Hmmmm…How About Hiring a Trans Woman This Time, Eh?

From Gay City News:

In a written statement released on March 6, Ross Levi, the former executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda ousted the evening before in a telephone meeting of the organization’s lobbying/ political action and educational foundation boards (first reported in Gay City News), sounded a determinedly upbeat tone, emphasizing his accomplishments in a dozen years with ESPA, just under two of them at the helm.

“From the Hate Crimes Law and SONDA [Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act], to the Dignity for All Students Act and marriage equality, and with over 60 other governmental achievements in between, I am extremely proud of my 12-year tenure with the Pride Agenda, and the work I did as Executive Director,” he wrote. “I am pleased that because of the successes I helped the organization achieve in 2011, including record-setting special events and fundraising income that well exceeded our budget, the Pride Agenda has the capacity to continue serving as the strong statewide LGBT organization that New York needs. I am hopeful about its future successes, and look forward to pursuing the next chapter of my professional life.”

Though ESPA’s top board leaders, Louis Bradbury and Marla Hassner, hours after Levi’s dismissal, declined to discuss the reasons for that decision, saying “The Pride Agenda does not comment on personnel matters,” two other board members, who were involved in the telephone meeting at which the firing was approved but requested anonymity, told Gay City News that dissatisfaction with the group’s fundraising was an important factor in the deliberations.

Oh well…

I guess we can forget about anyone being hired who wants to see something accomplished other than making sure that the punch bowl is filled with green toot.

13 Responses to Hmmmm…How About Hiring a Trans Woman This Time, Eh?

  1. zoebrain says:

    I think you’re being a little unjust.

    This guy was fired at least partly because he wasn’t interested in channelling resources to GENDA – he wanted to use them outside NY now there was “mission accomplished”..

    All the funding that was coming in from those who think like him has now ceased. He had become a cost, not an asset.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      If that’s true, then my demand that ESPA stop what a rational mind can view as discriminatition against trans people in their hiring practices.

      Of course, it just makes it less likely that ESPA will do so.

      Where’s the ghost of Sylvia Rivera when we need her?

  2. Vic says:

    @Zoe Brain:

    “All the funding that was coming in from those who think like him has now ceased. He had become a cost, not an asset.”

    How do you know that? How could you possibly know the identities and specific policy priorities of individual donors to ESPA? You fancy yourself both trans and an academic, but as to the former, we know that you are a hermaphrodite. And as to the latter, it is hard to see how you can be a respected academic if you make assertions pulled from your behind.

    @Kat Rose:

    “How About Hiring a Trans Woman This Time, Eh?”


    • Bianca Lynne says:

      Vic – We have only to look at Canada and MA for reference. Marriage passes and funding for gay political orgs comes to a trickle.

      As far as the post – It is my understanding that in an early meeting with Gov. Cuomo, HRC and ESPA, Mr. Levi strongly suggested that the focus last year be on GENDA. He was obviously overruled. I’ve heard this from a few people who are better connected in NYS than I am.

      There were huge missteps last year wrt GENDA. Things I was very vocal about resulting in a very frustrating telephone conversation with Christopher Argyos. I think the pressure of the marriage-only crowd coupled with a hugely visible ball drop by ESPA bit GENDA in the ass. Once it was determined GENDA and marriage would be introduced together, it was all but fated that GENDA would take a backseat. Personally, I’m not willing to pile most of the problem with last year’s handling of GENDA on Ross Levi’s desk.

      • Vic says:

        Bianca, your version of events makes a lot more sense. Zoebrain was pushing a different version, which I think is based off of GCN’s reporting of Levi’s termination. The gist of that reporting is that Levi wanted to focus on marriage and gay issues in DC, but the board wanted to focus on NY issues, which would include GENDA. Zoebrain is suggesting that Levi’s focus on marriage and gay issues in DC made him a financial liability, when all the evidence from Canada, MA and elsewhere points to the opposite conclusion.

    • Megan says:

      How precious. Vic’s getting all concerned about people pulling assertions from their behinds.

  3. friday jones says:

    “We,” Vic? Do you have a gerbil secreted on your person, or perhaps you bumped your head and now think you’re Queen Elizabeth the Second?

    • Vic says:

      “. . . or perhaps you bumped your head and now think you’re Queen Elizabeth the Second?”

      Oh, is that how men come to believe that they are women? You should look into that.

      • Reality says:

        Does Lavender Vic love himself today?

      • friday jones says:

        Well, “the gays,” as you call them in your oh-so-modern idiom, are not unfamiliar with the concept of wrinkly old queens, VIC. By the way, are you aware that the radio has PICTURES now? They call it the TeeVee!

  4. Vic says:

    @Friday Jones:

    You don’t know what an idiom is, do you? Well, you may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least you have your authentic feminine beauty to fall back on. Oh, wait . . .

  5. friday jones says:

    There’s at least one of the five definitions of idiom that you’re obviously unaware of, too bad you forgot to check your dictionary before you tried a sad little dictionary attack. You might be semi-literate and very unpleasant to be around, but at least you have your youth and vigor to fall back on. Oh, wait….

  6. J says:

    I signed the petition “Oust The Empire State Pride Agenda Co-Chairs Louis A Bradbury & Marla Hassner !”. I’m asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 7,500 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.

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