Oh The Irony….

Yesterday at Crooks and Liars:

News for this day in 1940 was all about the deteriorating situation in Norway and the reaction on both sides of the Atlantic to what was becoming an ominous tide to the war. It was also around this day the world got a new word to mull around; Quisling

Today at MSNBC:

If you have to ask….

26 Responses to Oh The Irony….

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  2. "Vic" (1) says:

    Comparing collaboration with a Nazi invasion and occupation to your petty tranny infighting over bizarre political positions that matter to almost no one. That’s a moral fail of epic proportions for most normal folk. But for you, it is just another blog post.

    Look forward to your insightful post about the FBI investigation of a weird and unpleasant “trans couple” in Pennsylvania and their suspected link to bomb threats. Maybe you’ll find some way to blame it on the “radfems” in the FBI.

    • Cromulent says:

      A major inexplicable moral fail for most normal folk would be spending ones life monitoring & responding to bizarre petty infighting that doesn’t matter to anyone. Especially for those fascinated by groups they say they don’t belong to.

      What particular personality disorder describes such behavior? Or is it more of a thought disorder? I could assist you in finding help if you mentioned your location. Psychopharmacology has made great advancements. Though – as we used to say when I had some of a similar bent on my caseload; psychology also has its’ cancers – where treatment options are limited.

      • "Vic" (1) says:

        I would point out the dangling preposition in your comment, but I understand that, where trannies are involved, it is rude to mention dangling things.

        Thank you for your kind offer of assistance with psychiatric treatment. As it turns out, I am mentally fit and healthy and am in no need of any of the vast array of psychiatric services of which trannies avail themselves on a near-universal basis. How many mental health professionals have you seen about your GID?

    • grrlinterupted says:

      Curious Vice why the scare quotes around the words *trans couple*? Do you question they are trans or are you question that they are a couple? Or, is it that you question that trans people can be in a relationship? Or is it the most likely – you are an idiot and a troll and don’t really know how language functions.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      You don’t understand… Useful idiots of the cis-hetero-masculo-normative police state are never made agents of the cis-hetero-masculo-normative police state… that would be silly.

      Go forth and write some tranny-bashing porn for the GOP, would you?

  3. Cromulent says:

    ” Thank you for your kind offer of assistance with psychiatric treatment. As it turns out, I am mentally fit and healthy”

    You’re most welcome. You have only to ask; should you overcome your denial. There are many providers with the requisite ambition to shoulder such a heavy load. There might even be a paper in it.

    Repeat after me – “everyday in every way; I’m getting better and better”.

    Oh – it helps to have friends. Perhaps too soon for such a grand ambition? How about a puppy?

    • "Vic" (1) says:

      You seem to have forgotten to answer my question. How many mental health professionals have you seen about your GID? If you can’t remember the exact number, feel free to round off. Also, please clarify whether you still have your member.

      • grrlinterupted says:

        Vic, Cromulent is a person, not an organization – people have friends/family/lovers (I’m sure you’ll have one or two eventually) we don’t have “members”. Your obsessions are still creepy and now nonsensical.

      • Cromulent says:

        You seem to forget – all gay people were deemed worthy of psychiatric treatment – only some trans people ever were.

        Obviously, the treatment you’ve been receiving has been less than effective. Don’t despair – help is available. Even for those with paraphilias that drive them to obsess over strangers genitals.

        The first step is to admit you have a problem. Look at your behavior objectively – obsessing endlessly on others private parts and using slurs to distance yourself from acknowledging your obsessions.

        Now think of how that would fit into how you actually think of yourself & your life – perhaps as a professional, as someone who is mentally stable or as a child loved by their mother. Can you reconcile your behavior if it appeared in those settings? Or would you be embarrassed to have your co-workers, therapist or mother view your behavior here? Would you be proud for them to see you obsessing over trans peoples genitals? What does it say about what you’re repressing?

        Prognosis – guarded.

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Oh, GID? Take some pills daily and it’s in remission… being trans from a difficulty to treat perspective is this side of chronic allergies… it’s people like you who make it life-threatening.

  4. "Vic" (1) says:

    “You seem to forget – all gay people were deemed worthy of psychiatric treatment – only some trans people ever were.”

    As for gays, the operative word is “deemed” – past tense. As in 4 decades past. As for trannies, the sentence should end with the word “are” – very present tense. And change “some” to “nearly all.”

    Now, you have already implicitly acknowledged in your last answer that your penis has not yet been sliced and diced. So the only remaining question is how many mental health professionals you have seen about the GID.


    If GID is so easily treatable, then why are you handling it so poorly? I can tell from your picture that you aren’t taking your pills. Still, I give you props for using a clear pic. Certain people who host this blog prefer bury their pic under layer upon layer of digital gauze. As if they are fooling anyone.

    • Cromulent says:

      People with paraphilias that drive them to obsess over strangers genitals are considered mentally ill in pretty much all times and places. It can drive them to take actions and make assumptions that more rational people find odd. Their disease not only impairs their social functioning it drives them to make assumptions driven by their unacknowledged needs and lash out when they have their actions pointed out.

