Yet Another Reason for a Constitutional Amendment Banning the neo-Serfdom Concept of ‘Employment at Will’

…at least insofar as it is actually practiced – which is, of course, not ’employment at will’ but ‘unemployment per the will of the obnoxious executroid elite.’

From the Sun-Sentinel:

[O]range-shirted workers no longer have jobs at the Deerfield Beach law firm of Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A.

The lie of currently-practiced ’employment at will’ (an even bigger lie than ‘incremental progress’, but I digress) serves no beneficial societal purporse.  In fact, it does nothing other than force taxpayers – via unemployment compensation – to subsidize the fits and whims of spoiled-brat management elite.

14 workers wearing orange shirts were called into a conference room, where an executive said he understood there was a protest involving orange, the employees were wearing orange, and they all were fired.

The executive said anyone wearing orange for an innocent reason should speak up. One employee immediately denied involvement with a protest and explained the happy-hour color.

The executives conferred outside the room, returned and upheld the decision: all fired, said Lou Erik Ambert, 31, of Coconut Creek, a litigation para-legal who said he was terminated.

“There is no office policy against wearing orange shirts. We had no warning. We got no severance, no package, no nothing,” said Ambert. “I feel so violated.”

Meloney McLeod, 39, of North Lauderdale, said her choice of shirt puts her in a tough spot: “I’m a single mom with four kids, and I’m out of a job just because I wore orange today.”

Let me revise my previous observation:  The lie of currently-practiced ’employment at will’ (an even bigger lie than ‘incremental progress’, but I digress) serves no beneficial societal purporse.  In fact, it does nothing other than force taxpayers – via unemployment compensation, multi-pronged harm to children, future costs of taking care of those children who, when grown, may end up as public charges for any number of reasons (from health issues to incarceration), which might be traceable to a sudden, morally unjustifiable stoppage of the only source of income putting food in their mouths and a roof over their heads – to subsidize the fits and whims of useless, spoiled-brat management elite.

I wonder: How many of the self-important, management elite at Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A. own stock in private prison corporations or other immoral corporate entities whose bottom lines benefit from societal misery created by America’s useless, self-important management elite?

47 Responses to Yet Another Reason for a Constitutional Amendment Banning the neo-Serfdom Concept of ‘Employment at Will’

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    This is why I say there should be a significant circumscription of the laws governing workplace presentation. What does it matter if an employee is wearing orange or has orange hair for that matter?

    Let’s sit back and watch Vic defend this one. Obviously orange is a bright, campy, and therefore unprofessional colour therefore these firings should be A-OK… or to quote an observation from a fellow ENDAblog reader:


    I hope you learned your lesson. You don’t engage with the inmates of this asylum. They are extremely angry and bitter because they have penes! Except for Bill, who got it cut off in 1982.

    Isn’t he supposed to be a misogynistic gay MAN? Sounds like his writer isn’t up to her usual standard. of … consistency

    Also, it’s also clear that a guaranteed annual income is going to do more to protect worker than any non-discrimination act, since businesses seem to spend most of their time trying to evade the spirit of the law.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      What does it matter if an employee … has orange hair

      Well, we wouldn’t want any of the burger-flipping rabble to be mistaken for Ronald, would we?

    • "Vic" says:

      I’ll favor you with a response, even though you very rudely evaded my question about whether you have a johnson. I would appreciate a response.

      “What does it matter if an employee is wearing orange or has orange hair for that matter?”

      Maybe it doesn’t. To you. To some business owners. But to others, it may matter. Perhaps orange is associated with their competitor’s brand. Or perhaps it clashes with the decor. Amazingly, people do view some colors as more frivolous or happy than others and a business owner might want to respond to that perception.

      The point is, it is their business. Their capital is at risk, not yours. They are the ones who put their sweat into it, not you.
      They are the ones who have the right to set the rules, since it is their property and since they are the ones with the greatest incentive to get it right. In some cases, where there is very good reason to justify it, society steps in and limits their discretion, as is the case with racial discrimination for example. Tranny activists have failed to make the case that gender identity warrants that kind of protection, so they try to sneak it in by attaching it to sexual orientation bills, another example of tranny parasitism.

      I doubt you even hold down a job let alone run a business. Unless there is a market for porn with mannish, non-passing trannies, I can’t see what your employment prospects are.

      • Marja Erwin says:


        Basically, because the bosses are richer and more powerful than us, you’re saying they should remain richer and more powerful than us.

      • friday jones says:

        And workers don’t put sweat equity into a company? Especially lower-paid ones?

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Vic, when an employer loses a valued employee, they tend to lose a portion of their income. When an employee loses an employer, they tend to lose all of their income.

