

But why quibble, eh?

3 Responses to …Though, to be Fair, Probably Not as Much as HRC Has

  1. "Vic" says:

    Ooo look, Kat is playing at statistician. Since you are such a wiz at numbers, why don’t you tell your readers – all 3 of them – how many transgendered patrons were barred from restaurants in the entire US in 2010? Or 2009? Or 2008? I’m sure it is such a huge problem that you have impressive statistics to share.

    Oh, and one more: if you were to add up all of the financial contributions from transgendereds to HRC from 1980-2011, would the sum total equal a single month’s salary for a trans employee that you insist HRC should hire? Answer: only if you were paying that trans employee $0 per month.

  2. friday jones says:

    It’s difficult to say how many trans women were told to leave places like restaurants, since the feds don’t see it as worthy of gathering statistics on, and have not created any form of centralized system for entering or tallying such complaints. But there are news stories on the Web that detail some of the more blatant instances of such discrimination.

    Search the web for:
    Capone’s Italian American Restaurant in Peabody
    Brianna Freeman, 2007, Denny’s Restaurant of Lewiston Maine
    Vishon Murphy, Pizza Hut, Wallace North Carolina
    Khadijah Farmer, the Caliente Cab Company, New York City
    Stephanie, the Cosmopolitan resort, Las Vegas Nevada

    And there are plenty of anecdotal stories being blogged about out there by transgender women being ejected from public accomodations, too, it’s just that they usually don’t make the news because anti-trans discrimination is “Dog Bites Man” type stuff.

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