Demanding That We Forget is STILL Transphobia

Has it been a year already?

Actually, its only been 10 1/2 months or so – for this, anyway (for others, well…) – but let us go there nevertheless…

A comment by laughriotgirl on one of the threads at PHB wherein refusing to bend over and take gay transphobia is branded as homophobia:

What bothers me Is that we are expected to just forget things happened

That was in response to yet another attempt to exercise control over what trans people are allowed to remember in polite company:

What has John Aravosis said recently that is offensive? If you can show me….

Why hasn’t there been anything 2007-ish from The Mouth of The John of late?

Well, one possibility is that he’s actually changed.

So much for that, eh?

Demanding that we forget about 2007 was transphobia last year – and it is now.

Demanding that we forget about New York and 2002 was transphobia last year – and it is now.

Demanding that we forget about Maryland and 2001 was transphobia last year – and it is now.

Demanding that we ignore not only whatever might have been the goal in misrepresenting the reportage about whatever might have happened in Vancouver on Jan. 21 but also the unwillingness lift a finger in opposition to what the misrepresentation of the reportage about whatever might have happened in Vancouver on Jan. 21 unleashed was transphobia last week – and it is now.

23 Responses to Demanding That We Forget is STILL Transphobia

  1. friday jones says:

    Hey, wasn’t that the thread where you got banned and had your history deleted from Pam’s House Blend for posting these exact words:

    “empirically justifiable, yet self-censored blanket comment”

    Wow, you sure broke tons of rules there. And by “tons of rules,” I mean “no rules at all.”

  2. Stephanie Stevens says:

    I imagine that any reasonably sane trans person there is expected to feel absolutely beyond incredibly blessed should Massachusetts 2011 happen — or even be considered — in Maryland (crumbs from the table of joy) this year, if you know what I mean.

  3. "Vic" says:

    This is a blog post to commemorate the 10 1/2 month anniversary of a comment posted on another blog. How very sad and pathetic. You really do need to get a life.

    I came upon this blog when I was googling ENDA and I thought that this would actually be a resource regarding the bill. Little did I suspect that it is a bizarre record of one person’s mental imbalance.

    Seek. Help.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Seek the ability to write proper sentences.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Ah, the good ol’ delusion argument…

      What Kat is pointing out is that Aravosis doesn’t get a pass even though he hasn’t recently said anything misogynistic and cissexist.

      Much in the same way Mary Daly or Gloria Steinem also do not.

      • "Vic" says:


        I have noticed that trans activists love to use that phrase – so and so “doesn’t get a pass.” Who asked you for a pass? Who told you that you get to hand out passes in the first place? Don’t assume that you have any moral authority over Aravosis, Savage, Daly, Steinem or anyone else in this world. Trans activists are nasty, malicious, sexist, homophobic, and often violent. You have no moral authority.

      • friday jones says:

        We always have moral authority over bigots like Aravosis and Savage and Steinem and genocidal maniacs like Mary Daly. And just how illiterate do you have to be to understand that the term “don;t get a pass” in this context means that the god these people did in their lives (and they have all done some good in their lives) does not excuse them for their kyriarchal oppression of other minorities via intersectional privilege.

        All of the above have specifically oppressed trans people, and therefore they o NOT get a pass for their work in Feminism or Gay & Lesbian rights if they piss all over bisexual people, trans people, or the opposite sex. In that case, they have some growing to do as people and they have amends to make, at least the ones who haven’t already passed on with huge stains on their legacies that is.

    • Babs says:

      Vic, too often we are consumed by the ills of the past and those who have hurt us, rather than encourage positive change. Does that mean we forget the past, suddenly trust those who have done us ill? Of course not.

      But if we can actually make change… make lemonade out of a lemon, then we have helped ourselves … and affirm that good can come out of a bad experience.

      When our trans-legislation in NJ was torpedoed at the 11th hour in late 2005 … believe me I was cursing a certain state senator who was pulling the strings in the Senate and blocked everything. Within a few months we had engaged him and his new Chief of staff in a positive manner and gotten his full support and also had gotten some proactive support from another powerful Senator, John Adler, who was upset that we got a raw deal and it went on to pass handily in December of 2006. Senator Adler in fact kept his word and helped us deflect last minute attacks from other powerful sources that would have watered down the legislation

  4. friday jones says:

    I just have to wonder which of the various radfem blogfools “Vic” is. I think the most likely is Cathy Brennan, from the use of extremely weak snark and poor writing that is her hallmark. “Vic’s” writing lacks the coherency and focus of a Dirt or a Mandrea. “Vic’s” definitely someone with a watery-weak mind like Brennan.

