Irony Overload

Mercedes Allen at Shillerico:

Anyone who writes generates spin. The moment you write, you’re selecting the words you use in order to maximize their effectiveness. I do it, although I hyperlink everything relentlessly (whether the source is from the right wing or left), so that readers can make up their minds for themselves whether they agree. But some deliberately omit, manipulate, relabel, cherry-pick, distort and change facts to try to make them fit a specific perspective….


Shillerico does have plenty of experience in that area.

Still, the irony of anyone at Shillerico commenting about such practices after Vancouvergate is, well, a bit much.

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One Response to Irony Overload

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    Ah good ol’ Mercedes Allen. About half the columns she’s written:

    “[Details egregious human rights abuse]… and to top it off she’d had vaginoplasty thus making the outrage even more outrageous!


    Plus TESA seems content to push on surgical funding, never mind that the regime that trans women face getting EEI/HRT today is the same one that cis women faced getting an abortion in 1970.

    Why is there such a focus on incrementalism for the relatively privileged and forget the rest?

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