When Five Equals One (or, That Just About Sums it Up for the Andrew Breitbarts of Gay Blogging)

When I watched Countdown last night, I had a strange feeling of deja vu when Keith got to the segment in which he conclusively proved Andrew Breitbart to be a deranged con artist.

No, the deja vu wasn’t over thinking that it wasn’t the first time that I’d seen Andrew Breitbart demonstrated to be a deranged con artist; it, of course, wasn’t the first time because, well, he is – but for this post, that’s actually beside the point.

Yes, the video of Dimbart shouting at the protesters outside of the neo-fascist convention this weekend – which is nice evidence of Dimbart being deranged – is an element of this, but only tangentially.  Mediaite’s false-equivalency-laden description of the video:

Breitbart walked outside the hotel hosting the [CPAC] conference to attempt a chat with irate Occupy protesters, demanding they “behave yourselves” and “stop raping people.”

For those sympathetic to the Occupy movement, the image of Breitbart being held back while yelling the same sentences over and over at a somewhat bewildered crowd will resonate as more evidence that Breitbart is angry and not worth listening to. For those on the right, it will confirm exactly why they love him– he expresses absolutely no fear in standing before large crowds of people that view him negatively and telling them what many people have written and said in the safety of their homes: that many Occupy “camps” have serious problems with sexual harassment and unreported rape, that it is often entirely unclear what they are protesting; that ambiguous protests are annoying; that their image is sometimes aesthetically unappealing. This exchange isn’t really going to change anyone’s opinion on anything, but it is certainly a dramatic and inevitable confrontation of protest movements in the country.

Keith dissected a list that Dimbart put together to – supposedly – justify the “stop raping people” exhortation.

Mr. Breitbart and his websites have now promulgated a list of what his people boast are 17 rapes at Occupy protests between October 16th and November 19th. 17 stories and links, headlined “Rapes and Various Sexual Crimes” and all of them attributed to Occupy.

It turns out Breitbart and his people have padded this, by listing some stories twice. And in nearly every case, Breitbart’s crew has twisted nearly every one of the allegations in the stories.


More deja vu….

The idea seems to have been to … assume that your supporters will never bother to link through to the stories, let alone follow-up to find their true outcomes.

And the outcome of this one?

Oh wait…

That was (part of) the hydra-headed outcome an incident in which Joe Jervis, Bil Browning, The John, Andy Towle and Queerty (as well as Raw Story) apparently assumed that their supporters either would never bother following the link upon which they were relying to stir up anti-trans hatred among gays by claiming that “trans activists” raped, er…, glitterbombed (my mistake) Dan Savage in Vancouer or would be of the same mentality as they are and, upon finding out that the story at the far end of the link didn’t back their claims, declare that facts really don’t matter and/or just start making more shit up.

My mistake.


Here’s what Keith ascertained about Dimbart’s so-called seventeen:

Seventeen stories Breitbart claims are cases of Rape at Occupy. Just reading the stories, googling the names of those identified, following up – this only took me about 70 minutes. The final result:

— Two stories on the list were duplicates.
— One story turns out to have been about consensual sex.
— One case, in Scotland, led the Occupy group to disband for the sake of safety.
— One case of an arrest for child porn, with Occupy immediately banning the alleged perpetrator.
— One case of a girl disappearing — ignoring the fact that she was home and unharmed a month later.
— Four cases in which police said neither the victim nor the assailant were apparently even associated with Occupy.

That leaves seven others stories, all of which show police identifying Occupy participants as the victims, six of which show police identifying the alleged assailants as not being Occupy participants.

That is the evidence that Andrew Breitbart has submitted to rationalize his irrational attempt to smear the Occupy movement and Occupy members, as rapists, and to brand anybody who points out his dishonesty, his twisting of the facts, and who bothers to actually read the stories that disprove his own contention, as a rape denier or rape apologist. What Mr. Breitbart and his fellow propagandists have done, in fact, is to take at least eight women, eight members of Occupy, who were raped or otherwise assaulted, and blamed them.

In short, Dimbart is “perpetrating the classic fabrication con of the dishonest man for whom facts are malleable and can be ignored when they are inconvenient.”


Find me the daylight between Andrew Breitbart, Joe Jervis, Bil Browning, The John, Andy Towle and Queerty.




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