For Those Who Don’t Like Aggies…

…we have Aggies:

Houston Cougars 71 – North Carolina A&T Aggies 67 on basketball Wednesday…

Texas A&M Aggies 33 – Northwestern Wildcats 22 on football Saturday.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news (a/k/a/ reality) everywhere I go – including as to my first journey inside Hoffheinz Pavilion since class registration day for the fall semester of the year I spent there eons ago – but, I must comment on the ‘official’ record of the Cougar-Aggie basketball game:

The attendance? 


Sorry, nice try.  It was a 2 PM tipoff on a Wednesday afternoon.  Yes, the Wednesday was straddling Xmas and New Year’s Day, but it was still a Wednesday afternoon.

Yes, this photo only gives you a view of four sections of Hoffheinz, but they are fairly representative of overall attendance at the game; the seats directly in back of the U of H bench were more densely filled, but saying that there were even 1000 people in the place would be stretching it.  But 4000?  I don’t think so.

And now…

back to my regularly scheduled snow.

One Response to For Those Who Don’t Like Aggies…

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