Ayn Rand Rangers Fans


An unfortunate scene unfolded in Arlington tonight as a pair of Rangers fans caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by Mitch Moreland in the eighth inning of Rangers-Yankees, then refused to give the ball to the toddler sitting next to them—instead choosing to pose for pictures and generally behave like douchebags.

Yankees play-by-play man Michael Kay—capturing the thoughts of America for probably the first time ever—chided the couple for “rubbing it in the kid’s face,”….

The guy looks like a cross between George W. Bush (who was probably in his usual throne at the home plate end of the Rangers dugout) at his most ‘born on third’-entitled and Jay Leno at his ‘Bill Hicks deserved to live to see Patrick Duffy and Joey Lawrence appear on the Tonight Show together’ smarmiest.

31 Responses to Ayn Rand Rangers Fans

  1. "Vic" (2) says:

    They look like one of those “trans couples” where the “wife” is MTF and the “husband” is FTM. And inasmuch as they are self-absorbed and blind to the needs and pain of others, they act like trannies too.

  2. Megan says:

    And inasmuch as they are self-absorbed and blind to the needs and pain of others, they act like trannies gay marriage activists too.

    Fixed that for you.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      You fixed my comment by cutting out something that was intended to be there and grafting on something that wasn’t. You turned my comment into a post-op tranny!

      • AmyBlue says:

        You seem so angry all the time here. That really can’t be good for you. 😦 If you spend some time doing something emotionally neutral and diverting it might be good for your state of mind. I recommend adorable pictures of panda bears. 🙂

  3. "Vic" (2) says:

    This blog does inspire anger. It is a very hate-filled place. I was perusing some of the older posts on this hate site, and I saw one that claimed that a gay artist was “diseased” and another referred to a gay man named Luna as a lunatic. Others refer to gay and lesbian people as toilets or sewage. It is difficult for a gay person to come to such a blatantly homophobic website and not respond with some anger. However, I will do my best in spite of the many provocations.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      “It is difficult for a gay person to come to such a blatantly homophobic website….”
      – “Vic”

      If BAC opposes the Antidiscrimination Act, it has taken an anti-gay position.
      – guess who

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        I am not that real woman with whom you are so obsessed.

        Have you actually added gauze to your pic? Pretty soon we won’t see anything but an off-white haze. Only then might you pass.

    • AmyBlue says:

      It’s okay to be angry. Anger inspires change. Anger means you care about the game…
      …but doesn’t that sort of thing come from the same sort of place that most of your posts do?
      I mean, take the ‘lunatic’ thing for example. If I recall, that’s a reference to Israel Luna, a film-make, who was less then kind in his depiction of transpeople. The poster was mad at Luna for this, and they lashed out in a less then kind way…
      …I tend to find a very similar tenor with your posts. You’re upset about one of the issues, or the level of dialogue, so you tend to lash out too. Now the question is, is this an effective means to get what you want? Is this style of rhetoric good for lifting the level of dialogue on this forum? I’d say probably not.
      Also, Panda bears.

      • "Vic" (2) says:

        That poster was none other than the host of this blog, “Kat” Rose. She calls Luna a diseased lunatic. She calls a gay blogger a toilet. And she refers to a gay rights group’s offices as a sewer. To take but 3 examples out of what may well be 3,000 on this site. We won’t even get into the comments, one of which called for Dan Savage to be physically assaulted with dirt and soot.

        So of course I am reacting to that. Contrary to popular belief, I do not hate trans people nor do I spend my time attacking them on trans blogs. I came to this site because I was looking around for a good blog on ENDA and mistakenly thought that this might be one, not because I had some scheme to get into flame wars on a hate site.

        Now, do you go to freerepublic and offer your nuanced views on public policy? No. Do you go to Stormfront and begin a reasoned dialogue about racial diversity. Surely not. So don’t lecture me about lifting the level of dialogue here. You can’t turn poo into chocolate pudding.

        If you want to elevate this blog, then wait until visiting day and then go and deliver your lectures and your panda bears to “Kat” Rose.

  4. AmyBlue says:

    Alright. Let’s say for a second that I believed you. Truth be told, I really don’t. I mean, I’m looking at this page, right here, and I’m finding you starting a conversation by being intentionally provocative. As far as I can tell, a mean couple at a baseball game has very little to do with homophobia.

    …so this all begs the question. If this blog doesn’t really provide the resources that you’re looking for, then why do you post here regularly? I see you here, almost ever day, and perhaps I’m mistaken, but I’ve never seen you contribute anything but disdain for some group or another. You admit that lifting the level of dialogue is neither a goal nor an option, so really, is spending all this time being hostile to people anonymously really that important to you?

    Cuddley, wuddley Panda Bears.

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      So much for elevating the level of discussion. You are as much of a hate-filled freak as everyone else in this asylum. At least you won’t have to wait until visiting day to deliver your panda bears to “Kat.”

      • AmyBlue says:

        I’m sorry that you feel that way, and apologize if I hurt you in some way, but I’m confused what did I say that was hateful?

  5. Howard Cosell says:

    What’s Vic doing here? Clearly it hates transpeople. Isn’t, somewhere, a Klan chapter missing Vic, er, it’s Grand Kleegle?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Maybe he’s on a hunt for the world’s loudest off-yellow blazer.

      If so, Howie, I’d run for my (after)life.

      • AmyBlue says:

        Hey Kat?
        I normally wouldn’t ask, but since it came up as a point in the discussion before; what’s your opinion on adorable Panda Bears?

