Koch’s Spoon: Just Another Revolting Rove-Wannabee

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

[I]t’s [Michael] Brodkorb taking the fall. He was ousted last week from his powerful role as communications director of the Senate majority and then quit as adviser to a congressional campaign, all in the immediate aftermath of Sen. Amy Koch’s resignation as majority leader amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with an unnamed staffer.

It’s not entirely clear if he is the staffer in question, or what the nature of the relationship was. No one is talking. But it is clear that Brodkorb, who made his name as a Democrat-slaying muckraker and became a Republican leader feared by foes as well as some friends, has had a sudden crash.

His enemies see a karmic comeuppance. But even they admit there is no one in state politics quite like Brodkorb — fiercely driven and committed, gifted at both sifting through an opponent’s garbage

Brodkorb blogged anonymously at first, then was “outed” during an unsuccessful lawsuit against him. His stream of scooplets brought praise from the New York Times and other publications. Colleagues and rivals say he has a natural gift for what is known variously “opposition research” or “digging up dirt.”

In 2009, Brodkorb was elected deputy chairman of the state Republican Party, and combined that role with a communications job at the Senate Republican caucus. Working closely with Koch last year, he helped engineer the first Republican takeover of the Senate in nearly four decades. He remained at her side during the tumultuous shutdown session this year as the caucus’ $90,070-per-year communications director.

Standing near Koch and Senate leaders, in a dark suit and a buzz cut, Brodkorb’s thumbs were often moving across his handheld device. He smoothly segued from blogging to Twitter, and he and other staffers were known to tweet real-time takes on friends and foes as meetings, hearings and floor sessions were unfolding.

This dual role was unique in the Legislature, where there is supposed to be a line between outright politicking and paid government work. “He was clearly up there to raise the partisan temperature,” said Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis.

Mr. Brodkorb!

Where are the jobs?

Are they hiding behind the anti-same-sex marriage constitutional amendment that your Republicans made sure was a priority in 2011?

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