So Please Enlighten Me: Other Than Their Stances on Homosexuality, What Exactly is the Difference Between Scientology and HRC?


Most of the press reporting on Debbie Cook so far has focused on her past as a high-ranking executive in the Church of Scientology and her sudden transformation this week into a whistleblower trying to rally her fellow church members against the management of Scientology leader David Miscavige.

But several years passed between Cook’s role as “Captain FSO” in Clearwater, Florida and where she finds herself today, criticizing Miscavige from San Antonio, Texas, but no longer an employee of the church.

“You have to understand,” he told me by telephone from Texas, “under Miscavige, the FSO executives have become glorified registrars.”

He pointed me to a video of Cook’s successor in the position, Harvey Jacques, that we posted here in November. Jacques, the current Captain FSO, is seen showing up to a New Year’s Eve party, explaining to some Taiwanese Scientologists that he has only a few minutes to raise the last $8,000 of the $5 million he was tasked with raising in the last two weeks of 2010.

“That was her post. She spent a tremendous amount of time making money. It comes with the territory,” Rathbun told me. “We all have laundry.”

Rathbun then quoted US attorney Robert Perry, who said during his summation at the John DeLorean trial in 1984, “For a plot hatched in hell, don’t expect angels for witnesses.”

“I know that e-mail she sent is sincere about her disgust for what the church became,” Rathbun says, “She was forced to turn the FSO into a giant fundraising machine.”

Inquiring minds want to hear the spin.

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