Pot? Check. Kettle? Check. Black? Check. Brain? Nowhere to be Found

Suddenly, The Bil seems interested in “the whole truth.”

And someone else at Shillerico also seems concerned about differences between facts and rumors, and – GASP! – between right and wrong:

Are Atlanta LGBT Activists Wrong on the Brandon White Incident?

Over the weekend, the LGBT activist group Change Atlanta claimed that Brandon White, the gay man beaten by three other men, was lying about his story.  They said Brandon knew his attackers and he was beaten because he threatened to out them as gay. So, according to Change Atlanta, this wasn’t a hate crime. This was an act of revenge and Brandon had it coming.

This group also held two conferences spreading this notion around Atlanta.

[H]ere are my issues with Change Atlanta’s actions: First, this claim is based on rumors.


Whether or not something is based on less than solid, proven facts is significant?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

At Shillerico??!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Since when?

Let me remind he of the swiss-cheese mentality – and they who spew with his permission at his vomitorium – of the scoreboard in the “whole truth” game:  Actual Vancouver Facts 1– The Shit that Bil Browning and Several Other Gay Male Bloggers Pulled Out of Their Asses 0

This blog post is peaceable activity intended to express a political view and/or to provide information to others.

One Response to Pot? Check. Kettle? Check. Black? Check. Brain? Nowhere to be Found

  1. SarasNavel says:

    Clearly, these are completely different situations. It was obviously very important to correct inaccurate reporting regarding anti-gay bias. Besides, what’s-his-name, the ‘It Got Better For Me’ guy, wasn’t even involved.

    Meanwhile, In Arizona:
    * * *
    “PHOENIX – The Human Rights Campaign of Arizona held its annual event for LGBT families on Sunday. The event, which was held at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and brought LGBT families together to socialize and learn. Parents and children received information about the many programs the HRC offers. Organizers say it’s important to give children a setting in which they meet similar families.

    “I think it’s really important for the kids to feel like they’re a part of a bigger picture too so they don’t feel so isolated and alone..having gay parents,” said HRC’s Phillip Baker.”
    * * *

    Because as we all know, there are no trans parents or trans kids for that matter. Or if there are, they must all actually be gay, right?

    I might add they announced this annual event 11 days before it was set to happen. No mention of attendance figures after the fact. And I must be terrible at working the Google machine cause I can’t find mention of the 2011 or 2010 events. Puts it right up there with Romney’s Empty Stadium Hat Trick for creating “successful” PR events from thin air.

    The “resources” mentioned? Mostly they seem to revolve around gay marriage, gay custody, gay adoption, gay family law…although there was mention of their Welcoming Schools initiative, which mostly includes topics such as “how to talk to kids about adoption, artificial insemination and families with two moms or two dads”. What about trans kids, you ask (because there are no trans parents)? Don’t worry, they are covered too…sort of:

    “Partnering with Schools to Support Children with Gender Variant Behaviors and Interests”

    …not a single mention of trans kids in that doc, btw. Because HRC can’t actually back the kids that know they are the sex opposite the one assigned & expected, only those that act out a little or have play preferences like the opposite sex, once called “pre-gay”, now pink boys and tomboys. You know, the ones that are actually gay (or are highly likely to be), right?

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