The Trans-Exterminationism Behind the Circular Rhetoric, the Fifth Column, the Kool-Aid and the Quislings

We’ve seen this:

But in the first image, note that phrase under ‘likes’ that’s truncated: ‘The Transsexual…’

I wonder what it could possibly be that the poodle purveyors could possibly like?

I wonder who else likes what…






Well, when I see  this:

I remember this:

I guess it all depends on what the definition of ‘exterminate’ is, eh?

In OUR view, MtFs are still MEN because they were SOCIALIZED as men….
   – “Undercover Punk” (a/k/a/Bess Hungerford)

Extermination of personal, social and – because there is no way for it not to follow – legal identity…

with a kool-aid aperitif…

all served on a U.N. placemat.

36 Responses to The Trans-Exterminationism Behind the Circular Rhetoric, the Fifth Column, the Kool-Aid and the Quislings

  1. friday jones says:

    The one who set that Transpoodlephobia site up is obviously a bytch-born-bytch. Plus, all dog breeds are artificially created by human intervention anyway, and are categorized not by any essential differences beyond size, but instead by mere surface appearance. The underlying structure of the classic dog is still there, and any breed can be bred from any other breed given enough time to select the desired characteristics over the generations.

    But I would not expect a gaggle of pinheaded radfems to understand anything as reality-based as scientific fact is, they prefer rationalizing fake arguments in pathetic straw-grasping attempts to justify their own mainstream-derived prejudices against any being that has ever in any way been considered “male,” whether or not that assignment was coercive.

    At least the radfem strain of hatred is limited to a tiny percentage of lesbians, though unfortunately they are the loudest mouths of the entire lesbian population. I guess it’s sort of like how one hollering neo-nazi can be louder than a hundred praying Buddhist monks.

  2. Vice says:

    Stooge Dana Lynn Taylor sings:

    Now I’m ready to close my eyes
    And now I’m ready to close my mind…..

    And now I wanna be your dog
    Now I wanna be your dog
    Now I wanna be your dog
    Well c’mon

  3. Bella-Donna says:

    Oh ffs people like the above who liked or are members of that page really want gtfu, grow a pair of boll*cks, smell the roses & get a foothold into reality.
    I have a lot of friends who are cd’s, mtf’s, ftm’s, etc & are some of the loveliest people youll ever meet.
    People who can’t or won’t accept that It a lot to make world go round are frankly the narrow minded & narrow mouthed variety I’d like to hoof up the arse with my DMs on back into the 1800’s.

  4. "Vic" says:

    Oooh nooo! Someone on the internet created a page that 25 other people liked! It’s a Holocaust! Kat Rose, please write a few tens of thousands of words about it. Fortunately, you have no friends, love life, or consequential job to distract you from this task.

    • Katrina Rose says:


      Google it.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      actually… Kat wrote under 100 words on this post. Some things simply speak for themselves.

    • Vice says:

      It’s like reading The Kentuckey Derby is Decadent and Depraved and waiting for Thompson to to finally realize that the face he was looking for is in the mirror.

      He was on the reading list at Fordham.

    • friday jones says:

      Those were screengrabs, Kat wrote a couple of paragraphs to go with them. Is this really that tired old Internet chestnut where fools on the Internet try to accuse other people of having no life because THEY use the internet TOO? Isn’t that the sort of meta-insult that automatically rebounds upon the speaker?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        that tired old Internet chestnut

        A chestnut that has been roasted on an open fire…

        and burned to a crisp…

        and then shit on by a leprosy-infected armadillo…

        after which, the entirety of the concoction is further charred by one of the acetylene torches left over from the filming of the rescue scene from The Last Voyage

        after which, the remains are set adrift on the East River.

  5. "Vic" says:

    Perhaps I have been unfair. Maybe my perspective is skewed. Maybe it is perfectly normal to post rants about a FB page liked by 25 people, 24 of whom are probably fake identities created by the person who created the page. Hey, maybe it is even healthy and good to post long angry rants about a letter to the editor written by college-aged Sue Hyde nearly 40 years ago.

    On second thought: nah, it’s freakin’ nuts. I worry for your cats.

    • friday jones says:

      Is that an accusation of “hysteria,” O Sensitive One?

      Seems like getting all long in the puss about the idea that the person next to you in the next bathroom stall, lunch counter stool, or Heavens forfend, side of the BED, might be trans, just the IDEA, puts one in such a vapor that one writes a long windy essay to the United Nations which is heavy on appeals to emotion and Othering language, and light on reason and data, is the frame of mind that rates a little therapy to clean out those toys in the attic.

      Good luck with that!

