_he Advoca_e

Advocate’s 45-year anny Hall of Fame….

The first nine to be announced…


What’s missing?


1971 – Jack Baker & Mike McConnell.  Worthy, yes but I have to note: gay marriage.   I’m just sayin’….

1972 – Madeline Davis:

Madeline Davis founded the Western New York Mattachine Society in 1970, positioning her to become an important figure for LGBT rights in the region. In 1972 she taught the United States’ first course on lesbianism and became the first openly lesbian delegate ever elected to a major political convention when she was chosen for the Democratic National Convention in Miami. At that convention, she gave the first noted stump speech encouraging the Democrats to include gay rights in the party’s platform, reminding delegates and leaders that an estimated 20 million gay people would be voting that November.

I truly don’t know her position on T matters, but I’d bet a substantial portion of Joe Solmonese’s golden parachue that T wasn’t an “important” part of the aforenoted.

1977 – Harvey Milk.  I’m cool with that (despite the San Francisco ordinance that he engineered not including trans people.)

1982 – Henry Waxman.  So…no claim that the HOF is only for gays, right? 

1987 – Larry Kramer.  1980s, AIDS…I have no issue with this one.

1992 – k.d. Lang.  While I have nothing against this per se, I’m, curious as to what the rationalizing will be if Dana International is not the HOFer for 1998.

1997 – Ellen.  This makes sense.

2002 – Rosie.  Rosie.  Okay, I guess – but ultimately  Ineither approve nor disapprove.

2007 – Hilary. (1) Repeat my observation re: Waxman; (2) I’m unclear as to why 2007 is special for her.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president was a sign of the character she would later prove again as secretary of State…

So…no chance of a collective HOF nod for the entire trans world not only for standing up to the entrenched, diseased, stagnancy of HRC’s corrupt existence but for unting pretty much the entirety of the civil rights world (not counting HRC, of course – and, also of course, not counting crypto-Raymondists) against HRC’s duplicity and con-artistry.  Shit, I think an HOF nod would be appropriate solely for the force of will that caused even the consistently-in-the-tank-for-anything-that-exludes-trans-people-from-actual-equality Queer Channel Media to acknowledge that some of the propaganda HRC was using to justify its transphobic ENDA dstance was more full of holes than the Swiss cheese on the buffet table at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

I’m smelling a creature that would be quite fond of the Swiss cheese, particularly if the token attempt at putting T on the list ends up being RuPaul.  And considering that the complaints already being made have more to do with the whiteness of the list than its trans-erasiveness…


…I suspect that will be the impetus not only for RuPaul to be on the list – but for him to do double token duty.

After all, we wouldn’t want hetero honorary LGBs such as Betty DeGeneres, Eric McCormack, Judy Shepherd, Debra Messing, Madonna, Megan Mullally, Bette Midler, Cher, Sean Penn, Elizabeth Taylor, or Barbra Streisand to lose their spots on the list to any Creepy Tranny Scum like Anne Mayes, Renee Richards (make no mistake, I’m not endorsing anything in particular that she’s ever said, but for 1976? C’mon…oh wait…I guess there’s always the then-still-closeted Greg Louganis – for his silver at Montreal, silly me…), Sandy Stone, Shannon Minter, Christie Lee Littleton, J’Noel Gardiner, Michael Kantaras, Dana International or Gwen Araujo, would we?

Of course, for the record, despite my Ru-based cynicism above, my actual money will be on Chaz Bono being the sole token T – also as double duty, but that being (1) ensuring the non-legitimacy of trans women and (2) perpetuating the narrative that trans people/stuff showed up five minutes ago.

11 Responses to _he Advoca_e

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  2. "Vic" says:

    Who cares what you approve or disapprove? You are an irrelevant clown. The Advocate is a gay magazine, not a tranny rag.

    Why don’t you do something positive on this blog and post the Trans Hall of Fame for the last 45 years? I doubt that you could cobble together a list of functional trannies to fill even half that hall.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Sometimes you really make it too easy…

      • "Vic" says:

        As I have explained to you repeatedly, gay people use the term LGBT all the time. But they don’t mean it. They either don’t think about it and use it as a reference for “gay” or they just use it to avoid a PC debate. The Advocate may describe itself as an “LGBT” news source, but if I were a tranny (and thank heaven I am not), I wouldn’t waste 2 seconds on it for tranny news.

        This is why you are so frustrated over the priorities and hiring practices of gay orgs. You stupidly believe that they are really “LGBT” orgs and that you and your fellow trannies have some sort of ownership stake in them. They aren’t and you don’t. That is why you get scraps from these groups, which is more than you deserve IMO.

      • friday jones says:

        Your opinion and two bucks will buy you a cup of coffee, sissy boy. Or a condom, which you could use to prevent catching AIDS from anal sex. Which is better than you deserve, IMNSHO. Now, stop penetrating our space non-consensually, surely you have some gay male only blogs out there where you men can clank your cockrings together in peace and harmony.

  3. Cromulent says:

    When they the publish the Clueless Rape Joke Hall of Fame – I’m sure Vic will make the cut.

  4. Emelye says:

    I’m privileged to have met and briefly worked with Madeline Davis and was impressed by her personal acceptance and respectful treatment she gave me. Her political positions may have been less inclusive in the past but today she is certainly respectful and accepting of trans* people.

    Her work in assembling an LGBT historical archive – yes, it includes trans* people – now held by the University of Buffalo, has been vital in preserving western New York’s surprisingly vibrant queer communities. I have no problem at all with her inclusion in that magazine’s list.

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