HRC head Solmonese to join Obama campaign. Hmm…

Did HRC under Solmonese try to curry favor with the White House so that the President would speak at their dinners (i.e., help them fundraise) and, ultimately, offer Solmonese a cushy job in the campaign, and then the administration?  Well, it’s certainly a concern a number of us have expressed publicly before, and now it seems to be playing out just as we feared.

Whether it’s appearance or reality….

…but when trans people connect these sorts of dots (five gay male bloggers – including that one – as well as the zombie quasi-publication that used to be the Advocate lying about what a news report said, seemingly doing the lying for no other reason than to churn the existing anti-trans sentiment among the dregs of the already-overly-privileged gay elite?) we’re branded as paranoid and, even worse, not-team-players.

No appletini-laden HRC water bottles for us, eh?

25 Responses to Funny…

  1. Le John:

    … true advocacy (full-throated activism isn’t terribly helpful at securing the “right” party invites).


  2. lorcalon21 says:

    And everyone is surprised HOW?

  3. Vice in Queens says:

    Rumor is – if he raises enough money and makes sure the queers don’t get to demanding – he’ll be made the trade representative to the Milan Spring Fashion Week.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Now that you mention it…

      I’ve never seen “Vic” and Salma Hayek in the same room at the same time.


  4. TransGriot says:

    or ‘Vic’ and the trans exterminationalists in the same room at the same time..

  5. bugbrennan says:

    Katrina, you would never publish Vic’s IP address because that would confirm that Vic isn’t me. Have a good weekend.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Yet more wonderful logical fallacies (above and beyond the reality that I don’t give a shit if you’re “Vic” or a brick or a stick; you’re a prick – and that’s what matters) from incompetency central.

      The fact that you’ve conned a number of people in Maryland into believing every word you belch out shouldn’t lead you to believe that anyone else believes any of them, be it your fantasy that principled opposition to a gay-only rights bill makes said opponent “anti-gay” or your delusion that current Maryland state statutory sex discrimination law covers trans people.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Yeah, Vic actively degenders trans women, where as you just refuse to gender trans women appropriately, or put “lesbians” in quotes. Frankly, I’ve had enough of your dyke bashing, and the inherent misogyny of blaming trans women for being more severely policed by cisheteronormative gatekeepers.

      But thanks. I needed something to write about this week, and given the choice between Michael Coren’s misogyny and yours, yours is far more intellectually interesting.

      • bugbrennan says:

        You are not a lesbian. You are a pretendbian.

      • friday jones says:

        So that means that CB here is actually against gay marriage, being that you are always what you started out as and CB started out as a devout Catholic attending a Jesuit University. Still, it seems a bit harsh on her lesbian friends when CB pretends to be a lesbian in order to infiltrate the lesbian community as an agent provocateur.

        Since CB was raised as a devout Catholic, she just doesn’t understand that merely dressing up as a lesbian doesn’t make you one. She’s a PANTOMIME lesbian. Just because she SAYS she’s a poodle, er lesbian, doesn’t make her one.

      • Damn, Cathy, I was actually taking DirtyWhiteBoi’s analysis seriously (I really truly loathe Internet impersonation), up until I glanced at the header and was distracting after being struck by a LOLstorm:

        “If your comment contains the prefix ‘cis’ or your argument contains the word ‘intersex’, your comment WILL be deleted.” – dirtywhiteboi

        I can certainly see why she’d want to avoid all the arguments around “cis-gender”… but intersex?

        That’s just sticking your fingers in your ears to avoid hearing the news… that scientific progress in our understanding of genetics and fetal and childhood development is leading to the accumulation of evidence that transsexualism is sometimes (or often? or even typically?) related to intersex conditions such as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome …. &c.

        – bonzie anne

      • friday jones says:

        Ha ha ha HAW haw! I can hardly wait to tell Billy that someone is claiming that he’s me. You are TERRIBLE at this internet stalking thing, aren’t you? Billy is just the guy I sold my old domain name to at the turn of the century. He’s also the nephew of a friend of mine.

        Here’s a hint: I’ve never changed my last name. Another hint: I live less than ten miles from where I went to high school.

        You see, the problem with trying to out me as trans to my family and community is, I’m already out as trans, and completed my transition in the early Eighties. My old friends from high school know I’m trans. My boss knows I’m trans. My whole family knows I’m trans. Guess what? They accept me as who and what I am. And I am glad if knowing that irks you deep down in your hateful bigoted heart.

        But I really can’t wait to tell Billy about this, it’s going to be hilarious seeing the look on his face. I already told his uncle last night and he guffawed until he was out of breath.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        This is part of what’s great about being out, Cathy, about triumphing over misogyny so great that it would erase the likes of you:

        Your words are meant to hurt, but they’ve lost their greatest sting: I’m not afraid. Like Friday, my boss knows I’m trans, my family, everyone… I consider transition about as easy to mention in mixed company as the time I spent at university. That Friday and I reject cissexually-constructed names doesn’t mean we fear them anymore than Nigerians fear being called Biafran, anymore than Irish fear being called Brits… it’s just illegitimate is all.

      • friday jones says:

        This is what I posted over at Cathy’s self-pity party blog, which is currently “awaiting moderation” and which will likely never be approved for posting without editing, since Cathy is a cowardly bully:


        Your stalker skills are weak, Billy J. is the nephew of a friend of mine, and happens to be the guy who inherited my old web domain when I no longer had use for it. I’ve never changed my last name, and I’m still living in the same town I was when I was in high school back in the Seventies. Since I completed my transition in the early Eighties, there is no record of my assigned-at-birth first name on the Web for you to scrape up while you’re rooting around.

        Sad thing is, everything I’ve ever written to or about you or that was connected with you in any way, I posted at sites that are run by and for trans women, except for I think one small comment on Bilerico. This is the first, and I hope, only, time that I am posting anything on thew site of one of the trans-woman-unfriendly “feminist” sites, and that only to clear up a misapprehension you acquired while stalking me on the Internet. It is not I who intrudes into your “safe spaces,” it’s you who intrude into ours, making passive-aggressive comments and posting stalkery things such as veiled threats (the one to Alyson Meiselman comes to mind), links to the home addresses of other posters, and now apparently poorly-executed attempts to “out” trans women by their birth names.

        Feminists everywhere should be appalled at your terrible behavior. You’re a shanda fur die goyim.

      • friday jones says:

        O what a surprising surprise! She deleted my comment at her iblamecathyvrennan site without approving it. She’s a typical funfem pretend radical, can dish it out but zhe can’t take so much as a single disagreeing voice without turning into a pumpkin.

  6. valeriekeefe says:

    I hate wordpress so much sometimes.

  7. valeriekeefe says:

    It’s refused me linking to my livejournal for reasons I can’t comprehend. But if you decide to, you can go to valeriekeefe (dot) livejournal (dot) com (slash) 25716, and see the difference between irony written based on something previously done by the unironic and ‘deception.’

  8. […] at ENDABlog] No related content found.Transadvocate contributor: Kat  (161 Posts) […]

  9. bugbrennan says:

    Also, I am not trying to OUT anyone. You are all OUT. We are NAMING THE PROBLEM.

    • friday jones says:

      Then you are officially the luckiest little collection of spoiled brat princesses ever to walk the Earth, if your “problem” is that easy on you. Most people have actual real problems to overcome, and all you’ve got is your own theories about other people’s bodies to worry at your sleep. For lack of any actual real obstacles to overcome, you funfems seek out conflict the same way a carload of drunken frat boys goes looking for a gay person to bash.

  10. funny videos says:

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