History! Repeated! Maryland Trans People Fucked Again!

No more appropriate moment of zen than:

…worked like a charm!
        – The old gang from 2001

15 Responses to History! Repeated! Maryland Trans People Fucked Again!

  1. Vic says:

    Ha Ha! Enjoy it. It’s the only time anyone will ever f*ck you.

  2. friday jones says:

    That is exactly what your father said to your mother, Vic. And then nine months later she had a baby, but took one look at it and decided to raise the afterbirth instead.

    You really wanna play the dozens, Junior?

    • Vic says:

      John Aravosis = toilet

      HRC = sewage

      Vic = afterbirth

      Anyone who disagrees with “Kat” Rose on anything = exterminationist

      Just keeping track of the dehumanizing, violence-inducing rhetoric on this hate site.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Poor “Vic”…

        Sufficiently incapable of English language to know there are other uses of the term “John”.

        A mind is a terrible thing to lose – and even worse never to have had in the first instance.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        John Aravosis = toilet

        HRC = sewage

        Vic = afterbirth

        You forgot: principled opposition to a gay-only rights bill because it excludes trans people = anti-gay

        Or is that not applicable in to queens?

      • friday jones says:

        Wait, did you just try to play the butthurt innocent just now? Could have sworn you just called someone unfuckable, how is it that you forgot to add that to your little list? Vic, you seem to be crying because you shat your own pants.

  3. Bianca Lynne says:

    Poor Vic-troll-a … all you have left is telling a woman she’s “unfuckable”. Yup, that’ll teach her to get all uppity..right?

    • Vic says:

      I can honestly say that I did not tell a woman that she’s unfuckable.

      • Friday Jones says:

        I can honestly say that I have not compared a human being to a pile of afterbirth.

      • Vice says:

        It’s difficult to believe that any statement you make beginning with the words “I can honestly say” could ever end in something other than a self negation.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Well I can honestly say that you did, despite your childish attempts at degendering. I’m reminded of something someone wrote in response to an earlier round of this amateurism:

        “What strikes me increasingly about that crowd is how in the name of fighting stereotyped behaviour they act more and more like the most unpleasant kind of school children, the ones too smart to be the bullies that hit you but who try to make you miserable instead. Gallus and Dave and Dirt – what a gallery of dysfunction they are.”

        Thing is Vic, despite your mastery of rubber-glue theory, you ain’t that smart.

  4. friday jones says:

    Vic’s a Radfem sockpuppet troll. You know what a Radfem is, right? The 10% of lesbians who are most socially inept and worst in bed are stuck with each other because the other 90% want nothing to do with them, and so they come up with all sorts of political theories to make themselves feel less inept and more elite. Voila, the Radfem movement is born.

  5. […] or perhaps an alleged gay man allegedly named “Vic”… […]

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