      This is of course an attepmt to deflect attention from the fact of their strange obsessions. The classic examples being the homophobe who is hiding feelings that discomfort them – and Vic. Like homophobic psychologists hiring young men to carry their bags; these sad people engage in all manner of odd behavior that they think hides their obsessions – but it merely highlights it to others.

      They remain clueless – trying desperately to cast attention from their dark secrets by trying to shift the shame they feel unto the subjects of their obsessions and lashing out in childish unrelated attacks on things like a person’s appearance.

      Their only hope is that they never have their dark secrets made public. But of course all of their actions actually broadcast their obsessions more clearly than they know.

      A touching story that has become tedious as it’s been tsoulso often. The audiance guessing the end to the “mystery” early in the first act while the actor desperately remains on the stage thinking he’s improvising – yet. He follows a script as shopworn as his soul.

      Get help – deep down inside even you know you need it. Think of the sadness of your family having to clean up your mess after you finally find the burdon to great and are found with rubber pants – a hose – some sad porn & a blue swollen face.

    • valeriekeefe says:

      Impressive, Vic. Very impressive… it’s interesting though, because when someone who hasn’t been implicitly told about my trans status gets angry at me, they are invective-laced and obscene and cruel, and yet all the insults are gendered female.

      These aren’t people who are trying to spare my feelings, these are people trying to hurt me with epithets like “flat-titted bitch” and “fat cunt” and “angry fucking dyke.”

      Of course you can tell I’m trans. You’ve been told.

  5. Cromulent says:

    Vic says:
    April 19, 2012 at 10:45 am

    So, what, 8-10 psychiatrists and psychologists for the GID?

    I suppose it’s progress of a sort. Attempting to divert notice of your paraphilia via a comment on something other than a strangers genitals.

    Baby steps, Vic.

    You might try sublimating your dark urges into positive actions as a higher level coping strategy. Though – I’m not sure you’re prepared for even that interim step.

    If it helps to motivate you – consider what level of commenting on your mothers genitals you would find unobjectionable in a public setting. 0%? 1%? 50%?

    Then look at your comment history here and think about how many threads you’ve commented on & how what percentage didn’t include caving in to your obsession.

    Is that what Mom would want of you? My son the …..fill in that blank with your behavior here.

    • "Vic" (1) says:

      I can see you are reticent to discuss the battalion of mental health professionals whose services you have procured – likely at taxpayer expense – to deal with your GID problem. At least that shows you still have a healthy sense of shame.

      • grrlinterupted says:

        The more pressing question, Vic, is how many gerbils have you terrorized this week?

      • valeriekeefe says:

        Dude they made me wait for five months with hypertension before they gave me a half-hour ‘evaluation’ and prescribed me spironolactone, which lowered my blood pressure back into healthy range.

        Who, exactly, is draining whose resources there?

        Most trans people would just want to go to a GP, get a baseline blood test, return, get a script, and a couple more tests to monitor levels.

        The whole thing in terms of Medicare billing where I live costs 300 bucks.

        That cissexist people have advocated for restricting the rights of trans people to basic, on-demand, reproductive health services, to the point that they make it laboriously expensive to treat each patient because of the unnecessary rules that they have made is not our fault and you full-well know it.

      • Cromulent says:

        Predictably – Vic’s Mom is heard from:

        “How internet porn turned my beautiful boy into a hollow, self-hating shell

        He looked hollow-eyed and listless. He had none of the boyish energy and high spirits that we were all used to.

        He began writing things like ‘I hate myself’, or ‘Vic is s***’ on scraps of paper, newspapers,
        books, even his bedroom furniture and walls. He drew obscene cartoons with speech bubbles filled with the filthiest words in the dictionary.

        I once rolled back his sleeve to find ‘I am disgusting’ scrawled on the inside of his arm. I managed to stop myself from crying until I’d left the room. But the moment the door closed behind me I broke down completely.

        I couldn’t understand. How could my beautiful boy, who could light up a room and my heart with his smile, have turned into this hollow, self-hating shell? What had I done wrong?”

  6. "Vic" (1) says:


    I think you mean Medicaid, not Medicare. But in either event,the taxpayer is paying for you. “Reproductive health”? What on Earth are you talking about? You could reproduce perfectly well before you took a single pill or had a single scalpel touch your body. There is no reproductive health issue here. You are just using the language of the women’s movement and the pro-choice movement to advance your own selfish agenda. Typical tranny parasitism.


    8-10 psychiatrists right?

    • valeriekeefe says:

      I live in Canada, where it’s called Medicare, is available to everyone, and is single payer. Among other beneficial side-effects, what I take doubles as birth-control, so yes, this is reproductive health. And I’m not taking language of a movement that purports to speak for me. I am one of its members.

    • Cromulent says:

      I’m sorry, could you repeat that?

      By the way, how’s your Mom holding up? Poor thing.

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