It Ain’t Just Bidness

Seems like a legend and an out-of- work bum look a lot alike, Daddy.
– Little Enos Burdette

Recall this from about a month ago?

Progressives have long tried to expose the influence the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wields in state house across the country, but one Florida lawmaker is making it too easy.

Funded almost entirely by large corporations, ALEC produces “model legislation” favorable to industry that state lawmakers can introduce as their own bills.

In November, Florida state Rep. Rachel Burgin (R) introduced a resolution (PDF here) that would officially call on the federal government to reduce corporate taxes, but she apparently forgot to remove ALEC’s mission statement from the top of the bill, which she seems to have copied word-for-word from ALEC’s model bill:

Well, here’s what that alleged desire for “free markets, limited government, federalism, and individual liberty” yielded back during the roaring ’80s:

Now, given the federalism shpiel I might be able to see how ALEC would concoct something like this directed solely at (imagined) federal government intrusion on the states. 

But why exactly would such an organization have a problem with citizens – individually or in concert – successfully advocating for pro-gay and pro-trans stuff at the state and local level?

Seems like ALEC and Mass Resistance sound a lot alike.

3 Responses to It Ain’t Just Bidness

  1. marjaerwin says:

    Don’t forget ALEC’s ties with neo-Nazis and the prison industry:

    “Most of the language of the bill had been written as model legislation at a December 2009 meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), where Pearce was joined as an attendee by officials of the company Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).”

  2. […] at ENDABlog, I recently asked folks to recall that the Americal Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) – which a […]

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