Isn’t it Funny…

…how the same people who advocate use of government power and resources to destroy existing same-sex marriages – legal unions that are legal under the laws of several of the sovereign United States – because such marriages are allegedly inherently immoral and allegedly negatively impact some (but not all) religious sects’ abstract concept of ‘the family’…

…likely would be willing to fight a second civil war to avoid paying restitution to the descendants of people who were held against their will in the bonds of slavery – something that actually is inherently immoral and actually destroyed countless actual families – in large part because of the technicality that white-made law of the time consecrated slavery as something that was legal?

And just think what ‘Num ‘Num Newt would be willing to do to keep blacks – as well as most whites – economically enslaved, eh?

He’d probably vote for Mitt the Flip.

South Carolinia Republicans, just be honest when you go to the polls today.

Write in Strom Thurmond.

We all know that’s who you really want.

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