Then Maybe All Real Energy Should Be Focused on Trans Needs Instead of Gay Wants

Post Poll Shows Marylanders Split on Marriage Equality, Supporters Looking for Votes

But, I guess focusing on the real needs of people who don’t already have a right of legal redress when excluded from the machinations of the economy wouldn’t give those who do already have a right of legal redress when excluded from the machinations of the economy a chance to get their Republican on.

The four Republican New York state senators who voted for same-sex marriage last June are reaping a windfall from gay, liberal, and some conservative donors who support marriage equality, but virtually none of that money is flowing to the Democrats who provided the overwhelming majority of the votes for the bill — including those who, like the GOP supporters, switched their votes to yes or who live in highly contested districts.

What’s more, $100,000 of the money given to these four Republicans has already been passed through by them to the New York Senate Republican Campaign Committee to support anti-gay senators and help preserve the one-vote Republican majority.

Among the GOP senators, Roy McDonald of Saratoga pulled in $447,000 since voting for marriage equality, “27 times more than he had raised in the same period in 2009,” according to the New York Times. Similar amounts were donated to Republicans Mark Grisanti of Buffalo ($325,000), James Alesi of East Rochester ($400,000), and Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie ($425,000).

The Times did not note that Democrats are getting stiffed. Democrat Senator Joe Addabbo, who represents conservative Howard Beach and switched his vote from no to yes, raised just 36,000 in the same period. Shirley Huntley of Jamaica, Queens, who also made a crucial switch to yes despite her strong religious misgivings about same-sex marriage, raised $7,500

“I’m disappointed, obviously,” said Democratic Senator Tony Avella, who raised $46,245 since his yes vote from conservative northern Queens. “I defeated someone who would have defeated marriage equality, and I made it a big issue in my campaign. I would appreciate the same amount of support.”

He beat anti-gay 40-year incumbent Frank Padavan in 2010.

“I got them to the spot where Republican votes made a difference,” Avella said.

And, of course, to the point where trans lives mattered even less than they already did.

Oh, but wait…

The money shot has yet to come.

Wait for it…

Brian Ellner, who led the Human Rights Campaign’s marriage equality effort in New York, was part of a group of 20 people who put together a fundraiser for the four pro-equality Republican senators. He did not respond to an email seeking comment on why no Democrats were included, but Fred Sainz, vice president for communications for the group, which is non-partisan like Pride Agenda, said, “It is especially important that Republicans are seen as being able to defend themselves” after supporting the LGBT community. “I don’t believe that there was any ill will intended against the Democrats who voted for it. It was more of a mistake of the mind than of the heart.”


Gee, Fred…

Where did you get that last one – from Mitt Romney’s cliché factory nestled in the Shanghai suburbs and staffed by slave laborers?


Goldman Sachs received the HRC Award for Workplace Equality Innovation in 2011.

Never mind.

Veteran gay activist Allen Roskoff, president of the LGBT Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, said, “The Republican Party is going to use this gay money to run against our friends in the Senate. Where’s the logic in that? We are rewarding a party that gave us minimal support.”

The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which has passed the Assembly four times, has been blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate and did not pass when Democrats had narrow control two years ago.

“We can’t do that without a strong, Democratic majority,” [Assemblyman Daniel] O’Donnell said of GENDA.

Because gay marriage was all that actually mattered then and GENDA actually does not matter now.

But what about Washington?

What about it?  No one begrudges dealing with the issue of gay marriage where those who will benefit from it don’t have the residual ability to discriminate against trans people.  Washington did the moral thing by dealing with the reality-based economic needs of all LGBT individual human beings first and then moving to the wants of those non-heterosexuals who might happen to be in relationships and might happen to want to solemnize those relationships.  No one is born in a relationship.  We are all born individuals.

Gay marriage was all that actually mattered in New York then and GENDA actually does not matter now.

Are the trans people in Maryland – and the non-trans people there who aren’t shills for Marriage Derangement Syndrome – paying attention?

17 Responses to Then Maybe All Real Energy Should Be Focused on Trans Needs Instead of Gay Wants

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  2. "Vic" says:

    Wow. Even dumber than usual! We are all born individuals and not couples, therefore a law prohibiting gender identity discrimination is a “need” whereas marriage is a “want.” That makes perfect sense because everyone is born working, renting, and eating in restaurants.

    Did I read somewhere on this foul blog that you went to law school? Don’t they require applicants to have a basic grasp of logic?

    Maybe you should have studied cosmetology. That’s more your level and it would help you pass.

    • Kathy says:

      This does seem to be the formulation endorsed by most everyone in this country. Marriage never being passed before sexual orientation nondiscriminatory laws might have tipped you off.

      Is there a state you can point to with those priorities reversed?

