The Sporting Kitty

Tabby and technology…

…circa 1980.

2 Responses to The Sporting Kitty

  1. friday jones says:

    Photoshopped, obviously, since the kitteh obviously preferred Mattel Baseball. :p

    • Katrina Rose says:

      That baseball was not all that hot, IMHO.

      As for Tabby, her preferecne was actually my Coleco knockoff of Mattel’s 1978 first-gen football game. Unilke the first Mattel, that Coleco knockoff allowed you to pass.

      Of course, it also had a programming glitch. If you turned the ball over while you were officially denoted as being at your own goal line (I know, in reality that can’t happen – but you can have it and/or turn it over between the 0 and the 1), the other player would not get the ball there but, instead, would get it at their own goal line.

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