A Reminder for Those Being Swayed by the Con Artists Trying to Convince America that Mitt Romney is a ‘Moderate’….

April 19, 2012

…I give you Robert Bork.

Actually, Mitt Romney wants to give you what Robert Bork wanted to do to the nation.

Who is Robert Bork? He’s the co-chair of Mitt Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee.

[He’s] a legal activist so extreme his own supreme court nomination was rejected by a bipartisan coalition 25 years ago in the senate. robert bork defended poll taxes and literacy tests for voters. and he called the civil rights act unsurpassed [ugliness]. he believes that politicians should be able to outlaw birth control . he believes that the first amendment shouldn’t apply to literature, art or science. bork believes that the constitution’s promise of equal protection doesn’t apply to women. that a corporation can tell female employees to be sterilized or be fired.

Romneyism: Slouching toward theocracy.

Oh The Irony….

April 15, 2012

Yesterday at Crooks and Liars:

News for this day in 1940 was all about the deteriorating situation in Norway and the reaction on both sides of the Atlantic to what was becoming an ominous tide to the war. It was also around this day the world got a new word to mull around; Quisling

Today at MSNBC:

If you have to ask….

I Guess Its a Good Thing For Mr. Malek That George Zimmerman Wasn’t Yet Born, Eh?

April 13, 2012

The straight line to that punchline:

In 1959, a police officer in Peoria, Illinois, discovered five young men acting about as suspiciously as a person could act in one of the city’s parks.

The background:

Eventually, Frederick Malek and his buddies sheepishly admitted that they’d been drinking earlier that night, and one of the group admitted to beating, killing, and preparing the dog for the spit in some sort of totally fucked up attempt to teach his friends about living off the land. Malek swore he had nothing to do with the dog murder, aside from the fact that he just stood around while his friend fucking beat a dog to death.

Malek would later go on to serve as one of Nixon’s Jew-spotters after our paranoid nut of a 37th President determined that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had become overrun with Chosen People.

Now, the punchier punchline – owing to the current connection of Malek, an underling of Tricky Dick and Daddy Bush, to a guy who is known to have treated a dog in a manner that, had Seamus been able to articulate such, probably would have had him begging to be barbecued just to get it all over with:

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who once strapped his dog to the roof of the family station wagon before embarking on a road trip, has again chosen to thumb his nose at the all-important dog vote by throwing a fundraising birthday party for his wife Ann at the house of Frederick Malek….

In the words of Keith Olbermann:  Michael Vick.

After all, that may be the only thing that balances out ‘Obama Cave’

Perhaps in Republican-esque honor of Malek and Romney (as well as the city’s closet-case congressman), the Chicago Cubs’ single-A farm team will rename itself from the Peoria Chiefs to, say…, the Peoria Pugs?

Its just a thought.

Hey Ann! Try Living With a Chronic Illness But WITHOUT Millions of Dollars in the Bank!

April 12, 2012

The eternal battle for the title of Supreme Clueless One continues. 

Current titleholder: Ann “I know what it’s like to struggle even though I’ve never worked a day in my life, know I’ll never have to work a day in my life, and know that I’ll never get any closer to being hungry than Wanda Sykes will get to being head of the Mormon church” Romney.

“Look, I know what it’s like to struggle,” Ann Romney insisted, possibly referring to her battle with multiple sclerosis. “And if maybe I haven’t struggled as much financially as some people have, I can tell you and promise you that I’ve had struggles in my life.[“]

The title often is held by some member of the Romney family – but, the irony here is that this statement was a pathetic attempt at a snark against someone who also occasionally holds the title: Hilary Rosen

“She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing,” Rosen charged


I hereby declare the title to be jointly held by Rosen and Romney.

Limited Government · Free Markets · Federalism · Homophobia · Transphobia

April 12, 2012

That’s actually ALEC.

ALEC would like you to swallow this:

Ron Scheberle, Executive Director of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) issued the following statement today in response to the coordinated and well-funded intimidation campaign against corporate members of the organization:

ALEC is an organization that supports pro-growth, pro-jobs policies and the vigorous exchange of ideas between the public and private sector to develop state based solutions. Today, we find ourselves the focus of a well-funded, expertly coordinated intimidation campaign.

Our members join ALEC because we connect state legislators with other state legislators and with job-creators in their states. They join because we support pro-business policies that promote innovation and spur local and national competitiveness. They’re ALEC members because they’re more interested in solutions than rhetoric.

For years, ALEC has partnered with legislators to research and develop better, more effective public policies – legislation that creates a more transparent, accountable government, policies that place a priority on free enterprise and consumer choice, and tax policies that are fair, simple and that spur the kind of competiveness that puts Americans back to work.

At a time when job creation, real solutions and improved dialogue among political leaders is needed most, ALEC’s mission has never been more important. This is why we are redoubling our commitment to these essential priorities.  We are not and will not be defined by ideological special interests who would like to eliminate discourse that leads to economic vitality, jobs and fiscal stability for the states.

…which will choke off your oxygen supply enough to cause you to forget about this:

It ain’t just ‘business’.

And it never was.

Twins, Twins, Twins…

April 11, 2012

There are these twins:

And now there are these twins:


[U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-Theocracy of Lame Late-1980s Haircuts)] said “he’s heard” up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names.



Test Your Knowledge (of Your Overlords)

April 6, 2012

MAD Magazine Who Said It Mitt Romney or Mr. Burns The Simpsons Montgomery Burns the idiotical theidiotical.com