        What economics program did you flunk out of to argue that a capitalist risks more marginal utility than one of their workers?

        Brad DeLong would laugh your entitled ass out of the room.

  2. SarasNavel says:

    “How many of the self-important, management elite at Elizabeth R. Wellborn P.A. own stock in private prison corporations”

    Ironic, then, the color of clothing they don’t want to see. Here in my state, that’s the color low-risk inmates wear as they clean the sides of the highways.

    Meanwhile, back in Maryland:

    “A bill in the Maryland Legislature aimed at banning discrimination against transgender people in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations is expected to die in committee on Monday, ending chances for passing it for the sixth year in a row.

    The Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Act, SB 212, is stalled in the legislature’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, with no indication that Senate leaders plan to bring it up for a vote by March 26.”
    “But the problem is we did same-sex marriage and for some unfathomable reason people seem to think we can’t do both of these bills in the same session,” Raskin told the Blade. “As a number of members said to me, we can’t do two gay bills in one session.”
    Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, a statewide transgender advocacy organization that led efforts to pass the trans bill this year, blamed Senate President Thomas V. “Mike” Miller (D-Prince George’s and Calvert Counties) for the bill’s demise. According to Beyer, knowledgeable sources at the state capital in Annapolis say Miller put out the word that the bill should not come up for a vote.

    Beyer noted that Miller’s stance is the opposite of the posture he took on the marriage bill. Miller voted against the marriage bill but allowed it to come up for a vote and reportedly blocked efforts to derail the bill with a filibuster.”

    …Surprised in the least?

  3. "Vic" says:

    Gee, “Valerie” no surprise that you completely misunderstood my comment. I’d clarify, but you have yet to tell me about the status of your johnson.

  4. "Vic" says:

    Hey shims! I wanted to do something charitable for you, so here’s some news, absolutely free of charge. It seems that folks are organizing to put your precious tranny law in Baltimore County, MD up for referendum.

    Won’t that be fun, watching you bitter, violence-prone trans activists trying to connect with all those “cis” voters that you hold in such contempt? Maybe you could direct them to this blog so they could see what trannies are really about. And don’t expect MD gay and lesbians to be suckered into doing your work for you this time. Gays will be working full-time on a gay issue, not this tranny nonsense, this election. What a novelty!

    Now, don’t get me wrong. The group leading this effort is vile, reactionary, right-wing, homophobic, and completely despicable. But in that regard, they are the same as you.

    So I am going to buy popcorn and watch this unfold. I hope that you lose. Not because I oppose protection for gender identity, but just because I know that defeat will make you feel as awful as you try to make others feel every day.

    [MODERATOR’S ADDITION: Please check the following for an update on the prognosticatory prowess of all of the radphlegm transexterminationists who make up the “Vic” collective:

    • Cromulent says:

      Another swing and a miss for Vic.

      I guess your efforts to get people to sign those
      petitions were well served by your winning ways & sparkling personality. Maybe you should pick that popcorn from your teeth when stopping passersby?

      Car exhaust may not be not a suitable substitute for the Delphic Scared Fumes – but it explains much about you.

    • Ah, Vic, I do believe you are mistaken!

      I am not a “shim”.

      I AM A WEDGE.

      Got that straight?

      – bonze anne blayk
      – artsimoirionist d’enregistrements de voyage mauvaises

  5. friday jones says:

    It’s a Vic, it’s a Vic, it’s a Vic-Vic-Vic!
    Hollerin’ and waving ’round her strap-on dick!
    The shit that she says’ll prob’ly make you sick!
    ‘Cause we all know that Vic is a radfem chick!

    • "Vic" says:

      Yes, um, well, I can see why your career as a song writer never really took off. Thankfully, there are still opportunities for you in niche porn (fugly tranny scat genre).

      • friday jones says:

        You really have a thing for porn, don’t you, Miss Vic? Don’t care for it, personally, because I think it demonstrates a lack of imagination in the user. Oh, and thanks for the musical critique, I know my little ditty isn’t up to your usual standards of lesbian festival angst, but if you really need your fix before the next MWMF I could write in a few weepy or angry stanzas about patriarchy and the male gaze and feelings and stuff. Something you can hum while you’re shopping for Sarah Palin eyeglass frames and yogurt. 🙂

  6. "Vic" says:

    What would you know of the music played at MichFest? Can you hear the music all the way from Camp Tranny or whatever you call that slum that you inflict on the land every year?

