The Line is Hereby Drawn…

..back to the trans-exterminationists.

Now, we all know who Nikki Araguz is.  She has a valid case regarding her marriage and legal sex status – though as that case is moving up the appellate food chain in Texas she, unfortunately, has engaged in some shenanigans that, though they’ll never be cited by Rick Perry-approved judges to do so, may rip religionist defeat from the jaws of legal victory.

Assuming for purposes of argument that the charge underlying her current stay in the Harris County, Texas, jail is a valid one, one key aspect of the stay is not:

Nikki Arraguz is a post-operative transgender [Note: I think she identifies as transsexual; I’m not into the shit-flinging that those who think they’re too pretty to ever have to deal with reality tend to engage in, but there is indeed a difference] woman being held in the Harris County Jail for being minutes late on making a court appearance. She was booked under the male name Justin Purdue, even though her name is legally Nikki Arraguz, and she is segregated by her choice from the other prisoners.

The use of an old legally non-existent name and gender is preposterous. It is disrespectful and apparently meant to be intimidating. If Harris County Jail can’t use her real name, they need to let her go, instead of engaging in humiliating and dangerous exposure.

The number of transgender women that get sexually abused in such facilities is higher than any other group. By assigning Nikki a cross-gender identification, she is being put at risk.She should restored her full legal name and treated in accordance with her female gender.

That comes from a petition site, but the key aspect seems to be validated by the person updating her Facebook page:

Sadly, the Harris County Prison Industrial Complex has Littleton v. Prange to hang its hat on if it wants to get shitty about her sex status (though, if the Facebook page is accurate, she’s doing the seg route for her own protection), but where do they get the cojones to decide what her legal name is?

I hereby draw the line from this back to the trans-exterminationists.

All of them.

All who attempt to decide for the world who we are.

All of them.

Not just the overly-privileged, corporatist psychopaths (one of whom may be trans herself; she still seems unwilling to address the very valid question) who prance around pretending to have a legitimate connection to the concept of  feminism and who have engaged in the latest round of what, today, is in reality Gay (Male), Inc.’s politico-cultural dirty work (work that has seemingly gotten to be even too dirty for St. Barney) aided by some actual trans people who are poster children for Stockholm Syndrome but back a bit further to The Dredge and Michael Bailey – both oh-so-well-professed heterosexuals (wink, wink) – and back beyond that to ‘right wing lesbian’ Beren DeMotier and further back beyond that to the first generation of trans-exterminationists: the Mary Dalys, the Janice Raymonds, the Alix Dobkins, the Victoria Brownworths and the ones who have managed to manufacture rehabilitation for themselves to the point where they now must be presumed to be fifth columns when they say they give a damn about trans lives.

All of them.

Individually and collectively, personally and professionally.

All of them.


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