Except, Of Course, That Maryland’s Non-Trans Gays and Lesbians Have Made Sure That They Remain More Equal Than Some Others

Maryland’s governor, in signing the product of the latest fit of fervor from his state’s Marriage Derangement Syndrome sufferers:

For a free and diverse people,… for a people of many faiths,… for a people committed to the principle of religious freedom,… the way forward is always to be found through greater respect for the equal rights of all; for the human dignity of all.

If there is a thread that unites the story of our people, it is the thread of human dignity; the dignity of work; the dignity of family; the dignity of every child’s home; the dignity of every individual.

But not – since 2001 – every trans individual.

Spin it anyway you want, but the soon-to-be-married gays and lesbians of Maryland will have the same special right to discriminate against trans people that the currently-unable-to-be-married ones have had since 2001.

This blog post is peaceable activity intended to express a political view and/or to provide information to others.

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