This is Not America

No, I’m not referring to the song.



Someone pointed out how claiming that “trans activists” were responsible for the alleged glitterbombing in Vancouver was, at the very least, an error in reportage…

And the party making the claim actually followed up and acknowledged that the claim was inaccurate and – perhaps most importantly – did not thereafter claim that it was still okay to brand trans people as being responsible for the alleged incident.

That was Xtra – from Canada.

This, however, was Queerty:

Canadian gay paper Xtra reports that six members of a group calling itself Homomilitia were behind the rainbow raid. Activist Fister Limp Wrist accused Savage of “ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views.”


That actually seems to be accurate reportage of what Xtra had originally had to say.

However, this appeared a few lines above that quote:

Dan Savage got glitter-bombed by trans activists at an appearance in Vancouver.



Silly me.  There is much more anti-trans hatred among gays that needs to be whipped up:

  • Amen. I’m so tired of trannies trying to crucify people who actually aren’t their enemies. It’s foolishness and they’re only further isolating themselves
  • [T]he REAL people who demonize the trans community seem to get off glitter free by the trans commnity activist
  • glitter bomb the trannies
  • Now u have gone and done it… this thread will be up to 100 responses in an hour or two… The Trans community will be typing like crazy
  • After listening to a year’s contempt of trans people for gay culture and gay leaders, I’m done. If I had my way, we would remove the trans protections from enda. That was probably what destroyed it last time it was considered. And the trans community don’t deserve any more help from us
  • Sometimes it seems its easier for trans activist to glitter Savage than actually fight for the passage of ENDA
  • Radical trans activists are some of the most anti-gay human beings I’ve ever seen. They demand that we stop pushing our own agenda, drop everything, and rush to aid them in their pathetic little war on the heteronormative cisgender patriarchy. Any gay male who dares to speak up and tell them, “no, fuck off, it’s not our job to fight your battles for you” is immediately attacked and bombarded by a barrage of buzzwords like “ABLE-BODIED WHITE MALE PRIVILEGED CISSEXIST!” It’s sickening. Adding the T to the acronym was the dumbest, most politically suicidal decision gay activists ever made
  • Someone explain why T is even included in GLBT?
  • what a buncha hormonal bitches

This is just serving to convince me that the Democrats’ October (or whenever) surprise to shore up gay support going into the election is going to be a push for a gay-only ENDA.  These (now) five major American gay blogs that have – in the process adding glaring trans-specificity and trans-exclusivity that in no way is factually supported by the text of the original report – amplified that original Xtra piece with such complete disregard for facts that they have to be an advance move to manufacture a faux-gay-populist uprising against trans-inclusion.

50,000,000 Elvis fans can’t be wrong….

and (now) five major gay blogs can’t be this wrong without any expressed remorse (remember: The John not only isn’t concerned about being wrong; he tried to justify it and to justify maintaining his factually inaccurate phraseology) over being wrong without some organized objective underlying it. 

Maybe its not a push for a gay-only ENDA.

Maybe its just to thoroughly undermine any possibility of any gay energy being expended on Maryland’s trans bill until (years after) Maryland gets gay marriage to go along with its existing gay-only rights law.

Or, maybe, its because, when it comes to entrenched, organized gay transphobia…

it really doesn’t get better.

6 Responses to This is Not America

  1. Kathleen says:

    Yes – thanks to Natasha & Xtra for responsible reporting.

    This could have been avoided if some people were able to read without letting their own bigotry cloud their perceptions. Or if they responding to concerns their readers raised as professionally as Natasha.

    This would assume an actual existence of good intent on the part of some of these writers – said assumption clearly being a triumph of hope over experience on my part.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Responded – damn autocorrect on my phone!

  3. Guess Gay, Inc. forgot their Dallas Principles again..

  4. "Vic" says:

    It is really wonderful to read so many of these commenters rebelling against the plantation of LGBT. And the ones that Kat cites are just a few. Better start to worry trannies. Your little scam is unraveling and the marks are starting to realize that they have been taken. Best to hop on a bus and go to the next town where you can victimize some other suckers by having them take responsibility for your bizarre social and political agenda.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Spew your venom if you must. I’ll be over here thinking about how far your Mattachine respectability would have gotten you if women like Sylvia Rivera hadn’t angrily stood up and said, “Enough!”

      Also, I love how fighting cissexism is a bizarre agenda, but fighting heterosexism is a noble civil rights movement.

      Tell you what, we’ll estrogenate a few pregnant mothers and the trans and cis lesbian children that they have can decide amongst themselves how separate our agendas should be, ‘mkay?

  5. friday jones says:


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