Gig ‘Em

Of course, as sure as I say this, Texas A&M’s student paper will out-Stormfront the Daily Texan, but…

…for the time being anyway, I wear my Aggie ring somewhat more proudly knowing that it was UT’s paper that spewed forth the above sub-Malkin cartoon.


For anyone harboring any shred of sympathy for the position espoused by the UT thing, track down Tuesday night’s episode of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell – and specifically the performance thereon of Zimmerman-apologist Joe Oliver.  Jerry Springer ‘guests’ do a better job of looking spontaneous and non-fake than that character did.

One Response to Gig ‘Em

  1. TransGriot says:

    did the ‘cartoonist’ have a UT College Republican meeting she needed to attend as well?

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