Death, Taxes, Trans-Exterminationists….

…and their scriveners:

Gender identity” means the consistent, public manifestation of that identity in the gender-related appearance of an individual; in other words, it’s all based on your looks.

The definition is based on appearance only, since “identity” is internal, it cannot be proved or disproved. Opponents, and even supporters, are likely to amend this vague definition, and that process takes time. The more time that is spent with amending and voting on the amendments, the more likely the bill will fail.

The language requires a “consistent public manifestation” of a sex-role stereotype, “Gender-related appearance,” is just that, a sex-role stereotype.


Make it:

Death, Taxes, Trans-Exterminationists, Their Scriveners, and Stockholm Syndrome

8 Responses to Death, Taxes, Trans-Exterminationists….

  1. Well, gosh, gee, according to Madame LaRocca, “a persistent, bona fide gender-related identity…”

    … amounts to “meaningless words”.


    Now if she was making the claim that it is difficult to operationalize the meaning of these words in such a way as to make it feasible to assess one’s personality regarding one’s gender identity fairly rapidly and with great certainty, I’d be agreeing with her. Absolutely.

    But no, instead she’s claiming that “gender identity” is “meaningless”? This stance can only be interpreted as … “trans-exterminationist”.

    Oh damn! I do hate agreeing with you sometimes, Kat?


    – bonzie anne

    PS: “Trans, Inc.™”? That’s precious! “CAN HAZ SHARZ?”

    Or is this like M&M Enterprises, and every time I post a blog comment, I get a receipt labelled “Trans, Inc.™ – One Share”, and a reserved seat at the Mystic Hexa-Flexagonal Table of the Trans-Activist Conspiracy?

    PPS: “VIOLENT war against FEMALES whose most immediate priority is not enshrining stereotypes into law…”?

    Wow. That’s Pure Crazy. If Bug or her friends (even the totally trans-misogynist ones) are ever threatened with violence, you can bet I for one will condemn it, and if in the unlikely event it happens while I’m around, you can bet I will be doing my pathetic best to put a stop to it.

    Meanwhile, I see nothing at all backing up Brennan’s hyperbolic ventilating about “VIOLENT WAR” being waged by “GLBT INC.™” or LOL! “Trans, Inc.™”, just a bunch of invective being directed her way… in response to a fury of outrageous allegations and waves of Fear and Loathing issuing from her and her “comadres en radfem“.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Except that we have decades of experience is how these laws are applied in the real world – spot on! Hell – go look up some cases in the distant and obscure locale called Bal- ti- mor-e (pardon the translation – the language is not well known outside of that distant domain).

    It does beg the question of what issue Brennan does think is the most important – why she’s not asking for support on it – and why she’s expending so much effort on such an unimportant issue. It’s a piddling issue that she devotes endless hours to and highlights to the detriment of things vastly more important.

    Clearly – her motivation must be strange to act so.

  3. bugbrennan says:

    Why is it so hard for you folks to wrap your ahead around the concept that just because we oppose sex stereotyping doesn’t mean we oppose anti-discrimination for trans folks. Stop doing it on the backs of females.

    Kathleen – who are you? Are you a lawyer?

    The most important thing to me in the “GLBT Movement” – since you seem to want to know – is to live in a world where females can be and act anyway they want without society telling them what that means. Gender identity laws, as currently constructed, do not accomplish this. Gender identity legislation has enormous implications for females. I suspect you don’t care about this because you are not female. You can prioritize your own life, I do just fine establishing my own priorities.

    Oh and Bonze, you say “just a bunch of invective being directed her way” – if that’s all you think it is, I suggest you open your eyes.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Have a nice day!

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      “Why is it so hard for you folks to wrap your ahead around the concept that just because we oppose sex stereotyping doesn’t mean we oppose anti-discrimination for trans folks”

      It could have everything to do with the previously written opinions of one “Undercover Punk” all over the Radical Feminist blogsphere. Perhaps the writings on a particular website where your letter to the UN was first published?

      Tell me how anything posted there should be read in good faith? Seriously, a site that claims that trans people are lying liars (or deluded/manipulative/tools of female oppression/etc.) routinely shouldn’t have a wary eye by trans women? Are you honestly THAT removed from social and political reality?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Are you honestly THAT removed from social and political reality?

        You probably should have left off the words modifying “reality.”

  4. ‘Gender identity legislation has enormous implications for females.’

    Sure does. it broadens your rights, not restricts them as you falsely claim.

  5. friday jones says:

    Her entire objection to gender identity laws is that the womyn born womyn would no longer be allowed to discriminate openly against trans women in public accommodations. That’s the whole deal for her: She doesn’t want trans women in her bathrooms, in her locker rooms, and heaven forfend that a trans woman who identifies as bi or lesbian ever joins any sort of local organization that is woman-focused. The very possible presence of trans women in those spaces she calls “violence” and “anti-woman,” which means she’s afraid specifically of trans women, which means she’s the very definition of Transphobic.

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