    Hey Cathy, how’s the Goldman-Sachs account doing? Are these posts part of their billable hours?

    • "Vic" says:

      As I have said elsewhere, I am not Cathy Brennan. I have never met Cathy Brennan. I don’t understand why you deranged trannies are obsessed with this woman called Cathy Brennan. But if you hate her so much, she is probably awesome.

      • friday jones says:

        If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably Daff– er, Buggy. And all you’ve been doing is quacking. Well, that and intruding into trans space with your colonizing ways, you colonist you. Don’t you have A Room of Your Own in which to sip your haterade?

      • Trans Vic says:

        Who’s the greater fool? “Deranged trannies”, or one who spends years arguing with them?

        My vote’s on the one who went to the slur well to slake their bigoted thirst. As in Godwinning – you loose the argument.

  5. "Vic" says:

    @Friday Jones: Here’s a fair deal for you. I won’t comment here, um, I mean “invade trans space,” if you will agree to remove your foul-smelling T from my LGB. You have been invading gay space since 1996 all while insisting on your right to maintain your own “space” and your own organizations – organizations funded by gay money. So please, let’s cut a deal here that allows parasite and host to part ways.

    @ Trans Vic: If that’s the criterion for losing an argument, then I have won big time. This entire blog relies upon the slur well. There isn’t a single post that doesn’t unfairly smear someone or call them names (example: referring to John Aravosis as “the John” thereby suggesting that Aravosis is a toilet and less than human). So if we use your standard, then “Kat Rose” or whatever [EDITED BY MODERATOR] her name is, lost the debate on day 1. Also, learn how to spell “lose,” you uneducated GID victim.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      “the John” thereby suggesting that Aravosis is a toilet

      So those who refer to a certain con artist, media whore and self-described billionaire as “The Donald” are thereby suggesting that Trump is a duck?

      Try posting during the day.

      Maybe you’ll say something that makes sense.

    • friday jones says:

      “Your LGB?” How much was the down payment? A handful of magical beans perhaps? I can recall having some direct input into creating the community we now call LGBT, for one example taking SAR Program courses so that I could volunteer for switchboard work back in the early Eighties. They taught me how to avoid that swamp of prejudice that you’re wallowing in right now by adjusting my attitude towards the range of human sexuality so that I’m not a total asshole like you are with people who aren’t exactly like you are sexually.

      And “since 1996?” What are you, a wee little bairn? I guess all this trolling you’ve been doing lately is because your two Mommies are feeding you too much refined sugar. Bad baby! The only thing that’s stinking around here is that load of bigotry you just excreted.

    • Trans Vic says:

      One values spelling over than clarity of thought only when one’s lost the argument. You’ve gone to that well numerous times. You haven’t just lost – you’re metaphorically singing Soy un perdedor by doubling down.

      Jeez – Kat never moderates. What was that – another slur? A threat?

      Yo, cut it.

      • "Vic" says:

        I don’t make threats. I don’t believe in violence. It is a pity that this blog doesn’t share a similar view. “Kat” Rose moderates these comments, as is seen above, but [EDITED BY MODERATOR] she left a violent threat against Dan Savage remain in a prior comment thread even after it was brought to her attention.

      • friday jones says:

        And just how long would a post by Kat remain unedited at any of the following sites: A Room of Our Own, Radfemblog, TGnonsense, or Bugbrennan? They delete anything that doesn’t agree with the blog owners’ opinions. You’re very lucky that Kat Rose allows you the privilege of trolling this blog, but of course you’re blind to your privileges aren’t you?

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Friday’s got a bit of a point, Vic. We could do without your necrophiliac opinions, but we tolerate their presence, because they demonstrate the sheer misogyny present in those who claim to protect women but are positively horny at the prospect of a significant percentage of those women simply curling up and dying.

  6. Vice says:

    Vic says:
    February 16, 2012 at 9:50 am

    I don’t make threats. I don’t believe in violence.

    No – you’re just proud to use slurs, complain when others direct them towards people who share characteristics with you; then clutch your pearls over the lack of civility.

    And after a hard days’ dissembling – ask someone if they’ve stopped beating their wife yet over a cold one.


  7. "Vic" says:

    FWIW, I do give credit to Kat for mostly allowing free commentary here. Of course, she only has about 6 readers so she probably doesn’t want to drive anyone off with censorship.

    I condemn any site, gay, radfem, or whatever, that execessively polices its comments and fears dissent.

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