ENDA, R.I.P.; Trans People, What are Those? – HRC Goes Full-Tilt Marriage Derangement Syndrome

Not to mention white and non-trans:

Chad Griffin, the Los Angeles-based political consultant whose central role in the Proposition 8 lawsuit turned him into a national LGBT rights figure, has been named president of the Human Rights Campaign.

Griffin will remain on the board of the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), the organization he co-founded in 2009 to organize, publicize, and fund the Prop. 8 lawsuit. Bruce Cohen, a fellow AFER board member and an Academy Award-winning producer whose films include American Beauty and Milk, applauded the announcement, saying that Griffin’s new position “makes a very strong statement on behalf of HRC that they chose him to lead.”

“Chad thinks big. And then he goes out and accomplishes his goal,” Cohen said. “If AFER is any blueprint, then I think we have exciting things to look forward to….

And all of them will be all gay marriage, all the time.

HRC’s executive search, a very private process over the past few months, “included the consideration of over one hundred diverse and extremely well-qualified candidates from the worlds of business, academia and activism,” according to a Friday HRC news release.

Over 100 “diverse” candidates yet magically they ended up with a white guy whose only connection to what the Scampaign claims that its mission is, based solely on the turds floating to the top of the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool this morning, involves gay marriage. 

Per Queer Channel Media:

Griffin has had an extensive career fighting for progressive causes. According to his bio on AFER’s website, Griffin is founding partner of political and communications strategy firm Griffin-Schake, and taken on the tobacco and oil industry while pushing forward with issues such as equal rights, clean energy, universal health care, stem cell research and early childhood education.

His bio states he was responsible for spearheading Proposition 87, California’s Clean Alternative Energy Initiative; Proposition 10, which provides $600 million each year to early childhood education; and Proposition 71, which enables billions of dollars to flow to stem cell research.

Mark Glaze, a principal of the Raben Group, which works on LGBT issues, said Griffin is “a great choice” for the role.

“He’s smart, he’s strategic, he has the kind of sizzle that you’d want in a movement,” Glaze said. “His work on AFER has been a model of effective advocacy, which isn’t easy given the crowded field of groups doing LGBT work.”

But what points to a history on T?  And, while we’re at it, what points to much of a history on gay other than gay marriage  – I mean beyond being an “executive producer” on the documentary Outrage?  Yes, it was a decent film, but are we to presume that “issues such as equal rights” encompasses at least one thing of relevance to the lives of working-class Ts and LGBs for whom work and housing are light-years ahead of marriage as a priority?

Color me unimpressed.

According to Pee Wee’s peep:

When I decided to begin the next chapter of my career, I could not have imagined a better successor as president of the Human Rights Campaign. Just a few minutes ago, the HRC’s Board of Directors appointed Chad Griffin, a brilliant visionary and strategist, as the organization’s next president. While you know him as the mastermind behind the federal lawsuit to overturn California’s Proposition 8, Chad’s spent his career taking on the toughest fights against entrenched, well-financed interests. He’s passionate about our equality…

Please provide your definition of “our.”

Chad Griffin has the leadership qualities critical to propel our movement for equality forward and I am so proud that he will succeed me this June leading HRC.

A native of Arkansas and a veteran of the Clinton White House, Chad was inspired by young people in taking on this new endeavor. He told the board this morning, “All over this country in big cities and small towns, there are families and young people who long to be accepted for who they are, and who want be treated with the same dignity and respect as everyone else. Today’s generation of young people, and each generation hereafter, must grow up with the full and equal protection of our laws, and finally be free to participate in the American dream. As HRC president, I’ll approach our work with a great sense of urgency because there are real life consequences to inaction.”

Gee, Chad…

How did the “consequences” regarding “inaction” on ENDA in 2009-10 affect you personally?

What’s that?  You don’t really need ENDA?  Yes, we can tell.

With your support, HRC has won historic victories over the past several years. In addition to passing marriage equality in New York, the District of Columbia, Washington and Maryland, repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, and convincing the Obama administration to stop defending DOMA, HRC also spearheaded successful efforts to pass hate-crimes protections, secure equal hospital visitation rights for same-sex partners, and much more.

