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Your assignment, folks, is to find the flaw in this analysis of the veto of the New Jersey same-sex marriage bill:

Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people. My advice is throw him out of office or move to cool state. Bring your creativity and cool to Iowa or another cool state. Looking forward to Chris Christie running for VP, so we can be really clear about the bigoted candidates.

Whilst working on your assignment, also think about the fact that I’ve pasted that in as text and not as a screensnap which identifies who authored it.

There’s a reason for it.

For, unlike certain “allies” and certain people who Gay Marriage, Inc. tells us are our “allies,” the person who wrote that passage actually is an ally and actually has done a number of very pro-trans things.

And, while I agree with the notion of throwing Christie out of office and salivate over the possibility of his obnoxiousness being a vice-presidential millstone for whatever nutcase the Republicans do nominate this year, there is nevertheless a major problem with the statement overall.

Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people.

To be intellectually honest, I have to say this even though the above was uttered by someone who I like and who I know actually is an ally of trans people because I also say it in response to people who claim to be allies and just don’t give a damn about what happenes to trans people: That sentence is a symptom of Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

Just a symptom, mind you – and not the full blown disease, because I think we all know what sort of reactions that my response…

“Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people. My advice is throw him out of office or move to cool state. ”

You mean like Maryland – which is poised to have marriage equality but in all likelihood will continue, as has been the case since 2001, to have its anti-discrimination law closed to T people? Sorry, but New Jersey corrected its transphobic civil rights law mistake at the same time it passed civil unions five years ago. If I was to have to take my creativity to some place other than Iowa or Illinois, New Jersey actually would be on my list of places I could go; neither Maryland nor New York would be.

Is Christie an a**hole? No – he’s actually worse. I presume we’re in agreement on that. The veto shows what he is. I know that you’re not actually blind to the legal needs of trans people; so, please, don’t let your anger over what Christie did blind you to the relaity of which states are *actually* closed to who – and why.

…would yield on fact-free blogs like Joe.My.God, Bilerico, AmericaBlog, Towleroad and Queerty (and, even though it curiously avoided saying anything about The Vancouver Incident – I wonder why? – I’ll include Pam’s House Blend based on its past history of not wanting to deal with the neo-Jim Crow reality of certain allegedly-“discrimination free” states), as opposed to the (and I am paraphrasing), ‘oops – sorry, you’re right; I hadn’t thought about that’ that it did receive. 

Yes, we all do know.

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  1. valeriekeefe says:

    I will also say, incrementalist that I am, that barring a DOMA repeal that differentiates between marriages and civil unions, there is absolutely nothing concrete that would be gained beyond respect (and respect is certainly important) by passing same-legal-sex marriage in New Jersey. Their law is ridiculously petulant, agreeing that every single right that straight married couples can have are required to be made available in exactly the same way to civil union couples… It’s marriage in all but name, AKA, the New Jersey legislature wanted same-legal-sex couples to know that while they may believe that any effective discrimination is a travesty, they still can’t bring themselves to manage sufficient decency to dignify their marriages by name.

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