    • "Vic" (2) says:

      Finally, a tranny recognizing his maleness. Congrats Howie. You win points for honesty. Most trannies look more like the late Cosell than they do any real woman on the planet. So let’s not have any more of these faux Heathers and Amys and Katrinas. We all know that those names are as inauthentic as fake “vaginas” crafted by male surgeons.

    • Cromulent says:

      He’s been ostracized by his own. Leaving him endless hours to spend talking about anything but his own social deficits – it’s too painful.

      He tells himself that “real men” troll trans sites – but it’s merely the shadow aspect expressing itself. “”The shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself” – Jung

      His need to beat down trans people (and woman in particular) is a way of trying to distance control his barely unconscious desires.

      Hey – here’s an interesting exercise. Let’s make a list of supposed “normal gay men” who troll trans sites.

      1. “Vic”

      ….Bueller, Bueller?

  6. Om Kalthoum says:

    What am I missing here? I’m a baseball fan. Why are the adults who caught the ball “douchebags”? Why are they expected to hand it over to some nearby toddler?

    I’ve never understood the big deal about catching a foul pop, a ball tossed into the stands by the first baseman or a homer, even. I’d never keep one. It’s a blast to hand it over to some happy 10-year-old who’s delighted with the souvenir. But it’s certainly not required. And to a “toddler?” Some rug rat who can barely walk unassisted yet? Huh?

    Oh, and is there any noun in more common usage than “douchebag” that demonstrates what men think about women and their bodies? I can’t think of one, but will be happy to entertain suggestions.

    • Cromulent says:

      On the obverse, Dick is definately used more often. More specialised – some Dick’s support the use of she-male. In the very same post where they decry the douchebag word. Dick’s indeed.

      • AmyBlue says:

        Hardly inventive though. Next time you get into an argument with someone call them a ‘flusterpuffagus’ Let them figure it out.

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        I didn’t even notice the linked-to article and video clips until you mentioned it. No, I’d hardly call them “Assholes” as Kat has. More like folks with decent tickets who had to sit next to a man with a kid on his lap for nine innings. Any ball comes flying in their direction and the daddy pops up and extends his kid with his miniature glove toward the flying missile.

        I’d say the announcers, or at least one of them, were the assholes.

  7. Kathy says:

    Om Kalthoum says:
    May 4, 2012 at 10:23 am

    I didn’t even notice the linked-to article and video clips until you mentioned it. No, I’d hardly call them “Assholes” as Kat has. More like folks with decent tickets who had to sit next to a man with a kid on his lap for nine innings. Any ball comes flying in their direction and the daddy pops up and extends his kid with his miniature glove toward the flying missile.

    I’d say the announcers, or at least one of them, were the assholes.

    So – you’ve been kicked off bilerico and are reduced to hanging out with trans people? Oh – the irony.

    Go start your own blog so you can troll yourself.

    • Om Kalthoum says:

      Have I been kicked off of Bilerico?
      I don’t believe I know you, but you seem like a very unpleasant person. Yikes!

      • Kathy says:

        At least we have something in common. Say – nice hyperlink in your name there.

        Oh – fuck off. That was me being nice.

  8. Om Kalthoum says:

    Jesus, Kathy, you did it again. Listen, if you want to talk about the post (are you interested in baseball or fan behavior or announcers?), or about words that men use to signify how dirty they think female body parts are, then fine. Or if you have some other deep thoughts, that’s great, too. If, on the other hand, your schtick is to just keep attacking the poster for the hell of it, then, sorry, I don’t play that, and won’t be responding to you again.

    Thanks to whoever put that link to a Bilerico thread in my user name. It illustrates perfectly what I’m referring to here about online communication.

    • Kathy says:

      If you want to control the topic of conversation – start your own blog.

      Those of us who remember your long history of transphobic comments (like saying that she-male is a fine word to use – at the very same time you hit the ceiling over someone using douchebag – hilarious!) aren’t going to fall for you trying to hit the reset button.

      Fuck off, troll.

      • Om Kalthoum says:

        Well, that’s a start. You want to reference some comments I made somewhere? First, link to them so we have some context. I remember on one site, there was some trans poster who kept talking about how great she thought straight male trans porn users and chasers were, so I went to some shemale porn site she recommended. That was an eye-opener for me, to be sure.

        I’m not buying the “transphobic” label I hear being put on any point of view which differs from some other point of view. I’m pretty stingy in dishing out the “homophobic” label, or any label involving some supposed phobia. Having witnessed some real phobias in action, I think it’s mostly silly aside from being inaccurate.

        Finally, if you use the lame, “start your own blog” for every commenter who posts some random thought you disagree with to any existing blog, all you’re looking for is an amen corner. Ditto, with the “troll” name-calling. Nothing wrong with that, necessarily, when all one wants is an echo chamber, but I wasn’t aware this was that kind of blog. If the site owner really doesn’t want me to post here, I reckon she’s fully capable of letting me know that.

  9. Kathy says:

    Telling people what subjects are permissable has morphed from your directive to your complaint? Best turn around time in the industry.

    Your rich history is easily accessible to any with an interest to find – there’s no need to do that work precisely because you’ve such a long history. It’s laughable – like Rush asking someone to show where he ever made any misogynist statements. For a start – they can click the hyperlink in your name.

    Oh – and fuck off troll.

    I await your next nonresponce. Scorpian, frog etc.

  10. Om Kalthoum says:

    Texas Rangers TV play-by-play man Dave Barnett had a bizarre on-air moment in the 8th inning of the game between the Rangers and San Diego Padres on Monday night.

    His description:

    Go-ahead run is at fifth on what Adams is insisting on calling it a botched robbery. What actually happened was his henchman took a piece literally out of….

    at which point his mic went dead.


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