A History Lesson

If the goal is to decrease tensions between the two communities rather than fomenting a civil war, then we need to be able to talk about this stuff, recognize it, and address it.

Does the author of that have any awareness (or even care) that the politico-economic, slaveholding elites who actually fomented rebellion and then fired on Fort Sumter to start the American Civil War – and their descendants and their apologists – refer to the American Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression.

2 Responses to A History Lesson

  1. friday jones says:

    Well, you know how the North is, always lording it over the other parallels with its Pole Star, going “Look at me! I’m situated on the rotational axis of the Earth!” and showing off with that flashy aurora borealis. Figures the North also started a war. Stupid Cartesian direction.

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