Pot…Kettle…Black…Game Over

This morning I heard something about the surviving members of Monty Python getting back together to work on a new project.

Silly me…

I presumed it would be a movie.

Apparently, they’re actually just scripting the dialogue at a transphobic gay male website:

I hope that’s the main feature, because if its just the neo-Crimson Permanent Assurance, I think that the laughter ensuing from whatever is the main feature will cause me to perpetually hemorrhage.

That’s what I think she meant, but it’s not what she said.

And folks warned her about it, so she knew what she was doing.

And folks have warned him about this, yet he refuses to conform it to reality.






Not so much.

Game over.

One Response to Pot…Kettle…Black…Game Over

  1. The Nerd says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sure it would totally be her own fault she doesn’t get equality and not that of the bigots. Reality goes where?!?

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