Guess Who’s Making Threats Now…. [UPDATED]

Seen recently in the comments section of a TransAdvocate post:

I’m just observin’….

Are the editors of Baltimore Out Loud?

[UPDATE – 2/17/2012]

Well, perhaps if you’d ever provide jurisdictionally-relevant precedent proving that trans people are covered under existing Maryland sex discrimination law and/or provide jurisdictionally-relevant precedent proving that all homeless shelters are always classified as housing rather than public accommodations for purposes of civil rights law and/or provide a legitimate, rational explanation as to how the legal ideal espoused by you and your trans-exterminationist buddies will neither mandate nor allow panty checks for bathroom usage, then no one in the real world would ever again have to refer to your existence.


12 Responses to Guess Who’s Making Threats Now…. [UPDATED]

  1. Megan says:

    I wonder what the consequences of the “or else” that Cathy’s response to Alyson implies. Maybe there’s a “lesbian mafia” to match this supposed “trans mafia” we’ve been hearing so much about lately?

  2. friday jones says:

    I found the trans mafia, and they were already caught and jailed long ago:

    So the trans mafia can’t possibly be behind the November 23rd glitterbombing! Proofiness!

  3. As usual, there probably won’t be any apologies coming from the trans oppressors for it either or their enablers

  4. Vic says:

    It’s awesome to see a real woman stand up to abusive male thugs who claim to be women. If trannies are against violence, perhaps you all could speak to your fellow tranny who commented on this blog that Dan Savage should have dirt and soot hurled at his face and body.

    • I wonder when real men are going to start standing up for the gays instead of screaming, whiny queens.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Hmm… could do that, right around the moment the well-heeled portion of the cisGL community decides that assault is no longer a legitimate political tactic, no matter how glittery that assault is and no matter how heterosupremacist in addition to cissupremacist the target is.

      And as to what constitutes a real woman: We’re a sapient species, with sexually dimorphic neurology. If you put a brain in a jar and that brain still functions, we call that brain a human. We don’t call the rest of the biology a human if there’s no brain there, we call it a corpse with a pulse. So by that metric: Female neurology -> Female identification -> Actual female.

      So sayeth a public citizen who doesn’t hide her indignation behind a pseudonym like you do with your ignorance.

    • friday jones says:

      Oh look, “Vic” is claiming the right to define what a “real woman” is. The “guy” who uses slurs is also the gatekeeper to womanhood. And “he” even had the nerve to sling the word “privilege” this morning, with no implosion of his head like you’d expect from such a paradox.

  5. friday jones says:

    By the way, is that Robert Duval in her avatar picture? The Great Santini himself?

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