Nothingspeak, Like a Cancer, Grows

From Metro Weakly:

[HRC head bullshitter-in-chief-to-be Chad] Griffin says that every part of his experience led him to this day, explaining that he went from “growing up as a kid in Arkansas, not knowing that I knew a single gay person … to a career in politics and policy … then, this little thing happened a few years ago called Prop 8.”


Griffin says[] he looked around that night [that Prop 8 passed] and saw so many new faces of all races and ages, including many young ones, “I called a close friend of mine … and I said, ‘The world has changed.'”

He notes, “Momentum is on our side, but that kid that I used to be, there are thousands if not millions of them out there, in Arkansas and [elsewhere]. In many ways, on that night I found my voice.”


Calling it “the grandest privilege that I’ve ever had,” Griffin tells Metro Weekly, “The impact that I can have with HRC is something that I’m looking forward to diving into head first.”

Asked whether his role as the head of a marriage-based organization like the American Foundation for Equal Rights has been will signify too much attention attention being placed on marriage at HRC at the expense of things like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act going forward, Griffin says, “I’m gonna go, every single time, back to that young kid. Every decision.”

Noting that “it’s not any one thing that impacts the life of a gay person,” he says, “I don’t think anyone who knows me would say anything other than that I’m committed to full equality.”


Because we all know what “full equality” has come to mean – and it has nothing to do with the day-to-day lives of working-class Ts and LGBs who may not even be in a relationship and, irrespective of whether they could actually theoretically benefit to some degree from gay marriage depending on their individual circumstances, nevertheless have to care more about employment and housing than whether or not well-heeled politicos from DC – or from Arkansas via D.C.via L.A. – can get married and shelter the tons of money that they’ve ‘earned’ that working-class Ts and LGBs who may not even be in a relationship and, irrespective of whether they could actually theoretically benefit to some degree from gay marriage depending on their individual circumstances, will never be in a position to ‘earn’ without an ability to redress discrimination in court.

Adding that while it’s true that marriage — specifically the fight against Proposition 8 — has been his focus for the past couple of years, he says, “We have to fight the battle on all fronts, whether it’s school bullying, an inclusive ENDA or a whole host of other things, political or otherwise, that impact the lives of a gay person.”

We’ll believe that when we see it – and don’t see you play Lucy with the football.

Having just married an organization that is guilty of crimes against not just trans people but all working-class LGBs and which has not shown one iota of interest in actually paying restitution for those crimes (sorry, but giving an unqualified trans woman a paycheck after passing over hundreds of better-qualified actual trans activists who had actual track records is not an act of restitution; its a further crime – a hate crime enhancement to the fraud of claiming to be an inclusive organization and accepting things of value that were offered because of that claim), Griffin is guilty he proves himself innocent.  After all…

inclusive ENDA

Those are the first five syllables I’ve seen attributed to him that give me any indication that he’s even willing to pretend that trans people and working-class non-trans LGBs have any concern other than gay marriage.



Solmonese-at-Southern-Comfort scoreboard.

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16 Responses to Nothingspeak, Like a Cancer, Grows

  1. Vic says:

    “and shelter the tons of money that they’ve ‘earned’ that working-class Ts”

    Hahahahaha! You really are too much! If you took all the money that all the working class Ts have given to HRC over the last 30 years, you might have enough for lunch and movie. Ts don’t give money in meaningful amounts to anyone, not even their own T-only groups. Trans activists are parasitic and by example promote parasitism in all Ts.

    • Katrina Rose says:



      A five-syllable word.

      A gold star for “Vic”‘s rubber room tonite.

    • Danielle Clarke says:

      I have given well over 20k to trans safe housing around the USA and the late Julie Ann Johnson has given close to a million dollars to support www; and to trans political movements and also to HRC. Yes many do not like HRC which many TS know to be NOT EQUAL but even still those who are not TS and are simple transgendered have given just as equally according to income as any other group in the LGBT.

      • Vic says:

        You have no proof for your last statement. You just made it up. Joanne Herman, a transgender involved in philanthropy reported to Outgiving that trans people do not give. The combined budget of the 3 largest trans organizations in the entire US is a mere $1.4 million and a lot of that money comes from gays.

        Now if that is what you give to your own groups, how much less is the contribution to gay-led groups like HRC? It is a pittance. And “Kat Rose” lies through her misshapen teeth when she claims that trannies have donated “tons” of money. She lies all the time.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        You have no proof for your last statement.

        You have no proof that you (you all?) even exist.

        I hate the smell of stale Brazil nuts in the evening.

  2. lorcalon21 says:

    Griffin may be the new talking-head of the HRC, but he’s hardly the one to make all the decisions. After all, it’s the affluent Board of Directors who really decide which way the HRC wind blows. History shows that they don’t give a darn about the rank and file LGBT members poor LGBT folks or anything Trans. Until the Board of Directors gets it’s kit in order and decides that the HRC is about equality for all LGBT, expecially T, then people like Birch, Solomese and Griffin are just figureheads to deflect the blame from the guilty parties.

  3. SarasNavel says:

    On the bright side…at least it wasn’t Barney Frank?

  4. Bianca Lynne says:

    Meh. I’m taking a wait and see on this one.

  5. David Smith says:

    It’s an opportune time to shitcan me!

    And Allison Herwitt – hell – throw in Marty Rouse & clean the house.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      As you wish…

      The Rouse is outta the house!

      • friday jones says:

        That’s R.O.U.S., for “Rats Of Unusual Size.” I believe that a certain cesspool in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations is infested with them…

  6. valeriekeefe says:

    Don’t ask for our money, don’t claim our veterans, don’t claim our courageous and visible sisters and brothers throughout history, don’t reference events where we fought and bled, if you don’t want to support us.

  7. valeriekeefe says:

    Hmm… seems wordpress hates me less now for some reason. I’ve been trying for a week to post a reply to something, but every now and again wordpress goes on a jihad because I have an account where my name/email/url used to be.

    • Danielle Clarke says:

      wordpress sucks and scares many people away too..

    • Vic says:

      If wordpress hates you less, it is bucking a trend. As for your offer above, consider it accepted! Gays shouldn’t claim or use trans experiences. They don’t need to and it hurts everyone involved to lump the 2 together.

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