Memo to The John’s Transphobic Greek Chorus at AmericaBleech

Well, memos actually:

…all being comments to this, from the Detroit News:

Shelley Hilliard, 19, a transgender woman, was about to be arrested for possession of marijuana Oct. 20 when police offered a way out, according to testimony during a court hearing Thursday. She could set up a drug deal.

With the police listening on speaker phone, Hilliard used her cellphone to call Qasim Raqib, telling him she had someone (an undercover agent) who wanted to buy $335 worth of cocaine and marijuana, according to testimony during Raqib’s preliminary examination Thursday in 36th District Court.

When Raqib arrived at the Motel 6 in Madison Heights 20 minutes later, police arrested him.

Raqib, 30, of Detroit, was released several hours later. Three days later, the mutilated body of Hilliard was discovered ablaze in the street on Detroit’s east side.

But the comments are also memos to the self-important transphobic turds who commented on The John’s recent attempt to rise above it all – you know, the way an angel rises above the afflicted….

Floaters such as this one:

The stupidity and ignorance of fundamentalists has never been of interest to me in determining my rights.

which was a preditably clueless bark from someone who seemingly has never actually had to attempt to find redress against discrimination using the suffocatingly pro-hegemony – and increasingly Rube Goldbrg-esque – legal system of America (and, equally likely, possesses sufficient privilege to have never have experienced any real discrimination on any level.) 

In fact, the bark was against this reality-based observation that could well have been an analytic distillation of the aforenoted Detroit News comment-spewings.

Transphobia against transwomen (speaking as a member of my subgroup) is often us being being included with gay men.  “You’re just a man”, “your gay”, “gay man in a dress”, “f*g” etc.  That is not only transphobia, it is also homophobia.  We experience the same homophobia as gay males – hatred because of sexual orientation. 

Homophobia must be fought on all fronts.

But lets not forget the most significant reason of all that trans people have demanded, are demanding and will continue to demand inclusion – no matter how much of a crimp it puts in the superiority desires of The John and/or any member of his chorus of gay (The?) John Birchers who would be perfectly happy with America’s socio-legal system as it existed circa 1930 just so long as it was tweaked to allow them to tweak and fuck as they please: We demand anti-discrimination protection not just from the likes of the christianist bastards who made those comments at the Detroit News, but from the equally transphobic gay men and women who have fought tooth and nail for decades to keep us out of gay rights discrimination.  No one who fights that hard to make laws gay-only can be presumed not to  be ready, willing and able to use – or presumed to not already have used, where applicable – the combination of gay protection and a lack of trans-inclusion to benefit themselves by ensuring that they will never have to suffer the indignity of seeing qualified trans people judged on their own merits and on an equal footing with non-trans gays and lesbians.

The Gay Rights boat floats others. IF the trans boat is truly a different boat – it is still raised with ours.

A question to trans people: How many of you out there consider your boat to be “floated” by a legal regime in which the John Aravosises, the Chris Crains, the Cathy Brennans, the Stephen Clarks, the Hilary Rosens and those of like mind as the author of that soundbite have – per the operation of law – the absolute, unfettered rights to NOT hire you, NOT rent to you and NOT even let you into their places of business while you, as trans people, if employers, landlords and/or proprietors, are, by operation of that same law, absolutely prohibited from making, even as an education-related form of protest, similar negative employment/rental/business-related decisions against the class of people responsible for such apartheid?

How ‘floated’ do you feel in Wisconsin?  New Hampshire? Delaware?  New York?  Maryland? 

How floated do you actually feel in Massachusetts?

Floating our boats, eh?

I guess all of the qualified trans people who have never been considered for employment by NGLTF during the time period that Sue ‘I openly supported discrimination against trans women when it was convenient, but now I want to continue to make a living claiming that I’m floating their boat along with mine’ Hyde should view ourselves as being comfortably ensconced in the royal quite of an Oilvia cruise, eh?

Oh wait…

Floating our boats?

More like a greed-addled iceberg, I say.

The stupidity and ignorance of fundamentalists has never been of interest to me in determining my rights.

To be quantitatively fair to the author of that remark, there is one thing trans people need more than protection from those fundamentalists.

Its protection from people like the author of that remark.

Every remark like it just adds to the tally of transphobia reparations that we are owed.

People like that whine about the possibility of waiting a bit for a trans-inclusive ENDA?

You deserve the wait – and while you’re waiting, think about all of the ahistorical nonsense that you’ve been snorting for the last few years (you know, like the clear implication in your we-must-wait-on-a-trans-inclusive-ENDA-because-the-needs-of-the-many-outweigh-the-needs-of-the-few psychosis, that somehow, there are fewer trans people than there are gays and lesbians who both want to and actually can, even under objective criteria,serve in the military) in order to convince yourselves that you deserve to get everything you want when you want it and that there is no rationale whatsoever for sacrifice to achieve trans-inclusion but that gay marriage – and nothing less – must be achieved at all costs…

particularly especially the possibility of ever dealing with trans rights.

