A question:

An answer:

And evidence that, on teh Aravosis front, whatever year next a legitimate ENDA is introduced will be the next 2007:

I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hateful crap from gay people too about this.  People I know and considered friends, who still don’t treat me the same after years since I dared express an opinion.  I’m not talking about some people in the trans community being mean. I’m talking about a culture being created where no one can question anything the trans community says or does, even if it direct affects our civil rights, such as the ENDA battle. We weren’t even entitled to an opinion on that one, even though it was our civil rights bill being debated.  You express an opinion and you are destroyed, and continually destroyed again and again and again to pay for the sin of disagreeing with the collective, or simply asking a question that they don’t approve of.

You mean like the 99.99% of trans people who are equally or better qualified than those non-trans people (gay and straight) who are allowed to be gainfully employed by the corporate gay rights industry but who were blacklisted from the corporate gay rights industry for daring to question the wisdom of the HRC collective on trans-inclusion in ENDA as a purely educational (you know?  education?) during a time when there was no chance of any ENDA getting any closer to enactment than Barney Frank’s underwear?

Po, po, pi’ful John.

He’s just like those oh-so-financially-emaciated, oh-so-politically-excluded corporations that have bought convinced judges that a horde of 297,000,000 Snidely Whiplashes have tied them to the railroad track of ideas and a train of evil democracy is headed their way – well, not all courts anyway:

[T]he notion that corporations are disadvantaged in the political realm is unbelievable. Indeed, it has astounded most Americans.

The notion that whte gay men – whether named Aravosis or Savage or Crain or whatever – are disadvantaged in any way whatsoever within the LGBT political realm is unbelievable.

A question of a different sort:

Am I allowed to bring up that time you blamed evil trannies for ruining ENDA for everyone else? There’s a reason people think you’re anti trans…

…gives way to an answer of the same old sort:

Do you mean the time you decided to sabotage employment protections for millions of gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans, and when gay people dared to voice an opinion about the future of their own civil rights bill that their community had been working on for over 30 years, you excoriated them and called them haters, telling them that they had no right to voice an opinion on the future of their own civil rights – is that the time you’re thinking of?  By the way, has the trans community decided to hold off on marriage until gay people get that same right nationwide?  I seem to remember top trans activists getting married, for years now.  Which confused me, since supposedly we’re all supposed to wait until everyone else “in the community” gets the same right too.  Can you explain that to us, why straight trans people are getting married?

…and another:

But it’s not really all or nothing, as straight trans people continue to get married while many gay people can’t (and no gay married couple enjoys rights at the federal level, while married straight trans people do). And I’m sure it’s “hateful” to point out that hypocrisy.


You mean like ‘marriage or else’ being mandatory but ‘trans-inclusion or else’ being insane?

 I have found, sadly, that the PC police go a lot farther than just some fringe in the trans community.  Their allies include a lot of senior people in the gay community who to this day still treat me differently because I dared, several years ago, to ask questions publicly that no one is supposed to ever ask.

Maybe I’m being too serious here.  The weekend approaches, after all.

Lets end with a joke, shall we?

Two people walk into a bar…

Wait, lets re-work that.

Two lawyers walk into a corporatist gay cesspool of transphobia on Rhode Island Avenue in D.C.  The two are applying for a position that the corporatist gay cesspool of transphobia on Rhode Island Avenue in D.C. will fill that day – and the two are the only two applying for the position.

One of the two is a gay man.

The other is a transsexual woman.

The punch line involves who gets the position.

But I don’t need to type out the punchline, because you know who will get the job – no matter how qualified the transsexual woman is – whether named Katrina Rose or not – and no matter how qualified the gay man isn’t – whether named John Aravosis or not (and lets face it: the outcome would be even more of a certainty at the allegedly more-trans-friendly NGLTF.)

Oh yes…

We’ve all heard the rumors that a certain corporatist gay cesspool of transphobia on Rhode Island Avenue in D.C. might actually go the Michael Trans Steele route when it coronates a new head later this spring.

And that would change the reality-based punchline of that joke about as much as five years has changed The John.

17 Responses to Seriously?

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  2. From Aravois’ 2007 article:

    “I wrote on my blog last week about this issue, and shared my doubts and concerns and questions. And I was eviscerated for it.”

    How does the poor lad function sans bowels? It’s a marvel, is it not?

    “I know firsthand that it’s not safe in the gay community to ask questions about how the transgendered fit in.”

    OH DEAR GAWD the horror of suffering … harsh criticism?

    It appears some folks just don’t function well outside an echo chamber.

    – B.A.R.BLAYK

    PS: Alice Dreger likewise has some… issues here. “Before I get slaughtered by the trans activist community (again)…” – O THE MELODRAMA!

    “Why can’t we all just agree… to agree… with ME! ???”

    … sad.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      How does the poor lad function sans bowels?

      Ordinarily I’d wonder that myself, but he’s managed quite well without a brain.

      • Yes, well, hm, have you ever seriously considered, Kat, that there are probably a lot of “functions” in the brain that are best dispensed with, inasmuch as they often interfere with the action of the “reflexes”?