      • "Vic" says:

        “the idea that the person next to you in . . . side of the BED, might be trans,”

        Eeewww! Fortunately, that is unlikely to happen, as so few of you can pass. The whole threat of the lying tranny is overblown, not because trannies are honest or have respect for others, but because no one would believe you anyway.

      • friday jones says:

        Pass as what, Vic? A Poodle? A box turtle? A gerbil? Which animal that you love to fuck would a trans person have trouble passing as? A Webelo perhaps?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it…

      except where helpful, smiley-face-pinned, anonymous internet personages with self-serving agendas declare what must be forgotten and moved-on from (even though, of course, that won’t stop the repetition.)

    • Vice says:

      Exactly. I’m sure if a trans person was part of a pogram that got Sue Hyde fired back then just for being a lesbian and they now ran ACLU LGBT Rights Project; no one would think it worthy of note. Or that the history of an organized group of trans people dedicated to getting someone fired merely for their sexual orientation was worth review.

      In some other world, perhaps.

      It was a long time ago – we shouldn’t assume it reflects someones current thoughts. But we should ask how it informs their actions today. Did they learn something since then? How did it effect their work on nondiscrimination legislation in their state? How do they think this effected the person who was fired? How did it effect the organization that didn’t want to fire the person? How are those attitudes carried over to current civil rights issues?

      Those questions go unanswered. At least, by Sue.

    • Vice says:

      Much as some other people who worked along with their co-signatories to get someone fired solely due to their having a trans history should address the issue. Let’s say someone who signed that letter were now responsible for enforcing nondiscrimination policies for a major corporate player.

      Gael Sapiro – singed that letter – she appears to be this person currently employed in this capacity.
      Gael Sapiro
      HR Director at Fremont Group LLC
      San Francisco Bay Area
      Financial Services

      The Fremont Group is of course in a jurisdiction that cover trans people in their non discrimination policy. A questionable action for an HR Director to have participated in, one might think.

      But – what is the Fremont Group?

      “Fremont Group is a private investment group based in San Francisco, California, USA. It was formerly known as Bechtel Investments, reflecting its ownership by the Bechtel family.

      The firm consists of three business areas:

      FPR Partners – a private investment partnership
      Fremont Realty Capital – a real estate investment firm
      Fremont Ventures – a venture capital investment firm”

      Challenging patriarchy from within, no doubt. It raises the question of how welcome a trans applicant would be at that firm or its associated entities.

  6. Bianca Lynne says:

    “Eeewww! Fortunately, that is unlikely to happen, as so few of you can pass. The whole threat of the lying tranny is overblown, not because trannies are honest or have respect for others, but because no one would believe you anyway.”

    So, the troll has nothing left. The last desperate insult from a man always goes to how fuckable/good looking a woman is. In the case of trans women this becomes “passability”. Vic can’t dispute that specific actions have taken place or that specific people and groups have used trans people to pass gay only legislation only to stall when it comes to including actual trans people. He has nothing.

    Given the popularity of trans women as sex partners of straight men, and the rarity of us. There are gay men pretending to be trans women to hook up (Tranny Chaser Chasers). Is there NOTHING gay men won’t do to get laid between fighting for equal gay marriages?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      The last desperate insult from a man always goes to how fuckable/good looking a woman is.

      Ironic too, given the profuse concern over at trans exterminationism central about “fuckability” as a standard.

      Methinks “Vic” doth protesteth insulteth too much.

      • Bianca Lynne says:

        It does bear pondering why Vic would assume that the hypothetical trans person in the bed was a trans woman and not a trans man (given that I have never ever seen trans men accused of lying to potential sex partners). Perhaps Vic is a member of the radical lesbian front – I know that at least one of the women who regularly post at the hub (and quoted in your screen caps) is STILL flipping out about dating/bedding/being attracted to a trans woman DECADES ago.

        The constant refrain from that cap is the double-bind of trans women = obviously trans/ men in dresses/ unattractive and sanctimoniously warning that trans women can dupe unsuspecting gold-stars into sex by being “passable”/attractive/ as varied in looks as any woman.

    • "Vic" says:

      I wasn’t the one who raised the unsavory image of a trans person next to me in bed. I was only responding to “Friday Jones,” who thinks about sleeping with me.

      As I have stated here repeatedly, I applaud the fact that gay people fight for pro-gay legislation that doesn’t deal with extraneous tranny issues. Gays don’t owe trannies anything and their legislative agenda doesn’t have to bend to the demands of malicious and vile trannies any more than does the legislative agenda of a bus driver’s union.

      I absolutely dispute the idea that gays have “used” trannies or benefited from being associated with them. Gays experience violence and discrimination. They don’t need to manufacture a case for civil rights by relying on trannies.