Yes, transphobia reparations.

You could have done what was right 30, 20, 10 – or even five – years ago, but you wouldn’t.

Transphobia reparations.

Get used to the idea.

34 Responses to Memo to The John’s Transphobic Greek Chorus at AmericaBleech

  1. "Vic" says:

    Dumb and pathetic. Reparations from gay people, when all the money, time, effort and capital has flowed from gays to trans activist bullies and none of it has flowed the other way. This is like Nazi Germany demanding reparations from France. Keep pushing the idea. Why don’t you contact the Transgender Law Center to get their opinion? They operate using the money of David Bohnett a “cis” gay man. Tell them that they should call Bohnett and demand reparations and report back what they say.

  2. bugbrennan says:

    I miss being in chorus!

  3. friday jones says:

    Who needs same-sex marriage when Vic and Cathy are so perfect for one another? And how can we possibly think that the gay and lesbian community is a bit transphobic when Vic leaps immediately to the “Trans peeps are Nazis” as a polite throat-clearing substitute? And besides, wouldn’t mentioning reparations make Kat some kinda commie? She can’t be both you know, it’s an ideological impossibility.

    Trans folks can still be tossed out of restaurants, movie theaters, and lodgings in what, 35 states? Just for being trans. But the only full-court-press in LGBT activism is on same sex marriage, both in Congress and in the Press. Gays and Lesbians an now serve openly in the military, but trans people can’t.

    Why do you think Kat’s got a bee in her bonnet? I’d say it’s discrimination in the general community coupled with the indifference of the Gay and lesbian community exacerbated by Gay and Lesbian people who are out-and-out transphobes. Looking at YOU, Brennan. Nice letter to the UN, jerk.

    • Megan says:

      Yep, pulling a Godwin is always a mark of class and intellect.

      • "Vic" says:

        It isn’t a Godwin as I was making a point about an aggressor demanding reparations, not a substantive comparison with Nazis. You could say the Kaiser demanding reparations from France or North Korea demanding reparations from South Korea. Pick your analogy.

  4. bugbrennan says:

    Blah blah blah. Katrina Rose is a great MRA. You’re angry because I’m not an MRA. Guess what? Lesbians don’t exist to make MRAs happy.

    • Megan says:

      And here I was, laboring under the impression that MRAs consider trans people to be part of a nefarious radfem plot. You haters really ought to get together and decide between you whose evil plot I’m part of, because I’m just so confused right now!

      • bugbrennan says:

        I don’t know you or what you are. I wasn’t talking about trans people being MRAs. I was talking about Katrina Rose being an MRA. See how that works?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Does the owner of the accompanying IP address know that you are – yet again – using their resources to engage in your trans-exterminationism?

      • Megan says:

        Dare I ask how exactly Kat would differ from any other trans woman in being an MRA or not?

      • friday jones says:

        I’d say Kat’s a HUMAN rights activist. And Cathy Brennan is a jerk. I’d say those two things.

  5. bugbrennan says:

    Also, although I’m sure Vic is a nice guy, I don’t actually care about marriage as an issue. Not all gays care about the same things, yanno. Some of us care about female reality.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I don’t actually care about marriage as an issue.

      Of course not.

      Cathy Brennan says she “hopefully” wants to “get a divorce.”

      Brennan and her soon-to-be-ex wife tied the knot in Vermont several years ago. They now live in Maryland. When their relationship soured, they could not divorce because their home state did not recognize same sex marriage.

      Despite the long wait and difficulties associated with getting a divorce, Brennan says she would still go through the process in order to marry her new girlfriend. “Of course,” Brennan said, “I love her.”

      • bugbrennan says:

        Yes, Katrina Rose. Because that *must* be true.

        You really don’t understand how life works, do you?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        If, as you seem to be implying, none of that – taken from a media source – is true, then I’m sure you’d be willing to share with us all court documents and/or other documentation of your formal/informal accusation of libel against you by WJLA.

        If not, then we have yet another example of BBS.

        Does the owner of the accompanying IP address know that you are – yet again – using their resources to engage in your trans-exterminationism?

      • friday jones says:

        OMFG, that is priceless. She got exactly what she wanted, then threw it away when she got tired of it. I guess the “female reality” is that Cathy gets what Cathy wants and then discards it when she gets bored.

  6. Kathleen says:

    When I look at some of the men quoted above – I wonder what they’re thinking. Here’s a teen who was murdered, dismembered and burned to death. Whose mother had to identify her childs’ remains – and was only able to do so as one part of her that wasn’t burned had a tattoo.

    And they seek to assuage their their anger at a group and their bitterness by denying her identity. Her identity isn’t a hoax gentlemen.

    It rather reminds me of the following execrable statements by someone they should work harder to disassociate themselves from.