    • valeriekeefe says:

      States that have NDAs are more supportive of a repeal of DOMA than states that aren’t. 51% of the country favours a DOMA repeal. 73% favours an inclusive ENDA with 50% of avowed heterosexists also favouring an inclusive ENDA… how do you think you’re going to get more Americans the right to marry their partners in the long-term? Focusing on California, or moving the conversation in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia, The Carolinas, Missouri, Ohio… need I go on?

      But this isn’t about them. You think they ought to rot like the rest of us who don’t have the good sense to get well-ensconsed in a professional-class cissexist cisGL enclave. I have room for you, sir, that’s not most queer Americans. That’s not even most cis gold-star gay and lesbian Americans.

  3. friday jones says:

    Making a living and being allowed to use public accommodations are needs, and playing house with a storybook wedding is a frou-frou WANT that you lovely princesses will trample your own grammaws to get. I wouldn’t expect some schmuck like Cathy Brennan to understand what it’s like to be discriminated against to the point of being homeless, because you live in that nice little trust-fund bubble that floated you gently to a law firm specializing in helping clients who are the worst sort of financial predators. But it hurts the belly when you haven’t got any food, and it’s exhausting when you can’t find a safe place to sleep, Cathy. It’s not the same easy sadness that you get when you don’t get to call yourselves Mrs. and Mrs.

    • "Vic" says:

      I am not Cathy Brennan. Geez, what is with you people? You are obsessed with her. Is it because she is a real woman with a real vagina?

      Anyway, I’ll buy your argument if you can produce evidence of a single employable trans person who is malnourished because he or she can’t get a job due to gender identity discrimination. Just one example in the entire United States is all I am requesting. Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter!

  4. friday jones says:

    How would you know about Cathy Brennan’s vagina, “Vic?” Did you actually look down to check before you posted that? You’re not helping yourself convince anyone that you’re not the same person.

    Oh, I like how you slip that “employable” word in there. With gender identity discrimination being what it is, I’d say you were trying for some variant of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. I am assuming that trans people are just as “employable” as the general population minus the rampant gender discrimination of ‘phobes like you, Vicathy. Prove to me that YOU are “employable.” You be the dancing monkey FIRST.

    • "Vic" says:

      A person who is employable has at least some marketable skills, can show up on time and can follow the rules of his or her workplace. You find that to be an unfair criterion? Then no anti-discrimination law will help you and it is proper that it is a low priority or even better a non-priority.

      Still waiting for even a single example of an employable – as defined above – trans person who is malnourished because he or she can’t earn wages to buy food. C’mon, just one example? Please? Huh?

  5. friday jones says:

    You’re asking me to name a famous homeless person? Or were you demanding that I out someone here in order to satisfy your insatiable lust to dominate trans women? You sicko, that’s nonconsensual!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Which really does make one wonder as to the connection of ‘Vic’ to the extrminationism twins.

      • friday jones says:

        Besides which, all you need to do to see homeless hungry trans people by the score is to walk the streets of the Tenderloin. How could I possibly point out a trans person to someone who is dedicated to making trans people invisible or worse? It would be like talking about DNA to a Lysenkoist.

  6. "Vic" says:

    So you can’t name even 1 person to back up your claim that the lack of trans antidiscrimination laws is causing trans people to go hungry for lack of money with which to buy food. Instead, you tell me to walk the Tenderloin District in San Francisco to find these hungry trannies.

    But San Francisco prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. So if that’s where the hungry, unemployed trannies are, we can confidently conclude that passing a trans antidiscrimination won’t prevent trans starvation. Maybe what trannies need is an understanding of how to conduct themselves in public and how to treat other human beings. Conducting yourself like Kat Rose is a ticket to social isolation and unemployment.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      Hey Vic, how about you ask Matt Foreman what trans women he paraded in front of the NY legislature to add gravitas and pass the trans-empty SONDA? He pretty freely admits now that trans people had some of the most compelling evidence of direct employment discrimination.

      • "Vic" says:

        If he did that, he is dumb, dishonest and incompetent. Antigay discrimination is real. We don’t need to present nongay trans witnesses at hearings about antigay discrimination. That having been said, I doubt that he ever made the statement that you say he made.

        If he did, show us a link. There is as much chance that you will produce a link to that quote as there is of someone on this blog producing evidence of a single solitary tranny suffering from malnourishment b/c of anti-trans job discrimination.

    • friday jones says:

      Jane. There, I named one person. Does that satisfy the conditions of your demonic contract? Will you now return to your Circle of Summoning and then sink dramatically down into the Underworld? Geez you’re obnoxious. I already pointed out how stupid your demand was, to either name a famous trans person who is hungry or to out a non-famous trans person.

      Even in the city that is arguably the friendliest to trans people, San Francisco, you can see homeless trans kids who sleep in the park or in doorways, because across the country they are being discriminated against, so they come here, and hopefully eventually get their lives back together. The discrimination across the country that sends them here is real, and you are really an asshole for being such a callous “cis white gay” troll stalker of Kat Rose.

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