      I’d love to see actual evidence that a single gay civil rights law was passed because of trannies. I’d also love to see any evidence – a website or a news group or anything whatsoever- to support the ridiculous claim that gay men dress up like trannies in order hook up with perv straight male tranny chasers. You people are deranged.

      • Vice says:

        Who was the lead attorney on the case that won the original pre-pro 8 fag marriage case in California? Hint – He was a tranny.

        Who was the person who’s case got the NC law overturned that held fag sex to be a felony punishable by 30 years in prison? Hint – she was a tranny.

        There’s a start for you. Now – go do your homework.

      • “I’d also love to see any evidence – a website or a news group or anything whatsoever- to support the ridiculous claim that gay men dress up like trannies in order hook up with perv straight male tranny chasers.”

        Read “Gay American History”, “The Gay book of Days”, “Gay Spirit”, “Another Mother Tongue” – ALL of them use trans people as evidence of gay people in history. This was a tactic used in the 80s and 90s to gain popular support for the gay movement by showing that various cultures embraced/supported/honored gay people… when actually it was, in many cases, trans or gender variant people.

        Legislatively, we need look no farther than New Hampshire. marriage and basic trans protections up for a vote in the Senate on the same day in 2009. Marriage passed in a deal in a deal that traded ALL votes (even the co sponsors of the trans legislation voted against the trans protections.) Had trans rights not been sacrificed, gay marriage would not have passed.

        Not only are you uneducated, you are lazy and at this point intentionally thick.

  7. friday jones says:

    “Gays?” Wow you ARE an old fart. You actually think “Gay” is a NOUN. What are you, like 100 years old? When you have your daily jackoff to trans porn, Vic, does your johnson shoot cemetery dust instead of semen?

    Here’s just one of the many laws that help defend gay and lesbian people from discrimination that was crafted, publicized, and won on the basis that a trans woman lost her life:

    And I think we all know that Brandon Teena is just as much responsible for hate crimes laws in the USA as Matthew Shepard is.

    And here is a nice article about tired old queens who dress in drag in order to attract trans chasers:
    Here’s a nice little quote from the article: “Becoming a drag queen can also revitalize gay men, making them feel sexier and more attractive. Daniel Harris, author of “Diary of a Drag Queen,” penned a humorous account of his experiences. When Harris hit a midlife crisis in his ’40s, he found he was having trouble attracting the kind of men he used to in the past. He discovered drag, and later wrote that all he has to do is put on a lamé thong and the median age of his sex partners plummets 20 or even 30 years. The men he nets as himself are not nearly as desirable as those he snags in drag.”

    As for sleeping with you, no way, I wouldn’t even fuck you with Cathy Brennan’s silicon dick. Old used-up queens like you just aren’t attractive, to anyone, even yourselves. That’s why nobody enjoys the taste when they’re at a lemon party.

  8. "Vic" says:

    Um, that article isn’t about “gay men pretending to be trans women to hook up,” which is what Bianca was alleging. It is about drag queens who behave like drag queens. They are not pretending to be anything other than what they are. As for whether drag queens even count as “trans,” I really don’t know as the definition of “trans” seems to change week to week, blog post by blog post, depending upon the whims of unbalanced trans activists.

    Finally, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not old and gay is a noun. OK, tranny? And to reiterate, the thought of sleeping with you= eeeww. BTW, just out of morbid curiosity, who in their right mind would sleep with one of you? You must have seen yourselves in the mirror and with the exception of those porn trannies it ain’t pretty. It can’t be straight men and it wouldn’t be gay men. What do you do, force your house pets?

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      Vic… aside from the creepy nature of this last question – I’m not in porn and I’ve never had a lack of interested men trying to date me.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Bianca, let him keep at it.

        At this rate, not only will he end up writing my dissertation for me, but he’ll also provide the raw material for a half-dozen or so abnormal psychology dissertations as well.


    • friday jones says:

      Actually, Gay is an adjective. And no matter how hard you beg I won’t talk to you about my sex life, you’ll just have to go elsewhere for your trans erotica, you chaser you. This is what, the third time you’ve told us about your fantasy about sleeping with me? Give up, I’m just not into you, dude. At your extreme age you probably have to inject Viagra directly into your wrinkly little dinky just to get it straight enough to pee out of, anyway, Gramps.

      As for your bestiality fantasy, I’ll just put that down to you having brain damage from 60+ years of doing poppers, Vic.

    • Vice says:

      “It can’t be straight men and it wouldn’t be gay men. ”

      Because – if there’s no penis involved – it doesn’t exist.

      Non-persons in Vic’s eyes. Skips right to animals. You’re not that Santorum fellow? You seem to have so much in common.

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