Conjoined Darkness of Bigoted Certitude

February 21, 2012

Was this authored by a radfem trans-exterminationist or a radical christianist trans-exterminationist?

What is it about Baltimore County councilmember Tom Quirk? He sponsors a “gender identity” bill to legalize transvestite behavior with the result that cross-dressing men will be able to enter the ladies’ room. Then he fails to understand how this could be a problem.

Naturally upset that they will be forced to share their bathrooms with men, a long line of women testified before Quirk and asked him to consider their privacy and safety concerns. Rape victims complained that his bill opens the door to peeping toms and cross-dressing men still sexually attracted to women.

Was this authored by a radfem trans-exterminationist or a radical christianist trans-exterminationist?

Here is our point: male persons have cross-dressed in order to gain access to sex-segregated spaces with the specific intent to harm females. This has happened. Many times. That’s all we need to know.

Now ask yourself: What exactly is the difference in negative effect on the lives of all trans people between the hate espoused by radfem trans-exterminationists and that espoused by radical christianist trans-exterminationists?

How Many of the People Who Are Complaining About Sam Arora’s Flip-Flop on Marriage in 2011-12 Were Okay With St. Barney’s Flip-Flop on Trans-Inclusion in 2007?

February 20, 2012

After all, St. Barney did co-sponsor the 2007’s legitimate ENDA, HR 2015.

That would appear to be some sort of crossing-of-the-rubicon, no?

What distinguishes Arora from other no voters is that Arora campaigned 2010 not only on the promise of voting yes, but even going so far as to promise to sponsor the bill.

And for a time, he delivered. He was among the introductory sponsors in 2011.

Friday when marriage equality finally did reach the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates, Arora voted no.

At this point, I’d like to run out and grab some White Castle hamburgers…

…but, I forgot: restaurants – even White Castles – are public accommodations.

The Tipped Hand

February 19, 2012

The Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool‘s future golden-parachuter, on Maryland’s impending second political hate crime against trans people:

We could not be more grateful to the Delegates who today voted to make all Maryland families stronger.

Including the ones with members who can, thanks to the political hate crime committed against trans people in Maryland in 2001, and will continue to be able to legally discriminated against by the non-trans gays and lesbians who will be able to get married in Maryland?


We could not be more grateful to the Delegates who today voted to make all Maryland families stronger. 

The Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool couldn’t, eh?


It couldn’t be more grateful if the Maryland legislature had, at the very least, dealt with rectifying the 2001 law giving gays and lesbians the special right to discriminate against trans people along with dealing with same-sex marriage?

What, by chance, has the Scampaign been dealing with….?

 The Human Rights Campaign has committed extensive resources to the Maryland effort, including helping to create Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the broad-based coalition made up of labor, faith, civil liberties, and LGBT organizations. HRC provided the campaign’s senior staff and spearheaded the field, communications, and faith components of the coalition effort.


The Coalition

• HRC helped create the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition that includes primary partners 1199 SEIU, Progressive Maryland, Equality Maryland, and the ACLU of Maryland. Additional coalition partners, including the NAACP-Baltimore, can be found here.
• We provided senior staff to the coalition, including the campaign manager (Sultan Shakir), field director (Travis Tazelaar), communications director (Kevin Nix), faith outreach director (MacArthur Flournoy) and coalition director (David Turley).
• HRC hired the lobbying firms of Alexander & Cleaver and Harris Jones & Malone and commissioned public opinion polls by Hart Research on attitudes toward marriage equality in Maryland.

Field Operation

HRC spearheaded the grassroots effort, which generated the following constituent communications (all numbers approximate):
• 15,000 post cards filled out by constituents and delivered to legislators
• 8,000 emails to legislators, plus another 800 thanking Governor O’Malley
• 130 phone banks statewide
• 16,000 phone calls into legislator offices


HRC kept a continuous drumbeat going in the press as to why lawmakers should pass the bill. We paid particular attention to cultivating the most effective spokespeople living in key parts of the state.
• On behalf of the coalition, HRC produced 15 web ads featuring prominent voices and everyday Marylanders who spoke about commitment and family. Governor O’Malley kicked off the video series, followed by the Baltimore Mayor, 1199 SEIU’s Ezekiel Jackson, actor Mo’Nique, supportive clergy, civil rights legends Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond, and impacted couples who live in Baltimore and Prince George’s County.
• HRC helped execute three notable press conferences: the coalition’s launch, the Governor’s bill introduction, and a clergy call.

Faith Work

Along with Maryland Faith for Equality, HRC worked to engage clergy in the conversation of marriage equality and worked to get their support of the bill. Activities included:
• Played an instrumental role in securing support of Rev. Dr. Delman Coates and Rev. Guy Molock, as well as other prominent faith leaders in the state.
• Organized nearly 100 clergy for a prayer breakfast and press conference.
• Mobilizing more than 75 congregations and religious bodies.
• Organizing a prayer breakfast and Lobby Day in Annapolis.
• Collecting over 110 hand-written letters and 750 post cards from people of faith.

