Go Talk Amongst Yah-Selves

From some source, though I forget which:

“I actually feel the political atmosphere has improved markedly for gender identity civil rights,” said Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery County), one of the lead sponsors of the bill.

“But the problem is we did same-sex marriage and for some unfathomable reason people seem to think we can’t do both of these bills in the same session,” Raskin told the Blade. “As a number of members said to me, we can’t do two gay bills in one session.”

Cue a certain sockpuppet collective in 3…2…1….

One Response to Go Talk Amongst Yah-Selves

  1. valeriekeefe says:

    Well said, Senator Raskin, including repeating someone else’s lazy conflation of gender identity with sexual orientation… though considering the sexual orientations of those that rights are removed from are, by a wide majority, non-heterosexual, yes, this is a gay bill too.

    Would that the cisfolk who have taken a shine to you would realize that.

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