Creepshow Zombies (Well, Creepshow Zombies not from Maryland) That Keep Reassembling Themselves

From Bessemer Opinions we learn that there was something else going on in Alabama that the corporate media should have been paying attention to other than Frothy Boy’s goosestepping past Mitt and Newt in the Republican presidential primary:

Roy Moore will be the Republican candidate for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2012. As I write this, he is hovering around 50%, so there may or may not be a runoff, but if there is, he is sure to win it.

Roy Moore is best known for his stand on the Ten Commandments, and his placement of a washing machine sized monument inside the Supreme Court Building when he was formerly Chief Justice. A case was brought against him, he was ruled against and the Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed him from office.

Oh, and it wasn’t just monumentgate.  Remember his concurring opinion in a gay custody case in which he declared homosexuality to be “an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it”?  Of course, it took monumentgate – not his wink and a nod to any and all who had a desire to make Alabama homofrei – to run him from office.

If this man is elected, I predict there will be more hate crimes and possibly more murders against LGBT people in our state. Misguided individuals will hear his words and take them as assurance that they are acting with God’s and Moore’s approval.

A safe bet, I’m sure.

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