    BTW, how funny is it that all you loud and opinionated trannies have nothing to say about the referendum in Baltimore County. I guess the knowledge of certain defeat is the one thing that quiets you thugs. Either that or one of Kat’s many cats has got her tongue. I pray for the cat.

    • AmyBlue says:

      You sound so angry all the time.
      I think you could really use a hug. : (

    • Katrina Rose says:

      fugly tranny scat genre

      I’m just sitting back and watching a hydra-headed sockpuppet do my work for me….whilst I also watch the marriage scoreboard, of course.

      Far more interesting.

      Have a nice day!

    • grrlinterupted says:

      Baltimore’s referendum will be interesting to watch. Because local laws are way easier to protect in these cases. Now, the marriage referendum in MD will be THE thing to watch – I mean even the national marriage-only groups have given up and won’t be sending cash that way.

      • "Vic" says:

        Wrong. Only FTM won’t be sending money, and that is because they opposed the effort there from the beginning, not because they have “given up”. HRC and NGLTF will be giving plenty.

        No, the gays will be fighting for marriage in Maryland. And they won’t be wasting their time doing your bidding. You parasites will have to fend for yourselves for once. Imagine that, actually getting off of your hormone-warped asses to do your own work. Good luck with that. I am guessing this tranny-only law goes down faster and deeper than a shemale hooker.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        faster than a…

        Well, goodnight everybody! Tune in tomorrow when Vic once again doesn’t locate the integrity required to put a public face to the hatred he’s been spewing.

      • friday jones says:

        You radfem lezzies are so ugly and smelly that you can only have sex theoretically. The turkey basters you use for injecting semen into your moth-eaten vaginas would sprout legs and run away if they could. A legal contract of marriage is your only hope of having a relationship last at least as long as it takes to get a divorce. So I can understand why you’re so desperate for marriage equality, Lemon Tits!

        They have a word for radfem lesbians who claim to be “butch”: Androgynes– Fragile, clumsy, confused androgynes, many of them nearly totally asexual. No wonder radfem lesbians are mad at trans people, because radfem lesbians are the perpetual wallflowers of the LGBT community. Their voices are so weak that even the whisper of a trans person will drown them out. Radfem lesbians are so weak that the only way they believe they’ll ever have their voices heard is if they manage to somehow miraculously silence everybody else.

        Now, screenshot that and post it on one of your hate sites, because that would be truth in advertising, you repulsive radfem lesbian skanks.

      • Marja Erwin says:


        I am a butch-of-center lesbian feminist discovered-womon. Do you think I am “ugly and smelly,” a “confused androgyne,” “repulsive,” and a “skank”?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Friday, c’mon….

        By any objective standard that’s no worse than anything the collective “Vic” has spewed, but you do realize that all you’re doing is giving the exterminationism borg another hit on the screensnap crackpipe, right?

        My advice? Ignore the collective “Vic” and watch all of him go into convulsions.

      • friday jones says:

        You’re right, Katrina, I’m wasting my time here. We all have opinions, and the worst trap anyone can fall into is in believing that their opinion matters. I think I’m going to stop reading these LGBT sites, they are boring, and frustrating, and a waste of my time. Nothing of any importance will ever be decided on a blog. And if I see one more special snowflake on the Internet I might puke on my keyboard. The puke will land butch-of-center, right around the Enter key I presume….

        So long, and thanks for all the Vic!

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Pangalactic Gargleblasters are on me!

  7. friday jones says:

    You consider yourself a radfem lesbian? So far, the only trans women I’ve seen that agree with the radfem lesbian agenda are quisling HBS shits like The Two Danas. If that’s where you’re coming from, then perhaps the shoe fits. There are plenty of butch lesbians who aren’t radfems, and I’m not talking about them, but as far as radfem lesbian “butches” are concerned, they are ugly smelly repulsive confused androgyne skanks.

    And “butch-of-center?” “Discovered womon?” I’m not entirely averse to neologisms, as long as they serve useful descriptive purposes, but these terms are about as useful as dookey on a shoe heel. How does it feel embracing a theory that wants to erase your existence as a “womon?” Sort of like Stockholm Syndrome, I guess.

    • Marja Erwin says:

      I consider myself a radical feminist because I think, to address inequality, we need liberation, and an end to the systems behind inequality [ideas like misogyny, victim-blaming, racial/national supremacism, and the prosperity fulspel, as well as structures like monopolies, the military-industrial and prison-industrial complexes, and so on.]

      I think of radical feminism as a milieu, and a commitment to liberation, instead of a single set of ideas. And yes there was much wrongness in the second-wave, such as the single-axis model of oppression which ignored every other axis and ignored internal oppression among men, or such as the efforts to abolish butch and femme, to abolish transsexualism, to further criminalize sex work, and so on. But even then there were debates within the second wave over these things. And radical feminism has continued to develop through the third and fourth wave and mostly learned from it’s mistakes.

