May Lee Atwater Have Mercy on His Sole

Yes, I said ‘sole.’  For I presume Andrew Breitbart had a shoe – or two.

But a soul?


Widely read conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart has died, his attorney confirms. 

The websites he founded ran a statement Thursday morning announcing that Breitbart, 43, died “unexpectedly from natural causes” in Los Angeles shortly after midnight.

Your assignment, children, is to compare and contrast white, conservative reaction to the death of non-white, 48-year-old Whitney Houston a few weeks ago and the white-and-five-years-younger-than-Whitney Breitbart now.  How many of the same people who will uncritically accept – and demand that everyone else accept – the “natural causes” claim for Breitbart now, well, you know….

And, yes, at this point I doubt that anyone knows for sure (unless the death scene indicated an obvious suicide about which the attorney is lying to cover up; but even that Fox ‘News’ blurb above gave no hint of that – no wink, no nudge.)

Skin color aside, however, who do you really think Breitbart  resembles more – Pete Maravich or Whitney Houston?

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3 Responses to May Lee Atwater Have Mercy on His Sole

  1. Vice says:

    who do you really think Breitbart resembles?

    Michael Hutchence? David Carradine?

    Seriously – natural causes at 43? If his last appearance on TV re: the Occupy Protestors is any indication – he may have had more substances in his bloodstream than a Limbaugh.

    • Shirley Sherrod's Defamation Suit says:

      I want to say a thing or two regarding Jimi Hendrix.
      It seems to be a case of accidental suicide.

      – John Mayall

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