        And such “reflexes” appear to be of crucial importance in success as a zoon politicon

        – B.A.R.BLAYK

      • Katrina Rose says:

        If Bill Hicks was here, he’d have a thought or two on that 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    That bit of his where he’s talking about how the howwibul, howwibul “PC police” have gotten their allies in the gay community to treat him differently because he dared to put his name on a hateful screed is so precious. Someone call the waaahmbulance while I tune up my tiny violin!

    • Kathleen says:

      It’s really odd that in the Ru Paul thread they talk about fantasizing about being women. Not like most gay guys I know at all. Not say – wearing make up to work or a blouse& challenging gender as men. Of course – if you only do such things on stage and associating yourself with being female is ALWAYS funny – you can deny those things to others (and yourself) as being in any way real.

      Just another closet, really. And one that veers into misogyny & transmisogyny more than they can admit to themselves. Sad.

  4. "Vic" says:

    Gay people owe you nothing. If you don’t have employment protections, it isn’t the fault of gay people b/c gay people are not your parents and don’t have the responsibility for taking care of you, spending their money on you, or wasting their political capital on you. Trans activists are so foul, so malicious, and vile, you should be grateful that the gay community doesn’t declare war on you.

    HRC doesn’t owe you any special duty to hire trans people. And given how few “transfolk” exist in the world, given their demonstrated mental and emotional instability, with this blog being exhibit A, and given a suicide/suicide attempt rate hundreds of times the norm, it wouldn’t be surprising if HRC never found a qualified trans candidate to hire from the labor pool. Zero sounds like the perfect number for trans HRC employees.


    • Katrina Rose says:

      Gay, Inc. took.

      Gay, Inc. destroyed.

      Gay, Inc. owes.

      If Gay, Inc. doesn’t acknowledge the debt and pay up, then trans people will foreclose by all legal means necessary.

      Your refusal to acknowledge history doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.


      • "Vic" says:

        Appletinis are for gays, not dour trans activists. Assuming the mental health ward staff allow you to drink, I’d suggest bitters.

        I completely agree with your foreclosure analogy. You are right to place trans activists in the role of Bank of America, given that they share BofA’s ethics and morality. Aside from that, the analogy fails. Gay Inc. gets no money from trans people and no volunteer labor of any significance. Just ask Joanne Herman who admitted as much at OutGiving. Instead, Gay Inc. sacrificed their primary legislative objective of the last 4 decades because of you. There is a huge debt that is due, but it runs from ungrateful bitter trans activists to Gay Inc., not the other way around.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Ah, Vic, Vic, Vic….

        You really do need to donate your body to science for a study to see how a human being can – apparently – be biologically allergic to history (and you might want to take John Aravosis along with you; see if you can get a package deal of some sort.)

        Gay Inc. sacrificed their primary legislative objective of the last 4 decades….

        You mean the almost-four decades (only 38 years thus far since that first federal gay-only rights bill, but we know you have trouble with facts so I won’t quibble) which, thus far, have only included 4 years in which there was any chance whatsoever of any form of ENDA actually passing and being signed?

        And, wouldn’tcha know it? History – you know…FACTS – show us that neither opportunity, neither 1993-94 nor 2009-10, was sacrificed to us evil trans scum. Both were sacrificed for the employment desires of tiny, microscopic percentage of gays who want to work in the military – an infinitessimally smaller number of people than there are trans people.

        their primary legislative objective

        If you actually think that ENDA – inclusive or not – or anything that will benefit working class LGBs and/or Ts is the “primary legislative objective” of Gay, Inc. then you need to stick your nose in your armpit and smell the marriage derangement syndrome.

    • Kathleen says:

      So – I shouldn’t have worked to support gay men in the aids crisis?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Well of course you should have.

        After all, by the Jim Fouratt standard you are a gay man.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Ah, Vic – credit where credit’s due. If we can be said to have any facility at playing the bitter queen; it’s because we studied at the feet of the masters.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I’ll presume intended apologies to Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts, Jonathan Pryce and John Simm.

  6. "Vic" says:

    Oh, you’re brilliant. I said 4 decades rather than 38 years and you got me! You’re a champion!

    You admit that there was a window for passage lasting years. With a Senate majority of 60, you only need weeks or months to get it done so the length of the window was not the problem. DADT was not the problem. There was absolutely no reason both objectives couldn’t have been achieved and no one involved in trying to move ENDA has ever said otherwise. Cite one statement, email, or document from any of the relevant players on the Hill if it exists.

    And marriage, while definitely a major priority, is not the main legislative priority of Gay Inc. Gay Inc. is the big DC-based groups like HRC and NGL(T)F. They work primarily on federal issues and ENDA is the big goal. The one exception would be Lambda Legal, but they work on the issue through lawsuits, not legislatively.

    Gay Inc. stripped out everything but employment to make it passable, but just when they had it in a passable form, with ample public support and huge majorities in both houses of Congress, the trans activists thugs insisted that their workplace pooping options needed to be included at all costs. Trans activists are 100% responsible for the outcome. The more people learn about this, the more rapid the demise of the foul lie of LGBT.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Barney Frank and his fit of pique over getting his bill to protect only the most assimilationist shot down by every responsible advocate, are responsible for an inclusive ENDA being DOA and you know it.

      The people who would vote for an incomplete ENDA but not an inclusive ENDA aren’t pandering to Red Staters. They’re pandering to you and your money.

      Take that much responsibility for your actions.

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