      • "Vic" says:

        “And yes there was much wrongness in the second-wave, such as the single-axis model of oppression which ignored every other axis and ignored internal oppression among men”

        Are you a bot? Is this drivel generated by some new app? If you are real, please listen to me, discovered womon: get. a. life. Find an employer who will hire you and do something productive with your life. Help kids and poor people. But stop spewing your drivel. It makes you look like a fool.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Friday, Marja is most assuredly not coming from the same place as the WBT/HBSers. She’s done more, I think, to point out the failure of cis-directed cultural feminism to live up to its stated ideas, than anyone I know.

      She’s definitely a lesbian, and she’s definitely a feminist, and she’s definitely a radical. She is not a cissexist. She is not someone who believes that womonhood is demarcated by a doctor’s word or a doctor’s scalpel.

      And while I disagree with Marja’s representation of the lack of second-wave consensus. (Hard to find a highly-placed anti-cissexist in the 2nd wave, for one.) I do know her position is taken in good faith and doesn’t come from a place of bigotry. She’s not the kind of radical feminist welcomed by the wadfemz.

    • Marja Erwin says:


      At the risk of No True Scotswomon, I find far too much sex-role stereotyping among HBSer writings. I don’t find as much among WBTer writings, although I can’t stand the genital essentialism or the prop-op mindset.

      I detest sex-role stereotyping because it hurts people, and it has hurt me: years of bullying and beatings in school, and some gatekeeping in transition, so I had to go full-time and start wearing skirts [not my thing] before I could get approval for hormones.

      Butch-of-center is a pretty widespread term. Of course there’s no center. I don’t identify as [a] butch, but I identify as butch-of-center because I feel much closer to butch, and to androgyny, than to femme.

      Discovered womon is Valerie’s expression. I think it’s nicely expressive.

  8. grrlinterupted says:

    “You parasites will have to fend for yourselves for once. ” haha given the sheer number of trans lives that have been absorbed into the faux gay “history” and civil rights movement, a body wonders about parasitism.

    “Imagine that, actually getting off of your hormone-warped asses to do your own work.” – Never had any complaints about my ass Vic… if the ‘mo’s would just step out of the way and stop talking for/about/over trans people – gladly. Unfortunately, using trans people to either pass or trade for gay laws has been the winning strategy for over a decade, I have no reason the believe it will change ever.

    P.S. your constant referencing of porn is pretty creepy, I suggest you stop as it makes you look like a chaser.

    • "Vic" says:

      “Unfortunately, using trans people to either pass or trade for gay laws has been the winning strategy for over a decade, I have no reason the believe it will change ever.”

      Here’s how it can change: stop attaching your identity and expectations to gays and lesbians. Take whatever it is you think you have in the way of moral political capital and use it yourselves, and stop expecting gay orgs to hire you and to prioritize your issues. They haven’t done that and they never will, beyond window dressing.

      If you read through this blog, which is a window into the deluded mind of “Kat Rose”, the overriding theme is “Why haven’t those gays done what I want them to do?” Or, “Why do those gays keep doing what I don’t want them to do?” This is what Kat has wasted 5 years of her life writing about. She and you should know that gays will never do what you want them to do. They will do what they want to do and what they want to do may only marginally and infrequently overlap with what you want them to do.

      That is what is known as freedom and self-determination. Stop demanding and expecting their servitude and you’ll be happier. Well, less unhappy anyway. Of course, you’ll still be fugly.

      • grrlinterupted says:

        Vic, the homos realized they didn’t have shit to win the “hearts and minds” of the mainstream without establishing a continuous history. Unfortunately, all they had were very few actual homos and a lot of bi people and some trans/ gender variant people. Because of the seemingly selfish nature of homos, they grabbed these people and named them “gays”. Trans people didn’t attach themselves to anything, we were colonized. Now, because all of us have some relationship with the LGB either passing into or out of, it initially seemed a good fit. then the homos discovered we were a useful scapegoat and bargaining chip. Now, I fear our lot is stuck – the homos will never give up trans people. The more we express what we need, the more we are called “homophobic”

        Fix your people and fix your lies that pass as history, and then we can talk.

        “Of course, you’ll still be fugly.” – Last resort of a fool. can’t win, so insult a woman’s looks. Thank goodness, I’m not exactly insecure about my looks and I know I’ll never lack a line of men trying for my attention.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        As part of a public service, I would now like to save Vic the indignity of going through yet another tired, “I can promise you that I have never said all these horrible things I have been accused of saying, to a woman, LOLOLOLOLOLZOMGWTFBBQ” reply. Vic, you do, you have, and you’re still a fucking coward who won’t pull back the curtain.