The upshot?

…and will continue to be able to do so no matter what the final outcome of the 2012 Maryland marriage bill – and ensuing referendum – is.


Language Matters? To GLAAD?

February 19, 2012

Seen recently on the website of GLAAD re: a homophobic tweet that occurred during the Super Bowl:

Why Language Matters: An Ongoing Public Dialogue With Roland Martin

Seen recently on the website of GLAAD re: both the reckless and/or deleberate misrepresentation by five prominent gay blogs of the trans connection to the alleged glitterbombing of Dan Savage in Vancouver and the proto-genocidal wave of transphobic comments that those misrepresentations helped to generate:

I’m just noticin’.

Seen Recently on Facebook

February 18, 2012

Your assignment, folks, is to find the flaw in this analysis of the veto of the New Jersey same-sex marriage bill:

Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people. My advice is throw him out of office or move to cool state. Bring your creativity and cool to Iowa or another cool state. Looking forward to Chris Christie running for VP, so we can be really clear about the bigoted candidates.

Whilst working on your assignment, also think about the fact that I’ve pasted that in as text and not as a screensnap which identifies who authored it.

There’s a reason for it.

For, unlike certain “allies” and certain people who Gay Marriage, Inc. tells us are our “allies,” the person who wrote that passage actually is an ally and actually has done a number of very pro-trans things.

And, while I agree with the notion of throwing Christie out of office and salivate over the possibility of his obnoxiousness being a vice-presidential millstone for whatever nutcase the Republicans do nominate this year, there is nevertheless a major problem with the statement overall.

Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people.

To be intellectually honest, I have to say this even though the above was uttered by someone who I like and who I know actually is an ally of trans people because I also say it in response to people who claim to be allies and just don’t give a damn about what happenes to trans people: That sentence is a symptom of Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

Just a symptom, mind you – and not the full blown disease, because I think we all know what sort of reactions that my response…

“Governor Chris Christie has clearly demonstrated that New Jersey is closed to GLBT people. My advice is throw him out of office or move to cool state. ”

You mean like Maryland – which is poised to have marriage equality but in all likelihood will continue, as has been the case since 2001, to have its anti-discrimination law closed to T people? Sorry, but New Jersey corrected its transphobic civil rights law mistake at the same time it passed civil unions five years ago. If I was to have to take my creativity to some place other than Iowa or Illinois, New Jersey actually would be on my list of places I could go; neither Maryland nor New York would be.

Is Christie an a**hole? No – he’s actually worse. I presume we’re in agreement on that. The veto shows what he is. I know that you’re not actually blind to the legal needs of trans people; so, please, don’t let your anger over what Christie did blind you to the relaity of which states are *actually* closed to who – and why.

…would yield on fact-free blogs like Joe.My.God, Bilerico, AmericaBlog, Towleroad and Queerty (and, even though it curiously avoided saying anything about The Vancouver Incident – I wonder why? – I’ll include Pam’s House Blend based on its past history of not wanting to deal with the neo-Jim Crow reality of certain allegedly-“discrimination free” states), as opposed to the (and I am paraphrasing), ‘oops – sorry, you’re right; I hadn’t thought about that’ that it did receive. 

Yes, we all do know.

The Privilege of Being Able to Have Your Wants Trump the Needs of Others

February 17, 2012

Privilege – 2012:

Propaganda – 2001:

The commonality?

Well, you know….

How Dumb is Darrell Issa?

February 17, 2012

I said ‘dumb,’ not hideous; the latter, we know about.

He wants to play the parsing game and say that the pro-womb-control hearing was all about religion and not at all about women’s reproductive health, so, therefore, it was okay to have nothing but men on the panel.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) defended his decision to not allow a women to testifyat his hearing on the Obama administration’s new birth control rule yesterday, telling Fox News host Greta Van Susteren last night that the woman’s story wasn’t at all relevant to the hearing.

Democrats had originally planned to have Rev. Barry Lynn, a prominent supporter of the separation of Church and State, testify, but decided that a woman’s voice was needed, as every single other witness was a man. They tried bring in someone who has been personally affected by the issue — Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown, which is affiliated with the Catholic Church and does not insure birth control for students — but Issa refused.

Appearing on Fox News with host Greta Van Susteren last night, Issa defended the decision, saying Fluke was unqualified to speak and that her first hand experience “wasn’t in any way related” to the issue at hand

Uh huh…


He couldn’t have found enough anti-choice women to fill up the entirety of the hearing, or even one of the panels?

C’mon…he – and every other anti-constitutionist christianist nutcase in the House leadership – is bound to have Syphyllis Schlaffly on speed dail, as well as Andrea Lafferty, Maggie Gallagher Srivastav, all of the so-called ‘Concerned Women for America’ and whatever female lifeform that Pat Robertson is currently using to prop himelf up with on the (tax-free) 700(million) Club.

We know what it was all about…

and it wasn’t religion.