And we can tell that Pee Wee doesn’t really need ENDA either.

 I know that you’ll continue to be there as Chad fights to propel our movement forward.

Again, Pee Wee – please provide your definition of that word, because I suspect that it is not the same as mine or even most Ts and even non-trans LGBs.

He is uniquely qualified to lead HRC into the future.


A white gay man with DC connections whose clear top priority is gay marriage.

Tell ya what, Pee Wee…

While you’re putting a post-it note in that lexicon by the word “our,” go ahead and stick one by “uniquely,” because I suspect that your definition of it also may have emanated from inside a black hole of insanity.

Meanwhile, back at what used to be the Advocate:

“In Washington, there’s a deep institutional bias against doing anything that would rock the boat. But we’re fighting for our lives and for our freedom, and as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got to rock the boat,” said Richard Socarides, who served as a White House special assistant during the Clinton administration. “I think Chad is someone who’s proven that he’s willing to do so….

The problem is: The Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool is an oganization that has proven that it isn’t – and the same people who let Pee Wee feed at the $300+K/year trough for seven years while lying to the people who the Cesspool claims to speak for are the people who made the call on hiring Mr. Gay Marriage now.

Of course, its just dumbass us trans scum who have seen the Cesspool for what it really is, right?

In the line-up of corrupt people and corporations who populate the rogue’s gallery related to Wall Street’s pillaging of the world economy, you’d have a hard time coming up with more perfect villains than Goldman Sachs (GS) and its CEO Lloyd Blankfein.           

There does not appear to be any depth which would seem too low for Goldman Sachs to sink in pursuit of tainted profits, and for which Blankfein could not offer some justification for doing do.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when none other than our own Human Rights Campaign (HRC) announced that it was making a deal with the devil in the form of a partnership of sorts with Blankfein. Under the banner of its American’s For Marriage Equality effort, HRC got a video in which Blankfein issues some late-to-the-party bromides about marriage equality.           

What do GS and Blankfein get from the deal? Goldman Sachs, one of the worst corporations in the world, gets a listing as a Bronze Partner (still well under Platinum, Gold and Silver partners). But, most of all, Blankfein and his company get to be humanized at very little financial cost and without a single bit of evidence that it will change its financial dealings that helped to bring the world economy to its knees and bankrupt untold numbers of other non-profits that have gone out of business since the economic meltdown began.

Joe Solmonese and HRC prove once again to those of us who’ve defended them all these years against charges of being soulless corporate and political shills how wrong we may have been in dismissing HRC critics as not understanding politics in the real world.

Solmonese has a history of this sort of thing, not least when he was at Emily’s List and allowed (then) closet case founder Ellen Malcolm to endorse anti-LGBT political candidates under the guise of real world political decision-making. At that time I gave Solmonese a pass, even though his justifications didn’t completely pass the smell test.           

I’ve decided, however, that the Blankfein decision is the deciding factor in turning me from a staunch HRC supporter into someone who will now scrutinize its every move with a more critical eye toward what is best of our community, as opposed to what makes HRC and its functionaries feel important.           

As for Solmonese, who is leaving to be one of many co-chairs of the Obama re-election campaign: good riddance to self-serving political trash.

A giltter-ridden manifesto from Fister Limp Wrist?

No, its from that well-known radical queer anarchist…

Jeff Epperly of Bay Windows.

That Jeff Epperly.

Now, I’m not in the illusion-land of Gay, Inc.’s that are willing to give equal consideration to trans women when it comes to hiring or the fantasy land of an ‘Equality’ Maryland that gives a damn whether trans people live or die or the lysergia land of a Maryland Legislature that contains any members that have any intention of expending any energy on a trans bill after pushing through a gay marriage bill…

No, I live in reality.