        Does it hurt to know that women like Kat and I are able to fight for trans liberation but that in the circles you slither around, your words here, attributed to a public figure, would be the rhetorical deuce in the punchbowl?

        How does it feel to know that you’ll never get what you want, all you can hope is for the semi-benign, semi-neglect of trans issues from the LGBT lobby?

        They already fight the culture war issues with us, Vic, it’s just a question of changing the focus of legislative action.

        As a people, we’re on the cusp of some Stonewall back-interest, and it has to just drive you fucking insane. That’s why you’re here: To discourage the idea, to make us dismiss the lobby instead of hold them in contempt. To deny us our own political will to deny us the best avenue for trans liberation.

        Guess what sister: It isn’t working. We have seventy-three percent of Americanns, seventy-eight percent of New Yorkers, and trans rights are going to be followed by workplace presentation rights as the new wedge issues.

        Sit back, dude. Your entitled ass is gonna hate it.

  9. "Vic" says:

    Gays do not have a “hold” on you. You aren’t a hostage and there is no need to wait for gays to “give you up”. All you have to do is assert your identity. Insist that LGBT end, that trans stories be told by trans people, and that trans should not be conflated with gay. Form your own version of HRC or the Task Force and if the gay groups “colonize” your stories, then tell them loudly to back off. That is the way this alleged exploitation ends, not by demanding that gay groups become even more affiliated with trans issues.

    You and I both know that this will never happen. Not because you are being held hostage by gays, but because it would entail work and a dedication of time and money to form your own groups and craft your own narrative. Trans activists are parasitic and are unable to do this. Their natural inclination is to infest gay orgs and suck out their time and money, all while demanding more.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      As long as trading basic trans protections gets gays whatever cookies they may want at a given time, you bet trans people are held by the gay orgs. It has been a proven winning strategy that requires ZERO effort for the gay groups. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      Hows this Vic, you get with your people and get the L/G to be honest about their history and politics for once. Lets have a rewrite of “gay history” with the honesty that you all demand from the mainstream.

  10. "Vic" says:

    Heya Val! Have you gained weight?

    No need to worry about my “anger”. I am quite happy to with the neglect of trans issues by our groups. The anger came from “Kat” not me.

    If you have 3/4 of the population supporting you, then I am certain that victory is just around the corner. I look forward to seeing the returns from Baltimore on Election Day as you reap your 50% margin of victory!

    Good luck collecting on your “back interest” on Stonewall. Incidentally, how is “back interest” different from, you know, interest? Maybe it just sounded more intellekshial saying it your way. Honestly, Val, sometimes I think you are just a pompous pedant who has spent too many decades in academia.

    Lastly, if I were to pull back the curtain, you would see a real penis, not a stump and a carving paid for by Medicaid.

    • Marja Erwin says:

      Even if you don’t care for us, there are maab boys out there getting beaten for not having a penis [too small for the male norm] and faab girls getting beaten for having one [too big for the female norm] and some of each getting nonconsensually hack-operated on shortly after birth.

      Do you think this is funny? Do you think it’s okay to use their trauma to insult anyone, even to insult us?

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Good to know you read gendertrender like most gay men and not a wadfemz sockpuppet at all.

      How many neoRaymondites does it take to change a lightbulb?

      None. It is the responsibility of the lightbulb to change itself and then the room will be bright once more. Don’t give me any arguments about how the lightbulb is wired, for that is mere superficial pseudoscientific claptrap.

    • Bianca Lynne says:

      “…not a stump and a carving paid for by Medicaid.” yet another gain made by trans women ruined by the LGB. Well… a specific L and her right-wing christian buddies.

      Again, though, your obsessions are really very creepy. Don’t you have a gerbil to terrorize?

    • valeriekeefe says:

      I would point out that I’m an Albertan, and 28, so unless the sockpuppet who refuses to put a public citizen to their hate means I’ve read books, books considerably above the grade level of this manner of feckless coward, for some period of time, decades in academia aren’t really something I’d have managed yet.

      Tell me Vic, do you have a penis, or are you just an irritating prick?

  11. […] A prediction from the trans-exterminationist radfem who hides behind the male name “Vic” to troll on sites where the trans-exterminationist radfem ‘legal analysis’ has been emprically debunked more often and more throroughly than Paul Wolfowitz’s Iraq war strategy and Paul Cameron’s theories on homosexuality combined: […]

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