Hey ABC! Maybe You Should Have Listened to the Trans Women

You thought I was kidding about that?  Just piling on?



It was not like the impromptu demonstrations that led to the  “Arab Spring” that eventually toppled corrupt governments in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. It was more like a “Winter Outburst -too cold to protest, but I will be there anyway.” That was the scene for the scores of Boricuas, and supporters that came out in the frigid cold to protest the insensitive remarks made on the WABC-TV new sitcom, “Work it,” that premiered yesterday.

The program is about an unemployed guy who gets a job in a pharmaceutical company dressed as a woman. He celebrates with his main friends, but can’t tell them about the specifics. One Latino friend also unemployed begs him to hook him up & says: “I’m Puerto Rican I can sell drugs.”

One similarity with the Arab Spring was that statement (in their case an action) that infuriated some Boricuas and thus created an impromptu reaction basically called by a few individuals, Lucky Rivera (who saw the show) and myself (did not see it). Lucky had called me in the morning to tell me about it. We both agreed to search and make inquiries to see if anything was being done and give me time to see the show for myself. We agreed to call each other in the early afternoon with our findings. After lunch and viewing the show (I rarely watch anything other than news and sports) we agreed that we had to do something.

We decided that we were not going to allow 2012 to begin with yet another insult against our community.

I’m ashamed to say it, but I actually missed the line that they’re (rightfully) complaining about.  My take was a more general one: of the two men, one is a respectable, middle-class, white-collar married WASP with one child and one is a (presumably single) mechanic who wants to boff anything that moves.

Guess which one is the white guy and which one is the Hispanic guy.

We both agreed that even if only a handful of folks, we should be in front of WABC-TV at 5:30pm and let them know that: “We are Puerto Rican professionals, construction workers, businessman, teachers, students, NOT DRUG DEALERS.

Sounds like fobidden knowledge to me.

Next thing you know, someone will be claiming that transsexual women are not inherently sex workers.

Memo to ABC: Try regaining some legitimacy.

Take baby steps, though.

Perhaps start by bringing back Cop Rock.

6 Responses to Hey ABC! Maybe You Should Have Listened to the Trans Women

  1. Any day now I expect RuPaul to trot out and defend this full of fail show

  2. Megan says:

    Maybe he and Chuck Knipp could revive the show as a drag act for the party circuit after the network pulls it?

  3. […] to perusing ENDAblog I have advised of another reason I can hate on the show besides the fact it’s full of trans […]

  4. Polar says:

    I expect that, by the time I get the privilege of wasting 30 minutes on this steaming pile, it’ll probably be cancelled….and I won’t be disappointed.

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