For Your Tuesday Night Viewing Pleasure This Spring

 Wow.  I hadn’t heard about this one

Perhaps NBC was banking on Rick Perry floating to the top of the Republican primary field?

I dunnow….

LOS ANGELES (APE) – The end of the original Law and Order and the severe re-tooling of Law and Order: SVU hasn’t stopped NBC from going to the Law and Order well one more time.  However, the peacock network is letting the bucket drop deeper this time – far past Law and Order: LA and Law and Order: UK – and is supplementing what comes up with a few things from other wells, some perhaps less familiar than others.

Shades of the legendary 24 and the long-gone, single-season cult favorite Murder One, the new series will deal with a single case throughout the course of a 26-episode season.  Adding to the departure from the ‘all legal matters gets neatly solved in one hour in large cosmopolitan cities’ formula of all of the previous L&O series, Law and Order: CSA takes the franchise below the Mason-Dixon Line. 

To Dallas, Texas.

And, in a major gamble, the network is going to roll out the new show during May sweeps this year with muliple episodes per week initially (Millionaire circa 1999, anyone?) and a targeted conclusion during the August doldrums, prompting some speculation that the series – which seemingly has sprung out of nowhere to be rushed into production in secrecy – is merely a pre-emptive strike against TNT’s revival of Dallas, set to debut in the summer.

Of course the show’s locale and debut timing aren’t the only aspects of Law and Order: CSA that are raising eyebrows.  Hints about the season-long case that will be the focus of the series are not sitting well in some circles.  However, the team behind the show are pre-emptively pushing back.

“This plot is not anti-gay,” a highly-placed source within the production company said.  “How much clearer can we be?  The defendant in the series – a male preacher – is not gay!  He’s married to his female high school sweetheart – and, I might add, they have the perfect heterosexual WASP family: one teenaged daughter, who is a cheerleader.  He simply sodomizes the young boys in a religious ritual.  This has nothing to do with the gay community, so I don’t know why the gays are getting upset.  And it really makes me angry that people are judging the show before they’ve seen it.”

Clearly frustrated when interviewed, the source added, “We’re not trying to crank out a show that is going to negatively affect the lives of a discriminated-against minority? What the hell do they think this is going to be?  Another Work It?”

I guess the only thing missing is the ghost of Brandon Tartikoff describing the show as “MTV Redneck Lawyers.”

Well, that and a timer to gauge how long it will take for the author of this:

So the trans community has found something else in gay culture to be offended by, and we’re all supposed to bend over backwards? Please Mary. Oh no. Has the phrase Please Mary also been outlawed? Queue the trans outrage. 

Drag has a long and comic history for gays and for straights. It’s fun and silly and in no way offensive. A reminder not to take gender so seriously, it’s a subset of camp called gender bending, both of which are glorious traditions that we shouldn’t surrender.

Sure, I want trans folk in our community. But they don’t deserve to be while they detest us. They regularly spit hatred at everything gay, at Savage, Barney F, and at innocent chunks of our culture. The question above is another example of their contempt. When will you people call them to account for it?

and/or the author of this:

This gender identity thing is a recent invention, and they have now become the fatal anchor on the gay and lesbian boat.

to figure out that the majority of my post is satire.

2 Responses to For Your Tuesday Night Viewing Pleasure This Spring

  1. Kathleen says:

    I was going to comment there – but why bother? Everyone seems so sad and resentful. John seems really upset that some young guys don’t want to talk to him. As someone older than him – I’d suggest he get used to younger people not always wanting to be friends with folks who are older.

    And those darn trans people are the reason. And some gay guys are angry that many of us don’t like Dan Savage – hell – lot’s of bisexuals, lesbians, and African American queer folk have said similar things abou Dan – but you don’t see them as their idée fixe. You don’t see them saying “hey – bisexuals – you’re off the bus unless you agree to love everything we do”. Childish.

    John could actually have tried to develop relationships with trans people over the last 15-20 years so he might have a better relationship and perhaps make fewer mistakes on these issues – but he’s never been amenable to that. He could have at any time included a trans writer to his staff instead of having mostly cissexual people write about how they feel about us. He & his readers might even then understand that cis isn’t a reference to gay men and has nothing to do with the word “sissy” – never has. Gay men are less than 3% of the folks that term describes.

    And really – drag is never offensive? Please tell that to all the gay men who commented on Shirley Q. Liquor. No form of expression is never offensive. Most of the guys upset are middle aged or older – but they act like teenagers. Perhaps that’s why guys in their twenties are reluctant to be friends – they’re too immature for them.

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