    “The Human Rights Campaign, the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights group in the country, is asking Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) to apologize to the mother of Matthew Shepard — after Foxx claimed the idea Shepard was killed because he was gay “a hoax.”

    HRC President Joe Solmonese sat with Judy Shepard in the chamber yesterday when Foxx made her comments during a debate over new bias crimes legislation:

    I sat in the House Gallery, watching the proceedings with Judy Shepard, Matthew’s mother. Although we were certainly pleased with the outcome of the final vote, we were shocked and appalled that you dishonored Matthew’s name, hurt his grieving mother and outright misrepresented history when you called Matthew’s hate-motivated murder a “hoax.””

  7. bugbrennan says:

    You do know I am a partner at my firm, right?

    • friday jones says:

      Of COURSE you are, dearie, because they have employment protection for lesbians in Hanover. That’s sort of the problem, see, you have the privilege of that employment protection in Maryland and a trans woman does not. Would you like me to break it down into even simpler words, O Great Legal Mind?

  8. bugbrennan says:

    But please, continue threatening me.

  9. bugbrennan says:

    Also, is it libel necessarily that I don’t care about marriage equality? Now who sounds like HRC…

    • Katrina Rose says:

      You’re the one who seems to have some issue with the accuracy of the excerpted portion of that news item.

      Now who sounds like she doesn’t know if she’s coming or going…

  10. bugbrennan says:

    Katrina – You have threatened me for years. The evidence is literally all around you, on the pages of your blog. Please keep it up. Know that I will never stop. We are tired of MRAs like you bossing us around. Why else publish my information, links to my work, etc.? Because you *like* me so much?

    And no, I find it funny that for someone who likes to blast MSM, you believe everything you read. Of course, you believe every thing you right as well, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Sure, yes, I will die if marriage equality fails. Ok.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Ah…the insanity of the trans-exterminationist class.

      Incapable of providing evidence of anything, you just lather and repeat.

      Have a nice delusional day, though! I’m off to make a difference for people, not corporations!

      • bugbrennan says:

        Oh you mean “Sexuality/Gender, 19th Century U.S., 20th Century Japan” – yes, helpful. Good job.

      • friday jones says:

        Now the legal partner of Hudson-Cook, Cathy Brennan, is an anti-intellectual? She’s a lesbian who suddenly finds Gender Studies to be unimportant? Oh yeah, I forgot that the overriding principle here is that Cathy Brennan is a jerk. All of her writings make sense when viewed with that axiom in mind.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Oh you mean…

        As compared with mouthpiecing for vampiristic financial institutions?

        Yet again you prove my point for me.

  11. friday jones says:

    Yeah, they do work for BofA, Goldman-Sachs, and I believe also the Legion of Doom:

    So Cathy is so much more important to activism than some mere teacher of a course in a Gender Studies program. In her position she’s capable of ruining FAR more lives than you’re readily capable of helping, Kat! She cancels out the good works of at least a dozen Gender Studies teachers!

    • Ah, Friday; please! So, Brennan works for a law firm that does a lot of corporate work?

      Give this wymyn a break!

      From what I have seen of the quality of The Buggy One’s legal reasoning (and powers of rhetorical expression in composing rejoinders apt and witty) I’d have to say that she’s putting these to the best possible use in… “Undermining The Patriarchy”?

  12. "Vic" says:

    What is an MRA?

    Also, your obsession with this woman’s IP address, place of employment, physical location and client list only underscores how completely bankrupt you are on the merits of the debate. You can’t win so you try to intimidate and attack the person. Fortunately, it appears that this woman doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your “exposing” her.

    We should all have that attitude. Trans activists are, first and foremost, bullies. If you stand up to them, they lose their power.

    Also, I continue to await eagerly the response of the Transgender Law Center to your instruction that they seek reparations. They need to call up the Bohnett Foundation and inform those evil cis gays that they will no longer accept $50,000 grants, but instead will only accept reparations checks. Please let me know how it goes, Kit.

    • Kathleen says:

      Vic – she works to prevent trans people being covered by civil rights legislation. Would you feel any different if it was someone actively working against your civil rights?

      • friday jones says:

        Justice William Brennan probably turns over in his grave every time “Bug” Brennan signs her name to a legal document.

  13. friday jones says:

    Of course Brennan isn’t worried about being outed or exposed or whatever, because SHE’S THE ONE WITH ALL THE PRIVILEGE COMPARED TO KAT. She has workplace protection, a clearly-delineated right to public accommodations, and is pretty much mainstream. Kat, on the other hand, is a member of a minority that’s actually oppressed. So when you claim Brennan isn’t worried about anything Kat has to say, you’re stating the obvious.

    But as for who are bullies, it seems like transphobic lesbian separatists and upper-middle-class white gay dudes seem to be the “cool kids” who do all of the real bullying and who take up pretty much all of the oxygen.

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