What Then…

…does this say about the silence of non-trans gay men and lesbians regarding an elite handful of gay male bloggers who (to maximize gay animosity toward the notion of any energy being expended on the more legitimate of the two bills currently being considered in Maryland, perhaps?) lie through their teeth about trans participation in an event that may or may not have actually happened and then not only refuse to acknowlege the inaccuracies but go further and claim that the lies were justified because, to them, trans people have it coming?

15 Responses to What Then…

  1. Why does AmericaBlog suddenly have an interest in the activities of transgender Canadians? The John and his merry band of flying monkeys seem to be obsessed these days.

    They’ve become the screaming, whining gays.

    Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Perhaps a wedding to attend?

  2. Kathy says:

    You have to admit – it is fun to watch cicada dissemble about how he’s no longer going to support trans equality – everyone who’s read his posts over the years knows he never did.

    Next – he’ll be cancelling his yearly Martian vacation to express his contempt for their immigration policies.

    Say………………aren’t cicada’s supposed to go underground for 17 years? His sell by date has long since expired.

  3. valeriekeefe says:

    Oh this fucking idiot? He dropped by my second most recent post on Huffpo to shit all over the idea that maybe we should be more concerned about ENDA than DOMA, never mind the trans people, how about cisGL Tennesseans and Floridians and Oklahomans?


  4. friday jones says:

    The proof that these jerkoffs are actively hostile to trans people is, note the absolute silence on the marriage-obsessed gay blogs and news sites about the Canadian No Fly If You’re Trans rule. Using transportation is a more basic need than having that storybook wedding on the beach. Selfish asses. At least nobody’s trying to stop them from exercising the most basic human rights, such as the right to travel. Give them the Moon, and they’ll “come back for us” about the time they conquer Alpha Centauri.

    • "Vic" says:

      I support the idea of trannies flying on airplanes, but only if they don’t book a return flight.

      • friday jones says:

        Are you constantly using the slur “trannies” here in order to try to provoke someone into calling you a “faggot” or a “dyke,” Vicathy? It isn’t going to work, because we’re not homophobes, you’re a transphobe. It isn’t your sexual orientation I have a problem with, it’s your privileged bigotry and garbage attitude that bothers me.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Say what you will, but this dyke doesn’t want to lose the highest per capita population of fellow lesbians. (29%)

  5. […] but tossing a few more into the mix by covering his own tracks by characterizing me of engaging in: online cascade of conspiracy theories claiming several gay bloggers defended Dan Savage to prevent gender identity nondiscrimination laws […]

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  7. […] refresh everyone’s memory about what a lot of people Bil was lying about in the last clause of that passage: […]

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