Even beyond the mere idea of the draft-dodging, dead-Jew-desecrating, job-killing, redneck-pandering, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life rich brat would think even for a second that putting his dog on top of his car for a multi-hour trip was a good idea (remember: when Chris Wallace of Fox ‘News’ can act – legitimately – as a moral barometer, you’re not on shaky ground but, rather, at the bottom of the sinkhole that you were too obtuse to notice opening up beheath you years earlier), something has always bothered me about that 1%-er sneer-smiley explanation that he gave to Wallace to attempt to get out from under what he did to the non-Pink Floyd Seamus, but I was never able to put my finger on it…

until now.

Its gotten some run again thanks to other Republicans invoking the late Seamus and I just saw a clip of that interview…

and I just noticed something about it that I don’t think anyone else has latched onto.

The kennel itself.

Romney says it was airtight.



Then how did the dog go more than a few minutes without suffocating?

Is the real story that as soon as the Romney clan got to its designation they saw that Seamus was dead and decided to re-baptize him into the mormon cult religion which magically brought him back to life?

Or is Shitty Mitty the Angel of Unemployment too stupid to know what “airtight” means?

Or is Shitty Mitty the Angel of Unemployment trying to avoid saying that, to the 1%, an “airtight” dog kennel is “airtight” like an airliner – pressurized and with an internal supply of air – and probably cost more than a year’s salary of the average person he fired to immorally acquire his fortune?

Or is Shitty Mitty the Angel of Unemployment so arrogant that he thinks anyone will believe anything that oozes from the yap behind his too-plastic-even-for-weekend-weatherman-duty smile?

Inquiring dogs want to know.

Kats too, for that matter.

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