I know that if HRC suddenly did everything that the Epperlys of the workd wanted for the Epperlys of the world and for the Epperlys of the world alone, then Epperly wouldn’t give a flying fuck about a shindig for wall street criminals (much less whether working-class Ts and LGBs live or die), but…

right now…

his op-ed in the current Bay Windows is what it is…

and we all know that HRC will continue to be what it has always been.

This blog post is peaceable activity intended to express a political view and/or to provide information to others.

10 Responses to ENDA, R.I.P.; Trans People, What are Those? – HRC Goes Full-Tilt Marriage Derangement Syndrome

  1. Vic says:

    I agree with “Kat Rose” that Griffin will focus on marriage equality and gay issues to the detriment of “trans” issues. I am very encouraged by this. I was somewhat dismayed to see the reference to an “inclusive ENDA” as ENDA in its original, uncorrupted form is completely inclusive of all persons who have a sexual orientation. However, I suspect that he just needed to say that on his first day.

    An added benefit of this appointment: “Kat Rose” seems so upset that she is bursting out of her tuck.

  2. friday jones says:

    You do realize that the screenshots for posterity go both ways, and that you’re pretty much making it easy to document every bigoted trope that the Gay & Lesbian community currently employs against trans people, right? Also, in the event that your identity is ever revealed, you’ll have a legacy of clearly defined hate speech associated with you. Do you really believe that the Internet isn’t a permanent record of everything that you do? That’s technically naive thinking. It’s becoming more and more indelible.

    • Vic says:

      If it is “hate speech” to support ENDA in the form in which it was introduced in 1994 and in which it remained until 2009, then I will speak hatefully. And you can screenshoot it all you like. Hopefully, you will share those shots with others and they will learn something.

      BTW, “Friday Jones” is it hate speech to advocate hurling dirt at Dan Savage’s body? Because I have a screenshot of that, too. And if anyone does that, you are the prime suspect.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        is it hate speech to advocate hurling dirt at Dan Savage’s body?

        It depends. Is Dan into that sort of thing? If so, then its consensual sexual activity (or at least foreplay.)

        Is it hate speech to not only lie through one’s teeth to attribute an assault against Savage to trans people but also to then subsequently declare that the truth – that there is no evidence whatsoever that trans people were involved in the assault (and the slimmest amount of evidence imaginable indicating that the assault even occurred) – actually doesn’t matter?

        Are you against rats?

        Or are you 4 rats?

      • friday jones says:

        I think it’s hate speech to talk to a trans woman about “bursting out of their tucks” and calling them “trannies.” As for the comment about hurling dirt, it seems you have me confused with someone else, you dumbass.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        I have called for foreign substances to not be thrown at any smarmy, over-privileged douchenozzle who panders to the prejudices of his readership, like an Archie Bunker without the irony, be he santorum or be his last name Santorum. I hope that too has been noted.

  3. Vic says:

    So “Kat Rose” says that if someone is “into” a particular sexual practice, then he or she can be subjected to that practice without prior consultation. If Dan is “into” dirt, then it is OK for anyone to throw dirt at him at any time without prior discussion. So Kat also believes that if someone is “into” anal or vaginal intercourse, they can be penetrated without prior consulation.

    This was a hate blog. Now it’s a rape blog too. Screen shot!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      So “Kat Rose” says that if someone is “into” a particular sexual practice, then he or she can be subjected to that practice without prior consultation

      If part of that particular sexual practice is having it inflicted without prior consultation – which is something that only Cathy Brennan or some portion of her borg collective would so conveniently not read into what I wrote.

      IP addresses are cheap…

      like Brazil nuts.

  4. friday jones says:

    I’m sure it will be lovely on your hate site, plastered with “Me Too” comments from the typical hateful hags who scissor with each other because no one else will look at their misshapen bodies and no one else will put up with their rampant personality disorders. At least, from the pictures of the people who run radfem sites that seems to be the case. Rarely does one see such a collection of people who are ugly both inside and out as one finds in the radfem web presence.

  5. friday jones says:

    By the way, according to Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford in their letter to the UN, it can’t be rape unless there’s a chance of pregnancy. Try to be more consistent and less buggy.

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