What do you Get When You Mix Stockholm Syndrome and Irony-Mongering?

8 Responses to What do you Get When You Mix Stockholm Syndrome and Irony-Mongering?

  1. Oh Jesus, Katrina, I am surely going to be “driven Buggy” if I do not stop following the links sprouting from the links provided in your blog posts?

    “The Emperor Has No Clothes”“: “Glenn highlights the fact that gender identity legislation enshrines into law that “ways of being” correspond to your biological sex. This is actually sex stereotyping.” – Cathy “Bug” Brennan, 12/16/11.


    “Females First”: “As a Lesbian, here’s a truth anathema to the Gay Community and one that does not reflect “the law.” Sexual orientation discrimination doesn’t exist.” – Cathy “Bug” Brennan, 1/5/12.


    Wow. This statement is so… so…

    I give up!

    PS: Yes, incredibly… these are exact quotations, and the links to Wikipedia articles are incorporated into her text. ???

  2. And the latest ‘Bug’ Brennan utterance

    Cathy Brennan Glad that bullshit got refuted. Irked that advocates continue to push an over broad definition of gender identity that oppresses females. But I suppose we are used to this by now from the cock-centric GLBT Movement. 1-20-12
    8 hours ago · Like

  3. Megan says:

    Hope you’re getting some awfully tasty cookies from the exterminationists for selling out there, Dana…

  4. friday jones says:

    Thing is, wouldn’t a widespread acceptance of Brennan’s recommended application of sex discrimination laws only (instead of sexual orientation and gender identity being included as suspect classes) is that Vandy Beth Glenn would be unable to use the ladies’ room, because in the buggy mind of Brennan, Vandy Beth Glenn is a man no matter how she presents or what surgeries she might have had. Brennan is indeed an Exterminationist.

  5. friday jones says:

    oops, “is that” should be “means that.”

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